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Allergies and Love

I was sitting next to Cleo, my mother-in-law, in church on Sunday. With her head bowed, she dabbed her nose with a tissue and sniffled. I whispered to her, “Are you okay?”

“Oh, I’m just all choked up,” she said as she fanned her face with her hand.

I imagined that she was overcome with emotion to be surrounded by her family, to have her grandson sitting on her lap feeding her goldfish.

So I nodded at her and patted her arm in a knowing and loving gesture. I understood.

Then she leaned over and said, “Allergies. I’ve got a head full of snot.”

Allergies and love — apparently both come wrapped in snot.

11 thoughts on “Allergies and Love

  1. Cute!

    If you do have allergies (like me) it makes a terrific excuse when you are caught teary eyed over something that everyone else didn’t find so sentimental.

  2. Spring is upon the land here in Florida and I am using Kleenex as if it were free. I will go home to Ohio in six more weeks, just in time to welcome the pollen a second time. Like you dear m-i-l, life isnot all it appears.

  3. Toooo funny! A few times, I’ve had someone totally misunderstand what I’ve said and it amazes me how different people can take things and make them different from what I meant. I wonder how much more often it happens and we never even realize it?

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