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Curling Irons and Matchbox Cars

When I was in Wal-Mart recently, I found myself in the row with the curling irons and hair dryers and bows and clips and conditioners and whatever. In spite of a life time of disappointments, I remain hopefully (or delusionally) convinced that there is a product out there that will tame my hair. My hair was a Tasmanian Devil in a previous life – perpetually snarly and in a bad mood. And it remains so.

Nonetheless, there I was reaching for yet another curling iron. “Mommy! Put that back,” Sean scolds me from the cart seat. “You don’t need that!” Wonder where he has heard that? I turned my head away from the curling iron and gave him the Are you talkin’ to ME? look.

“Oh really?” I asked. “Well then, I guess we don’t need any toys today either.”

He stopped for a nano-second to consider that and then quickly advised, “You should get that.”

And then he snatched the curling iron from my hand and threw it in the cart.

And thats how we increased our collection of curling irons and Matchbox cars.

31 thoughts on “Curling Irons and Matchbox Cars

  1. That cracks me up! How quickly we change our opinions regarding the “needs” of others when our own are also at stake. He’s one sharp cookie.

  2. Now that’s funny, because every time I see you I think what great hair you have.

    Okay, it’s not FUNNY but still.

  3. Have you seen my profile photo? Suffice to say that my hair can occasionally be tamed with the routine application of harsh chemicals and extreme heat. Mostly I look like I just combed it with an egg beater.

  4. My teens are starting to do that! Telling me I don’t need to by cloth diapers! Well, I don’t NEED to buy them a trip to Valley Fair, either, do I? Or the gas for the hot water for their showers. And we CAN survive without candy and chips.
    Teens don’t back down though.
    Love the snowman pancake! My dh made one like Goofy, and it was great! We scrapbooked it, even.

  5. My two cents on vanity purchases…go for it, with or without your child’s approval. There’s no way to quantify how much a little self confidence is worth. If your hair looks good, you feel good, you’re then in a better state to take on your day and everyone’s happy. What’s a few bucks when spent in pursuit of self approval?

  6. Smart kid.

    He is learning life skills that will make him a much better husband. There is a woman (now a little girl) who will thank you!

  7. I have naturally frizzy (I prefer to call it wavy, but I’ll be honest for you) hair, and my life has been totally transformed by the Chi. I’m not sure if Walmart carries it, since I rarely venture further than HEB or Target. It’s NOT cheap, but you just can’t put a price on great hair.

    And I know just about every trick in the book hair products-wise, so if you’re ever in the need of someone who can answer “will this serum work,” then I’m your gal.

  8. We must have the same hair, A.M. And mine gets really mad and big when it’s humid. And we went and moved close enough to the beach to enjoy the humidity. My hair is quite angry.

    I have an arsenal of curling irons as well. And I love love love my flat iron. Why, oh why wasn’t that invented when I was in high school.

  9. I have some wild hair, too! Naturally curly/wavy and it drives me nuts! Let me know if you find anything that will help with that!!

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