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Four Score and Seven Pounds Ago

When Antique Daddy and I married, we hired a free-lance wedding photographer. Her deal was that she would take all the pictures for a fee and then turn over the negatives. In the intoxicating afterglow of the wedding, I spent a fortune having pictures printed which I subsequently stuck in a box and haven’t looked at since. Wedding fever. It’s responsible for pens made of large white feathers and keeping the ribbon and tulle industry afloat.

In the intervening eight years, digital technology has come of age. And so when I ran across the box of wedding pictures along with the negatives, I decided to take the negatives and have them put on a CD. Which proves that the spending on the wedding just never stops.

At any rate, now I have them on my computer and Antique Daddy and I were looking at them the other day and reliving what a fun day that was and how much we enjoyed our wedding. We also took notice of the damage eight years of marriage can do to a waist line.

“Look honey,” I said whistfully. “Here I am about seven pounds skinnier.”

“You were too skinny if you ask me,” he replied without prompting.

And at that moment, I was never more attracted to him.

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35 thoughts on “Four Score and Seven Pounds Ago

  1. Wow…that’s one smart man you have there.
    And wow for you too…only 7 pounds in 8 years, and a baby to boot? You should be proud of yourself!

  2. only 7 pounds…SHUT UP!!! I could snap you like a twig!!! πŸ˜‰ You should be proud of yourself.

    By the way, I had to link you from my blog on the Pirates post…that was too funny!

  3. I’m perfectly happy with my weight — for the most part. But I gotta tell you, it does a lot for a gals self-esteem when her man spontaneously tells her she’s perfect just the way she is. Especially when earlier in the day she tried on some shorts from last summer and couldn’t button them.

  4. 7 pounds! You go girl! My rule is that you never try on the shorts from the previous summer – just go shopping! While I’m not real happy with my current weight, it hasn’t changed for the past 6 years – and still, the weight seems to redistribute itself every year . . . same weight, different clothes don’t fit. That’s why I love shoes – they always fit πŸ™‚ And my hubby, like yours, is awesome about telling me how beautiful I am πŸ™‚

  5. Give me a break….
    For me it’s 20 years, 60 lbs and 2 kids. I’m not proud of the weight and have finally resolved to lose it. I’m currently down by 18 and still working hard on the rest.
    I want to be “too skinny” just one more time in my lifetime!

  6. Snapshot — Don’t bother with a “too skinny” goal. It’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. Life is short. Order the cheesecake once in a while.

  7. Whoo boy. Since my first marriage, I am up about 35 lbs. I am probably AT my weight from my second marriage, but I had already gained 25 from the time we met.

    See, I have an advantage – when your husband is almost 7 ft. tall and over 300 lbs, it’s all a matter of scale. To him, I am always little and beautiful.

  8. Skinny is not all it’s cracked up to be. Too hard to maintain. Our goal around here is “fit”. πŸ™‚

    Loved the pictures your eyes are breathtaking in it.

    Your my kind of girl. At all holidays, I’m the first one to ask, “Is it time to eat yet?”

    Have a fun day!

  9. Love your picture.

    Only seven pounds? I’m still trying to lose a lot more than that in pregnancy weight, almost three years later.

    My husband would agree with you on the wedding spending. He kept saying that I was just collecting things for the “wedding shrine.” Still haven’t built it yet.

  10. Silly me, I thought you had posted a typo when I read seven (instead of seventy or seventeen). Oh, to see the day when SEVEN pounds is the number between what I am and what I used to weigh!

    You must know (or feel) the corporate “rolling of eyes” from all of us we read of your outrageous ballooning of seven pounds.

    No really, I’m just sinfully jealous and need to be slapped. Seriously, you look gorgeous then and now.

    T Gillmor

  11. Isn’t it funny how your body changes after having a baby? After my first, even though I lost all the weight, I still couldn’t fit into certain things!

    We spent a ton on our wedding photos (well, actually, my parents did!) but I’m glad because my kids love to look at them and point out the family members. It’s really great because some of the grandparents have passed away since we were married, so it keeps them alive for my children.

    I love your picture! You were a gorgeous bride and your expression is great! And you have a very smart husband. πŸ™‚

  12. I was 8st on our wedding day in 1990. 12st when I has our first, (11 1/2 yrs ago) 3 more babies later and I have recently lost one stone. I am 9st 2lbs as you read this. What the hell, I’m happy and the children are…(thank God)..healthy.

  13. Ya know…skinny people really do make me crazy. 7 pounds??? The flab hanging from my right arm probably weighs that much.

    7 pounds…girl you need to eat a sandwich.

  14. That photo is absolutely stunning… you look gorgeous despite that it’s candid. I hope I have a picture like that to look back on after I get married.

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