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Laundry Interrupted Again

(beeeeep!) Sean and I are busy playing in the sandbox and can’t get to the computer. Please leave a message at the end of this recycled post and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. (beeeeep!)

In my washing machine right now, there is a load of musty-smelling bath towels that need to be washed. Again. For the third time in a row. You would think that a modern woman like me with the modern conveniences of a washer and a dryer in her home could manage to get a load of laundry washed and dried, if not folded and put away, in less than three days. You would think that if you didn’t have kids. If you do, well, then you understand that even your interruptions are interrupted by interruptions. And unlike a two-year-old, laundry will just sit quietly, steeping in it’s own mildew, waiting patiently for you to come back.

Before I had a child, laundry was a day and not a state of being. Now laundry is not only a state of being but a decorating scheme. There is laundry on the laundry room floor waiting its turn for a weekend in the washer. There is laundry in the dryer waiting for Godot. There is laundry in the basket on the sofa waiting to be dumped out and jumped in for the umpteenth time. Sometimes I just can’t help myself. There are piles of laundry on the breakfast bar hoping to hitch a ride to the bedroom. And yet another pile of laundry positioned just so on a sofa table where a lamp used to be, where you might expect to see an artful display of books or a vase or even a Tonka truck. But no, that would be so expected, so pedestrian. A stack of gym socks and underwear says so much more about who we are.

Here at the House of Antique, we are on the on the cutting edge of design. Laundry chic, the next decorating trend. You heard it here first.

This post was originally published in April of 2006.

27 thoughts on “Laundry Interrupted Again

  1. There’s one chair we never sit in…we never see the beautiful upholstery job (done by a friend). Why? You might ask…seems two people can’t get the gumption to empty it of…laundry!!

  2. As I read this, I am staring at Mt. Laundry, the gigantic pile of clothes that takes up an entire love seat and a couple rows in front of it on the floor. It took me a week to get around to folding it all, so I don’t see any need to hurry up and put it all away!

  3. Our towels smell moldy, too. Even when they’re clean. As soon as they get wet … ARRRRRR.
    I really stink at this “homemaking” business.

  4. Waiting for Godot? Really? The laundry is a constant problem, especially when the kid wants to wear the same dress day in and day out. And I’m too frugal to do a load JUST FOR THAT DRESS. So then the laundry escalates into battles with the 3 year old.

  5. LOL I can so relate! Laundry just never gets completely done. And I had to laugh at the interruptions getting interrupted 😀 That’s how every day goes here!

  6. Since laundry is everyday around here, I’ve started matching the piles to my decor. You know, reds in the kitchen, blacks in the living room…

  7. My goodness…I love your posts…even the recycled ones. I especially love that you prioritize playing in the sandbox with your baby. Trust me, you’ll never regret it!!

  8. Ha! Hits so close to home…

    I once explained how a dishwasher works to some young village girls while on a mission trip (e.g. “a dishwasher is a BIG box with a door…you put your dishes in there with some soap…and the box cleans the dishes for you”).

    From the looks on their faces, I decided not to tell them how horribly taxing it is to load and unload the box, and how I HATE doing it.

  9. *ROFL*
    I just dragged a pair of jeans out of the dryer so I could wear them. If Laundry is a decorating scheme – I’m in! My bedroom is set to go. I feel so much better knowing I’m in style somewhere in the house.

  10. I’m never sure where it ends or where it begins, laundry seems to just keep coming at me like ocean waves, a constant, steady surf of jog bras and little boy jeans with the knees torn out and a thousand iterations of pink pajamas and pink socks and pink overalls.
    Thanks for recycling today. This hit the spot.

  11. Oh, I’m so glad you published this again! I wasn’t reading last year, so it was new to me, and oh, how I laughed! It sounds just like my house – laundry, laundry everywhere, and not a clean sock to wear! 🙂 I’m going to link to this post so my readers can come enjoy it, too. 🙂

  12. AMEN!! Have you ever had to take a “old” load out of the washing machine to put a new one in…..yup that’s me the epitomy of a domestic goddess!!!!

  13. I’ve got a little lump in my throat, for this is the very first Antique Mommy post I read. Way back when you had a little Blogger blog. Still one of my favorites.

  14. You have your priorities in the right place 🙂 There will always be laundry but our children grow up way too fast.

  15. So I will remember you with great love and devotion when we can’t find any clean underwear because it is “somewhere in that pile” . . . . and we’ll just go eat ice cream instead! Be back soon1 Nina

  16. When my kids were about 1 and 2 years old my sister-in-law came for a visit. It was the first time she had seen our house. I was at the point where none of the baby clothes fit anymore but I couldn’t get rid of them. I told her sorry for the mess I was doing laundry. She said “In every room?”

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