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April and Ollie

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Just beyond our neighborhood live April and Ollie. We pass their place nearly every time we leave the neighborhood and as we do, we slow down, roll down the car windows and shout out a greeting. It’s Texas. We’re friendly here.

They always stop what they are doing, raise their heads and nod back in acknowledgement. Ollie is an old swayback horse. April is a donkey and Ollie’s paramour. Like an old married couple, they are always together.

Last week, as we drove to school, Sean spotted the pair. “Oh Mommy! Slow down! Roll down my window so I can wave!”

“Hu-woe April! Huh-woe Ollie!” he called as he flapped his hand out the window.

“Did they wave back?” I asked.

“Ac-tu-wully, yes,” annunciated my pint-sized professor, “but April and Ollie wave their tails because they don’t have hands.”

I have a b’zillion credit hours to my name yet the best teacher I’ve ever had sits in the backseat of my car.

19 thoughts on “April and Ollie

  1. I love this “stage” of language. I’m right there with you with my almost 4 year old boy. I think I will miss that most of all.

    What a sweet memory April & Ollie will be for both of you. πŸ™‚

    Have a fun weekend,

  2. Isn’t that the truth. I’ve learned more in the last nine (ouch almost ten) years than the previous 33.

    All I can say is it goes way to fast.

  3. I love when they start using grown up words in context: “actually” – I love it! My daughter said to me the other day when I was doing my yearly mopping of the floors – “Mom, the floor looks fabulous!” πŸ™‚

  4. Aww. Very sweet. They always make you look at the world differently if you take the time to listen.
    I love it when those big words come popping out, especially with baby pronunciation. Like when I asked my just-had-his-fourth-birthday son what color he was going to color his paper, and he informed me that he would use MULTIPLE colors. Or when another son declared, at age four, that he was PARCHED and needed a drink. =)

  5. Motherhood is the most vibrant, intense thing that I have ever, ever done and it feels almost magical how these little people have brought about such changes in me, and how I see the world.
    You write so beautifully…

  6. Oh, that reminds me of my almost 2 year old (10 years ago) when we lived next door to a “forsey” and she would call out “FOR—SEY” across the street. We still laugh about that every now and then. That and one of our favorite shopping places – “Ho-po” (Home Depot). . . Sweet memories like this HAVE to be written down!

    Love reading your blog – such a way with words! Erma Bombeck of our generation!

  7. For anyone who thinks they have life figured out, give them a toddler with whom to spend time. There’s so much that we can learn and truth to be heard from the eyes and heart of a child.

  8. My mom used to have a donkey named April, in the San Antonio area. She had to sell April about 3 years ago and I don’t know who bought her – is there any chance that your little gray acquaintance is an old friend of ours?

  9. Your little guy is a true charmer. The things he says always make me smile.

    On another note, you have been tagged for a silly Internet Blog game. Play if you like. Details are in my latest posting.

  10. I LOVE how literal he is in explaining that horses (duh!) don’t have hands. But he does it in such a kindly way. Almost as though he forgives you for not knowing about the hands/tails thing.

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