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Texas Tough

Texans are tough when it comes to the heat.

103 degrees for ten days in a row? We laugh at that. Ha! And then we order chips and salsa to eat outside on the patio. But get a little ice, a little wintry mix? We cower in our house and eat cookies. And our trees faint dead away.

And that is just what happened to what Sean calls his favorite tree.

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He asked me when I’m going to put it back.

I had to tell him that only God can make a tree.

But I can make cookies! And when the going gets tough, or cold as the case may be, the tough bake cookies.

26 thoughts on “Texas Tough

  1. I hated to read about this. I remember when we lived in Nashville and got ice storms almost every winter. I had a beautiful river birch right outside our dining room window that I just loved. I literally stood at the window and prayed for that tree each time an ice storm came. Thankfully, it survived. Poor Sean though. Boys and trees need each other.

  2. Oh not a tree! Until I was nine months pregnant living in Fort Worth in August in a house that had ten huge widows that faced the West sun and our treeless back yard, I didn’t appreciate how beautiful and wonderful trees are! Now i literally pray over our trees during bad waether and give thanksgiving for them inthe summer months! I once even gave a neighbor (transplanted Yankee) the cold sholder for months when he cut all the trees in his backyard down for fear they would mess up his lawn and sprinklers…come August he realized he wasn’t in New York anymore! RIP sweet tree of Shawns!

  3. With hot chocolate too. And lots of whipped cream. That may distract him from tree loss syndrome for about 5 minutes

    Sorry about Sean’s tree falling down.

  4. There is actual white stuff on our front lawn. Where is our 60 degree weather? I admit to being an absolute whimp in this kind of weather. I don’t even want to think about sticking my nose out the door. All I can say is “Please don’t let the power to out Lord -please.”

  5. Yeah, I can handle our 103 degree Texas summers better than all this freezing weather. I just can’t seem to get warm, even in my house. I am longing for those hot summer days right now. We had a tree branch that broke from all the ice… I’d say the trees are ready for warmer weather too.

  6. and it wasn’t even a pine tree! that’s what cracks and breaks at the first sign of ice here!! we don’t have ice, but it is way cold here. no thoughts about braving the great outdoors in this old house!

  7. Yes, put that tree back THIS minute!! I would join you in your cookie mourning, but I’ve had MORE than my fair share in our iced-in confinement. So sorry for Sean’s tree, as well.

  8. Oh, I’m so sorry Sean! I lost my favorite childhood tree when a tornado came through our neighborhood in north Alabama. Rather than being thankful that all we lost was a tree, I was terribly offended that my tree was gone and no one seemed to care!

    BTW, vanilla icing straight out of the container does wonders too (but you didn’t hear that from me…)

  9. Even I, a person who loves the first falling of snowflakes, am not looking forward to the next installment of freezing weather and snow showers. I don’t mind the cold, but I’m sick of the wind. And the ice. And the fact that my cats sleep with a space heater. Tough times…

  10. I agree with Karla. Is that a mansion you’re living in? Beautiful! (and I think Sean should go with you to choose a tree, too!)

  11. Ok I am sorry but the comment about it fainting dead away and then the visual I laughed out loud 🙂 Enjoy the cookies 😀 xoxo melzie

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