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Scorpion Bits

“Mommy I’m pretending this scorpion bitted me,” Sean says from the back seat. I look in my rear view mirror to see him stretch a sticky rubbery scorpion the length of his reach.

“No, Sean,” I correct him, “I’m pretending this scorpion BIT me — not bitted.”

“This scorpion bitted you too?!”

Oh never mind.

12 thoughts on “Scorpion Bits

  1. This comment is from Trista. I had to delete the original post (don’t ask) and she had already made this comment, so I am transferring it. Because I treasure each and every comment y’all. I really really do.

    “hahahaa! I love those moments when nothing we say is going to make them understand. ”


  2. Only in Texas would a child have a pet rubber scorpion and his mother would let him keep it without comment, well – except for his grammar that is…

  3. ROFL! I knew that was coming!!!

    I have a 7-yr-old who still uses words in the wrong context from time to time, no matter how often I try to gently (or even not-so-gently) correct her. She couldn’t seem to care less.

    Oh, the grey hairs (along with the laughs)!

  4. Love it. I am going to miss those days. Jackson still says “callapidder” and I love it. I try to correct him sometimes, but it is so cute.

  5. just today we were talking about my son and his love for the “mocha patroller/ed” that is the remote controll, and its remote controlled items.

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