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Do It Anyway

The Paradoxical Commandments written by Dr. Kent M. Keith in 1968 state: “Give the world your best and you’ll get kicked in the teeth. Give the world the best you have anyway.” If ever there were a list of how to live counter to the culture, counter to human instinct, this is it. There is a group of mothers that I come into contact with on a regular basis. I smile at these women and try to make eye contact but mostly what I get in return are eyes that look down and then away. I…

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Mildly Amusing, Modern Medicine

Now That Would Be Awkward

Today I had my two-week post surgical follow-up appointment. I told Sean that I was going to see the very same doctor that delivered him safely into this world, the first human to ever lay hands on him. “Are you going to get a shot?” he asked in a worried voice. In his mind, a shot is the worst thing that can happen. “No, I don’t think so,” I said hoping to ease any anxiety he might be having. “I think he’s just going to look at my tummy.” After a long pause, he asked, “Is…

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More Fungicide

My weekend involved a dust storm, sewage, a vanishing monkey and a trip to the ER. And that calls for a for a trip to the archives, if not the liquor store. * * * Fungicide – Not Just For Plants Anymore! September 11, 2006 Sunday afternoon, the temperature dipped below 100, so Sean and I ventured out into the backyard to putter around and enjoy some fresh air. Having been indoors since the 4th of July, we both immediately began hacking and coughing. Apparently our lungs were no longer familiar with this fresh air stuff…

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Papa Ed, Wivian

Departure Day

Nothing has been more healing to me this past week than to see Sean interact with my parents. He simply adores them. And the feeling, of course, is mutual. Whereas I shaved about 20 years off their lives back in the 70s, he has added that many years and more back, just in the past week. He makes them laugh, and to hear the three of them giggling together, all caught up in some private joke, is a joyful noise. I did not grow up with grandparents. Regrettably. And I guess we all want for our…

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Papa Ed, Sometimes Sweet, Wivian

What You Get For 52 Years

Photo Temporarily Unavailable It is earlier in the week. We are sitting around the breakfast table. I am not actually sitting, I’m kind of slouched over in my chair with my head on the table because I’m still feeling like last night’s piñata from my adventures in organ removal. But I’m pretending. I’m trying real hard. My parents are reading the newspaper. Sean is being Sean. My dad looks up from the newspaper and over his eggs and toast, he says, “Hmmph!” as though he’s just discovered something. And he has. He just noticed the day’s…

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Mildly Amusing, Modern Medicine

The Rights of Passage

Here’s the short list of things you need to know about staying in the hospital. First, never try to buy sensible yet stylish pajamas to wear in the hospital — the day before Valentines Day. Unless you think a black and red lace see-through number is appropriate for the hospital. If you do, it will no doubt, not make you popular with the nurses. The second thing is this: When going to the hospital, leave all of your valuables and your dignity at home. You won’t be in need of either. The day after surgery of…

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Mildly Amusing, Sometimes Tart

Post Surgical Pain

By Thursday afternoon, I was 24 hours post op and doing okay. I was sitting up and eating yummy hospital broth and speaking in complete sentences in English, although some people dispute that last part. As the nurse prepared to remove the morphine pump, I picked up my cell phone to call home. I couldn’t wait to call my little boy and reassure him that I was fine and that I loved him more than anything in the entire world and that I missed him and couldn’t wait to get home to see him. Even without…

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Reruns and Leftovers

Part-Time Pet

My neighbor thinks I am trying to take over his cat. And it’s partly true. I’m not trying to take it over completely. It’s not like I want the responsibility of vet bills, flea collars and a litter box. I just want to have a fling with his cat. I just want some “no strings attached” pet affection. I just want an opportunity for my son to learn that cats do not normally kill little boys. That’s all. And if lovin’ this cat is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right. Photo Temporarily Unavailable The neighbor…

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…. love one another

Photo Temporarily Unavailable deeply, from the heart. 1 Peter 1:22 And so you have. Thank you all for the tremendous outpouring of love and encouragement and prayer support. I am honored. I am humbled. And I gratefully thank you. Happy Valentines Day everyone. ~ Antique Mommy