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Heart Pops

Each morning I get up and pour myself a cup of coffee and look forward to sitting quietly and alone on the sofa for thirty minutes before the sun brightens the sky and unleashes a tsunami of crazy on the House of Antique.

One recent morning as I sat on the sofa in the dim glow of the light of the day gathering my thoughts and my wits, I heard the soft squishy footfall of footsie pajamas on the tile. I looked up to see a teddy bear of a little boy with hair spiking out in all directions stumbling towards me with Mr. Monkey in one hand and his blanket in the other.

“Good morning Seanshine,” I greeted him. “Come here and give mama hugs and kisses.”

He climbed up in my lap and squeezed my neck tight. I buried my face in the nape of his neck and nuzzled him. He smelled deliciously sweet of sleep and I wanted to inhale him right down into my lungs and beyond into the safety of my soul and keep him there forever. He pulled back and kissed me on the eyeball.

And then he scrambled down as if he just remembered he had something more important to do.

Sigh. Oh well, I thought, at least I will have this moment to look back upon later in the day when he informs me ‘I don’t wuds you anymore’ when I refuse to let him eat gummy bears for lunch.

Then without prompting he turned, climbed back up into my lap and gave me another hug and a kiss.

“More just popped out of my heart!” he exclaimed.

May his heart always overflow with so much love that it can’t be contained and pops right out.

39 thoughts on “Heart Pops

  1. That is definitely one for his scrapbook. 🙂

    A sweet moment that you – especially – will treasure forever. I hold those close with me always.

    Love, Michelle

  2. That is just so sweet! What an adorable little guy you have 🙂 Moments like that make being a mommy the best job ever.

  3. Big Mama said it well. He’s magic. And you’re aware that he’s magic. Good combination.

  4. Oh, My!
    How adorable! I just love it when they wax poetic with love and sweetness. Ooooo just makes me want to sneak up behind them and squish them. Because sometimes, they just have to be snuck up on. 🙂

  5. I found your blog through a friends and check it pretty regularely although this is the first time I’ve commented. What a great writer you are!! And your little Seanshine is darlin’! Boy can I relate to this post!!

  6. This weekend out of nowhere my little boy (just about to turn 3) leaps up onto me, squishes my cheeks in his hands and says with great fervor, “YOU ARE MY SWEET BOY!” He has also informed me that I’m his sunshine a couple of times in the last few days.

    The amount of love that dribbles out of these little guys is just astonishing, isn’t it? If we could bottle it, we could really change the world.

  7. Oh, how sweet! Kids say the cutest things, that just melt a mama’s heart! 🙂

    They also say some hard to understand things, which is what I blogged about today…”cracking the kid code.” 🙂

  8. Aaaww! This touches my heart.

    I always thought I’d want a little girl, but I can’t tell you how much I love being the Mama of my little guy-guy.

    This is why.

  9. What a cute little story. I bounced over here from the blog Show Me State of Mind. She had suggested a reading of your Pirates Need Groceries Too post. That was a really cute post. This post was equally as cute. Just be thankful for these times. I have four boys, 12, 10, 3 and 1. The two youngest still love to give mommy loving. The two oldest, on the other hand, take as little as they can and hope I don’t embarass them too much in front of their friends. Ta for now dahling!

  10. Oh, my gosh, that is so sweet.

    The other night my son jumped up and spontaneously grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head down and gave me a huge snotty kiss. It was so incredibly sweet and unexpected that I didn’t even mind the snot.

  11. Hold on tight…..he’ll be 16 before you can turn around twice. My 16 year old got his driver’s license this morning. At 16, some days he doesn’t wuv me very much.

  12. Is it just me, or is everyone crying while reading this post? the moment you describe is a treasure, but the way you write about it is perfect. Thank you!

  13. Oh, the sweetness of that boy. I know what you mean about wanting to breath them in and keep them there forever. They are just two sweet to be unleashed on this world.

  14. What a beautiful way to start your day. Thank you for sharing. I, too, was in tears.

    Then . . . I just had to grimace as I read all the girl-hater posters, though.

  15. Ok – that just brought tears to my eyes. He is sweet and delicious. Made me remember days when Jon would crawl into my bed in his feetie PJ’s. Hugs and kisses to sweeten my day.
    Thank you for sharing such a lovely moment in your day. Enjoy….God bless him.

  16. Oh – what is it about little boys? Don’t you just love him to pieces? It brings back sweet memories. These days a hug from one of my boys just engulfs me. It is every bit as sweet.

  17. I’m in floods of tears, get the mop! My little boys middle name is Sean, did I already tell you that?

    This morning he asked me to get off the computer and join him in the lounge to watch Dora the Explorer. I really didn’t want to, so pretended I didn’t hear… He asked me a few times more, I couldn’t pretend to be deaf any longer and went with him. We sat down together, he hugged me hard and said “Thankoo Mummy for sitting with me and no pooter”…….

  18. When I saw the title of this post, I thought you were going to talk about how YOUR heart pops with love for Sean. I planned out a comment, thinking about how I’d word my “Yes, yes, I get it…” commiseration.

    Turns out it wasn’t your heart overflowing (though I’m sure it does!), but Sean’s. How cute is that??!!!

    If only they could stay this cute and this in love with us, huh?

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