16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Aunt Jean!

  1. I’m all for following such fantastic advice.

    Happy birhtday, Aunt Jean! I want to be like you when I grow up. No really – you look fabulous for 89 years young!

  2. It’s in the smile. That beautiful smile on them both. There is some happiness there that adds to the youthful combination. A love of life and laughter.

  3. Aunt Jean looks lovely and truly Bossy is willing to ditch all her switch plate cleaning if it means in thirty years she’ll still look that sexy in red.

  4. My husband has a 93 year old Aunt Cleo who is sharp as a tack. She still wears bright red lip stick and one day while putting on her lipstick, she said, “I wonder why all the men are so crazy about me.”

  5. My husband has an aunt, Aunt Bar, that came along in his package. I adore her. She is 83. Walks AT LEAST 4 miles per day, takes wood carving classes, love to laugh more than anyone I know, loves my kids as much as I do and cleans like nobody’s business.
    I didn’t meet her until the day before my wedding and instantly fell in love with her. We only see her once a year but we write REAL letters to one another at least ever 2-3 weeks. What a treat she is! I’m so happy you have an “Aunt Bar” too. Every one should have one.

  6. I’ve always suspected that the switch plates have been aging me. I think I’ll cut that out of my household cleaning routine and go take that “Real Age” test again, just to see if I gain a decade or so.

    Ha. Who am I kidding?

    How often do people–I mean, other than Aunt Jean–actually bother to clean their switch plates?

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