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Saturday Mornings

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used to mean sleeping in and awaking to my own internal alarm clock, reading the newspaper, working the crossword puzzle, eating brunch out…

Now Saturday mornings mean sleeping in until 6am and awaking to someone jumping on my bed, reading the back of the Bisquick box, figuring out how to turn on the VCR before coffee-provided wherewithall sets in and making pancakes shaped like a snowman on steroids.

The only thing I really miss is the crossword puzzle.

21 thoughts on “Saturday Mornings

  1. I’m impressed with the pancakes! I’ve got a box of pancake mix in the fridge that I keep hiding from the kids. I’ll do them eggs but I always hope that they choose cereal with milk or yogurt instead. Last year I cancelled my sub to the Wall Street Journal because it was Sunday before I was actually reading Tuesday’s issue. Now I stick with magazines. We don’t get the local paper because it’s so lame. Hope y’all are enjoying the cold snap this weekend!

  2. The crossword puzzle is one of the reasons I don’t mind commuting. Of course, it’s a M-F thing, but still. Great snowman pancakes!

  3. This is great! My son is now 17 but I remember the days of a very early Saturday start! I used to think 9p was late! Ha, Ha.. now I think 7am is late.

    Enjoy the moments–they pass too quickly!


  4. Those pancakes are pretty impressive. I am one who during the week does cereal the best. Pancakes are a weekend specialty.: – )

    p.s. I just watched Sean’s harmonica video for like the 100th time. I am on call at the hospital this weekend and I needed a good laugh. brings some sanity to this crazy world

  5. We’ve made Mickey mouse pancakes, but haven’t tried the snowmen yet. I’ll have to add that to my list for winter breakfasts.

    Happy Saturday!

  6. Yes, ours used to begin with, “What do we need to do today?” Now they begin with, “Where do we need to shuttle the kids today?” BTW, nice bicep on that snowman. Definitely on steroids! Where do you shop, anyway?

  7. I love your pancake snowman! I am going to steal that idea.

    Being a mom totally changed my idea of sleeping in. I used to sleep to all hours of the day on my day off, now if I am lucky I sleep until about 8:30 and then get up with Little Princess

  8. First visit: Just read your “about” and tickled you have that child! Good things come to those who wait, I’ve always heard.
    Look forward to reading you regularly!

  9. I used to make pancakes every weekend, it got to the point where the children ‘expected’ to see them on the kitchen table. So, I decided to stop and now, if they get them, it’s a real treat!

    I think this way, they appreciate them more!

  10. Very cute! When mine were little I used to make pancakes in the shape of letters to spell out their name or at least their initials. Also they loved it when I just made “dots”…tiny bite size pancakes. Easy for little ones to just pick up with their fork and dunk in the syrup. And they cooked quickly.

  11. My poor son gets the frozen kind of pancakes–not even homemade. And a little sadder than that? We don’t even get namebrand ones…they’re the Walmart brand! He seems pretty happy with them, though!

    I really miss the crossword puzzle, too. I try them when I (rarely!)get a chance, but I’m not nearly as good as I used to be. I guess it’s one of those skills that you have to continually practice to keep it up. I guess I’m good at other things now…changing diapers, making bottles, etc. πŸ™‚

  12. Awww! Look at that cute snowman! I do letters for my kids and they aren’t near as cute as your creation! Saturday mornings are much more eventful with children for sure. You’re a great mommy. πŸ™‚

  13. I can manage the TIVO at 6am, even before coffee. But – Harry gets freezer pancakes. I don’t think I can trust myself with flame quite that early.

  14. In about 4 or 5 years he’ll just get up and watch a video on his own and let you sleep. Children can also be taught to make coffee. πŸ™‚ Just hang in there for a few more years…

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