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When Things Are Askew

This morning I was trying to get Sean dressed for Sunday school and made the mistake of trying to help him put on his socks. After he yelled, “NO! I DO IT MYSELF!” I deduced that he didn’t want my help. I’m intuitive like that.

For three or four minutes, I watched him wrestle the sock onto his little square Fred Flintstone foot and somehow I managed to resist the unbearable urge to DO IT FOR HIM. After he got his sock on, I noticed that he had the heel part in the front and I advised him that perhaps he might want to turn it around.

“You need to turn your sock around dude,” I said, “Your sock is askew. Can you say askew?”

And then without missing a beat he said, “Okay, but then you have to say God bless you.”

God bless you my funny little boy. How you make me laugh.

25 thoughts on “When Things Are Askew

  1. I just discovered your blog…I have to comment how mush I love your writing! It’s been nearly 26 yrs since I tucked my youngest into his crib, and yet you made me “feel” that night/last time once again! You are extremely talented as a writer! Will you write a book? I will stand in line to buy/read you!

  2. That is really funny! I came to your site via Everyday Mommy and added you to my bloglines. I have seen you comment from time to time, and you might have even visited my blog. I’m not sure.

    But I am getting ready to enjoy reading some of your past posts, as Jules @ Everyday Mommy shared with us just how funny some of your posts can be!

  3. Awesome – just awesome.
    I often tell my little handsome that he is the funniest person I’ve ever met . . . but I can’t remember the stories long enough to blog about them – darn!

  4. Sean is very much like my Emily. Insists on doing everything herself. She, too, puts her socks on with the heel up … only is stubborn enough not to let me change it, or even suggest I change it. All day, I’ll see it on wrong and CRINGE! LOL! Some day I hope I’ll appreciate her independence, however, right now it irritates the crap out of me at times.

  5. Last night as I lay in bed contemplating the sheer misery of being 8 1/2 months pregnant, I told my hubby what I really needed was a gut-busting laugh. My eternal thanks to you for supplying it this morning!


    ps. I found your blog via Everyday Mommy.

  6. Annemarie –

    Tis a far better thing to enjoy a gut-busting laugh than a butt-gusting laugh. Pehaps I should cross stitch that bit of wisdom on a pillow or something.

    ~ AM

  7. I have a 6 year old that is (and was!) very much like your boy, saying things that just leave me with my mouth hanging open or laughing hysterically. I have been emailing my friends and family with stories for years. It only gets better as they get older!

  8. I love your “askew” take on life. I remember when my youngest surprised me with his vocabulary…one instance involved the word pollinate when he was just 6-years old. His grandmother couldn’t believe it and I just laughed until I almost wet my pants.

    Ciao bella…enjoy the ride, the detours and the scenery. It passes by all too quickly.

    (aka “The sideways chica”)

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