49 thoughts on “All Of My Life

  1. If ever there were a ‘perfect picture’ award, I think it should go to this one. How sweet (and I don’t just mean the cake, but it does look delish)!! Happy, Happy!

  2. Awww, that is precious! You are so pretty and young-looking (and of course Sean is darling as ever).

    Happy Birthday! You share a birthday with one of my very favorite people of all time — my mother. She would’ve been 84 today.

  3. Happy happy Birthday! Isnt it wonderful to share a moment like that with a much-waited-for, much-longed-for miracle like your little man? Be Blessed this year Antique Mommy!

  4. I wish we had it on film, but my 17yo, who pretty much thinks we are “ridiculous” for our rules and enforcing them , still walks by and kisses me on the top of the head on occasion! He used to wear a “have you hugged your mom today?” shirt, but I haven’t seen that since I made him break up with his girlfriend. (which he is now glad he is broke up with, though he didn’t like us making him, he even said “You were right”!)

  5. This is so dear and beautiful, and you caught it on camera! Thank you for sharing it and happy birthday to you!

  6. I am so glad I visited. A recent loss and the ever present parenting of two little girls, thank you for a glimpse ahead into a world of full sentences and agility, though it may mean talking back and walking away.
    Seeing this moment in time gives me immense hope and delight.
    Good job mama.

  7. a belated birthdsy wish for all things wonderful, and to thank you for keeping us, all your friends, in the little box on your sek, in your life! we love you and we hardly know you!…I and my hubby of 35+ yrs would love to volunteer to be snow/rain/bad days grandma and gandmas for your precious one!!!anytime!!

  8. I keep coming back to look at your sweet post. As an “almost Antique” mommy (35 when my son was born) I cannot tell you the joy that boy and now his little sister has brought me. In just a few words and a fantastic picture you have summed it up for me.
    Also, I have to agree that you don’t look your age. 27 would be my guess if I saw you on the street!
    Hope you’re recovering well.

  9. Love it. I hope I look as good as you when I’m 47. (I’m knockin’ on the door, too, I’m 40. I have a three-year-old and a 17 mo. old) Found you via Chilihead…

  10. SO, I saw 46 comments aand thought “Man I am way too late to post here” BUT then I saw thatI would be # 47 and decided I had to do it to match the cake and my age and yours. My mind, it’s just weird that way.

    I can’t tell you how many times I have had that same thought “I’ve waited all my life for this.” One that really stands out was the first open house night at his elem. school. I just kept walking around thinking that– I guess it was the fact that I was actually there as a parent. It’s great everytime isn’t it?

  11. I’m sure this is the most overused word in the comments for this post, but it’s what came to mind: Precious. Absolutely precious.

    The picture — but mostly the words.

    Happy birthday. 🙂

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