Antique Embarrassment, Geeky Stuff

IPOD May or May Not Increase Cool Quotient and Rhythmic Abilities

The other day I decided that my clunky 1980s Sony Walkman with cassette player and AM/FM radio was seriously dragging down my cool quotient and that I should probably make the leap into the new millennium by purchasing an IPOD. Always one to be on the trailing edge of what’s hot, hip and happening, I didn’t really know what an IPOD was exactly. Only that it is some sort of personal music Walkman device. And if there is anything that will ratchet down your cool quotient, it’s using the phrase “Walkman device” in the year 2007.…

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Always Real, Sometimes Sweet

Living Gesturally

When I was studying art in college, one of the exercises the professor had us do at the beginning of every class was a series of gestural drawings. A model would come into the studio, disrobe, strike a pose and then we would have 10-15 seconds to capture the line, the attitude and the form before he or she struck another pose. The value of this exercise was that it taught me to see – to see what was important, what was essential. I learned to quickly capture the essence of a composition with just a…

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Mildly Amusing, Wivian

My Cylinders Are Dirty And My Mother Told Me So. For Free.

For several weeks, I’ve been pretending that I haven’t noticed that our six-year-old freezer is not really freezing. Having recently replaced a 5-year-old washing machine, the thought of our reasonably young major appliances dying off one by one was more than I could bear, so I scampered off to my happy place where appliances never break, my thighs are thin and chin whiskers are only for cats. La-luh-la-luh-lah! But then the other day I noticed that the veggie burger that I pulled from the freezer felt more like a sponge than a frozen burger. Although a…

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Antique Embarrassment, Mildly Amusing, Modern Medicine

Dr. Spine

This morning I had an appointment with a spine doctor. Since last fall, I have been having these nagging pains in my neck that have nothing to do with people in my life who fall into that category. All winter I ignored the pain as best I could until finally I couldn’t. Then I paid a visit to my GP who sent me off for an MRI. The MRI revealed mostly good news — the pain wasn’t imaginary and it wasn’t a tumor but I do have a pinched nerve somewhere along my spine. I was…

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Antique Daddy

The Date

Saturday night, Antique Daddy and I went on a date for the first time in a long, long while. Since Sean was born three years ago, we have been woefully negligent in making the time and taking the time to be together as a couple. We even got a nice hotel room and made dinner reservations and made a night of it. We looked forward all week to a night out without a diaper bag and having dinner where we didn’t have to request the check at the same time we ordered our food and drinks.…

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Makes Me Sigh

Things I Don’t Miss And Things I Do Miss

Things I Don’t Miss: Diaper Genie refills Bottle washing $20/can Nutramigen Baby Bjorn Sling Thing Contraption (designed to send post partum women over the edge) Rectal thermometers Blue Snot Sucker thingee Things I Do Miss: Bottle feeding, even the 2am feedings Nose sucks Slobbery ear kisses This sound: Mahmahmahmahmahmah! Leg hugs Rompers Morning AND afternoon naps Itty bitty baby socks, even though they never stay on. The baby with the delicious fat cheeks. Photo Temporarily Unavailable

Makes Me Sigh, Mildly Amusing

Rock Star Demands

I don’t have to ask Sean what he’s going to be when he grows up. I already know – a rock star. Not because he’s some sort of musical genius, but because he already has the “rock star demands” part down: – All beverages must be presented in Builder Bob cups. – Three specific bath towels must be available – the orange one (that has holes and is frayed), the lavender one that’s 20 years old and a brown one. (I know. That’s a lot of towels for someone who only weighs 28 pounds. But what…

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Joy, Sometimes Sweet

Not Just Because He Wears A Napkin On His Head

The prevailing assumption in our culture is that parents can’t wait for their children to grow up and leave home. And yes, there have been a few days when I would have traded Sean for a margarita and a plate of nachos. But not many. At least not too many. Maybe most people do feel that way, but I don’t. Maybe because I waited so long and so late in life for him and maybe because I thought I’d never be a mother, but I am not anxious for this time to speed by. I am…

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Always Real, Memaw

Allergies and Love

I was sitting next to Cleo, my mother-in-law, in church on Sunday. With her head bowed, she dabbed her nose with a tissue and sniffled. I whispered to her, “Are you okay?” “Oh, I’m just all choked up,” she said as she fanned her face with her hand. I imagined that she was overcome with emotion to be surrounded by her family, to have her grandson sitting on her lap feeding her goldfish. So I nodded at her and patted her arm in a knowing and loving gesture. I understood. Then she leaned over and said,…

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