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Pirates Need Groceries Too

Earlier this week, Sean and I were strolling into the grocery store from the parking lot when a pick up truck slowly passed us.

We stopped and stood back and allowed the truck to turn in front of us into a parking space and come to a complete stop before we continued towards the store. Driving the truck, with the window rolled down, was a rough looking, weather worn construction worker kind of guy. He was wearing a red bandana do rag, had tattoos up and down his arms and wore a small silver hoop earring.

“Look Mommy!” Sean loudly exclaimed. “A Pirate! Do you see the pirate!?”

I tugged on Sean’s arm purposefully to try to shush him without being too obvious.

Just then, the pirate gets out of his truck and Sean hollers to him, “Aaargh matee!”

The big burley guy looked at us long and hard through slitted reptile eyes as I groped for my “Beam Me Up Scottie” button. And then he broke into a big smile and giggled like a little girl.

I nervously giggled back in a “Kids say the darndest things” sort of way. Then I grabbed Sean’s hand and made a run for the store before he asked why the pirate only had one tooth.

25 thoughts on “Pirates Need Groceries Too

  1. A couple of weekends ago, we were on Lake Texoma on a Family outing. After boarding the boat, one of the first remarks from our 5 yr old Grandson was: “I am looking for a Pirate ship….If I see any bad Pirates, I will make them walk the plank”! Kids say the darndest things…(Ohhh for the memories)

  2. My nephew did the same thing at Wal-Mart. A man was also shopping at the store who had a patch over his eye and every time my nephew saw him he would say, “A Pirate! Argh!” Kids do say the darndest things!

  3. If it makes you feel better–my mother tells me the story of how we were waiting in line, ready to check out at the Piggly Wiggly one afternoon. I’m the little voyeur, sitting in the cart and staring at people. (I later became a photographer.)

    Apparently the woman in front of us had a rather large schnozz, and a large wart on the end to boot. You can predict what’s coming next:

    Me, pointing and loudly exclaiming, “MOMMY! That woman is a witch!”

    [shudder] I can only imagine the many ways I’ll be “paid back” with my future children’s audible inner monologues. šŸ™‚

  4. We always used to persuade our youngest to brush better by warning him of the dangers of the dreaded “pirate teeth”. Little did I know it was a real phenomenon.

  5. Now we have never met and I have only seen your photo on your site but WOW- Sean looks just like you!

  6. Hilarious! My heart sinks every time I’m out with the littler ones and we are near an overly large woman. They will inevitably point and say, “Mommy, she has a baby in her belly.” I just want to slide under the cart! I always have to distract them with something like, “Oh let’s see what’s new in the cookie aisle!”

  7. Excellent! We’re into Pirates too [even before the film {translation = movie}] If he wants to know why he only has one tooth! It’s probably because he’s British.

  8. OMG that is hilarious! Kids just say the funniest things! My Toddler calls all older people “Mama” and “Papa” (grandma and grandpa). Luckily none of them have been offended yet lol, even if they are most definitely not grandma or grandpa age.

  9. This made me hee-haw. And snort.

    I love that the guy could laugh. He’s a good sport and might have a few of his own wee pirates at home. šŸ™‚

    love, michelle

  10. I believe a person’s sense of humor tells a lot about how they handle life. When my son was young, we had our share of I-wish-I-could-disappear moments, but looking back; there’s such a sweetness to them all that I can only smile in remembrance.

  11. Isn’t it just so predictable. I can actually see their little brains working over something like this before blurting out their observation. I’ve found myself saying,”Kids, you don’t have to actually say everything you’re thinking.”

  12. We saw a rather lage woman in the library yesterday and, didn’t you know? My 2 year old said in a very loud voice, “Look a pirate!”
    I immediately thought of your post!

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