22 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With Texas Y’all

  1. Now don’t you go worryin’ yore pretty little head none. Thar’s a new sheriff in town…

    Beyond adorable!

  2. Oh. My. Word. The cuteness is unbearable! I especially love that pleased-with-himself look in the last one. I gotted all the bad guys, Mama!

  3. This Boy is a true Texan! He makes me proud to be a Texan as well. He is tooo freakin adorable AM. The last pic is my favorite. Aren’t we gettin some nasty weather? Be safe

  4. Here’s the shame of it – I have been searching for a pair of cowboy boots for my son, here in Arkansas, only ONE STATE away.
    And can I find any? NO! There is nothing cuter than a little boy in cowboy boots.

    And, as a reformed Yankee (New Yorker, no less), I am proud to see that Southerners filled the Engilsh gap of the “collective you” that every other language seems to have.

  5. Cuteness personified. Put that kid next to the entry in the dictionary! Love these photos, AM. BTW, Robbin, you can find great boots like those at Sheplers.com. I got my son a wonderful pair from there for Christmas.

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