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Must Be Spring Time

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Because my teaspoons and my little boy have disappeared into the garden.

21 thoughts on “Must Be Spring Time

  1. Arrgghh … though this is VERY sweet … I’m a little disgusted at the thought of people have SPRING. My children were dismissed early today due to a WINTER STORM bearing down on us. It’s March Mother Nature … ENOUGH ALREADY!

    Enjoy your weather … and your sweetie pie playing with teaspoons in the garden. 😉

  2. Wonderful picture!

    Complain about Texas all you want, but I would love to be somewhere that is sunshining and green! Right now we are ankle deep in snow and everything is dead. Just plain dead. The sun is shining a little today. So that helps. Our spring here in Nevada won’t come until late April or so. And then we’ll still have more cold and maybe a couple of more snows. Yuck.

  3. Digging in the dirt. Too bad the children in Manhattan can’t experience this. The playgrounds are in the streets. It makes me sad to see what they are missing.

  4. What a lucky boy, to be able to dig in March! lol..we’re having another ice storm..I am sick to death of winter…everythings blah blah blah….

  5. I can’t believe how much he’s grown up since I started reading this blog a year ago. What a lucky little boy; I hope you and he both enjoy this springtime!

  6. I too started my marriage with the nicest set of silverware. Come over some time. I’ll take you out in the yard and show it to you……….you might want to bring a metal detector.

  7. What is it in us that makes us want to dig in dirt? I can’t quite fathom what primal instinct would cause this. Maybe it’s our inner archaeologist.

  8. Well, I thought I had left a comment before, but I must have muffed it: Thanks for jogging memories to a mom whose babies are now 38 and 40. I lost many a spoon in their younger years.

  9. I want to play in the garden with a teaspoon, but we got 6 inches of snow today…in Seattle, technically just outside of Seattle. grrrr

  10. We have nice weather here too. My kids have been spending a lot of time outside too lately, and it’s really nice because I can clean the messes inside while they aren’t there to make more.

  11. Spring, you say? We’ve been on storm warnings for the past 48 hours because of a snowsquall that is SUPPOSED to pass our way – and we won’t be totally clear of snow until late May. But regardless, all of my teaspoons have vanished as well. What’s up with that?

  12. i have several teaspoons that are MIA… never did find them and my son is a teen ! Your post brought back memories.

  13. I *knew* there was a reason I bought that extra set of 2 dozen super-durable stainless steel spoons, way back before my little guy was born. I’ll have to figure out where I stored them! Our problem here is that he can’t hold a spoon and Lightning McQueen, the famous race car, in his hand at the same time… Spring will motivate him soon enough, I think! Now if we can just get the basketball hoop off my bulbs…

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