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Subtlety in conversation is not an area in which I excel. I am the first one to admit that.

Separate from the issues of tact and judgement, I find it excruciatingly difficult to not be plain spoken, direct, forthright. Sometimes I say things even before I think of them.

However. I am learning from my husband that when hoping to win mind share, especially in matters of faith, that it is far, far better to carry someone along than to hit them directly over the head and drag them. Sometimes to stand down is to stand up.

He must increase, but I must decrease.  John 3:30

Far too often, when the message of the Gospel is not well received, we Christians whine about being persecuted and rejected for speaking the truth while taking no responsibility for how badly we have delivered the message.

No heart was ever won with a club, no matter how well intended the club weilder.

19 thoughts on “Thoughts For A Sunday

  1. Thinking about this, as I communicate with my boys… especially the pre-teen one who is expressing his earliest forms of indignation as a reaction to routine reminders (take a shower, do your homework, clean your room…)

    Yes, it could very well be my approach sometimes…

  2. Joel Osteen’s program today was basically about how Christians must act in order to entice people to want what we have. That our ministry is in front of us everywhere we go and that we must always mind what we say, because you never know who might be listening.

    I, unfortunately, ittermitently suffer from verbal diarrhea. Sometimes I speak in a way that’s not very Christian, especially when I am frustrated about things that don’t go my way. I am always very, very sorry after receiving emotional Kaopectate, usually from my husband. I’m trying to improve my thought process before opening my mouth. I’ve also been trying to learn that praying for certain things to change is an ongoing process; it’s not a one-shot deal.

  3. The longer I live the more convinced I become that true evangelism has less to do with speaking the truth than living it. To live the truth one most love, to love one must serve.

  4. If we carry the word of God in our hearts, it will seep out not only in our words but in our lives–in the way we conduct ourselves in times of stress, illness, grief, AND joy–in the way we handle our jobs, our families, our spouses, our responsibilities, bad traffic, long lines, and cart ladies’ at the Wal-Mart(s).

    Yes–it needs to be on our lips. . .but it cannot carry the weight God intended if it is not first written upon our hearts.

    Your post was perfection in simplicity.

  5. I don’t understand why there are some members of every kind of religion who think it is their duty to convert the rest of the world to their own religon. As if their religion is the only right one. I’ve been told by people of just about every religion that I’m going to hell because I haven’t joined their religion. I guess all of my ancestors going back for hundreds of generations must have been wrong and I should join a stranger’s religion (or even a neighbor’s)just so this person can feel good that they’ve saved me from the evils of my own religion.

  6. I must step forward on this one, too. I have certainly looked back at myself and realized what an awful message I was sending out!
    God’s grace and mercy are ever present in my life.

  7. It’s so easy to witness to the saved, but that is called preaching to the choir. It seems so wrong to proselytize from one religion to another. We sometimes lose sight of the main purpose of evangelism … to bring the Word of God to the lost. I have a terrible dilemma right now. I have an elderly brother, who is close to the end of life and wants nothing to do with Christianity or any other religion for that matter. It hurts to keep my mouth shut, when I know that by doing so, I will be partially responsible for his lack of salvation. So, I can make him happy for today with a visit, when in my heart I know he is condemned to an eternity without end. But,I am forced to keep my mouth shut and pray that someone else will witness to him.

  8. Kacey,

    Please don’t beat yourself up about being partly responsible for your brother’s lack of salvation. I’m assuming he’s a good person, who has done numerous good deeds throughout his life, has been good brother to you, etc., etc. It’s possible he will get the salvation you want for him based on the way he has lived his life, not based on his choice, or lack thereof, of religion.

  9. I agree Sandy, remember that God created all on this Earth, which includes all the other religions, some of which are helping mankind to live Godly lives and some which are not. Not even the Christian religion can brag on it’s history, remember the clearances in Ireland? The war between Catholics and Protestants, etc. God is Love, and I believe that He wants us to recognize a Higher Being than man and to love one another and those who do this will be welcomed. This I believe. A born WASP

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