34 thoughts on “Glee

  1. Oh, I know that glee. The only rule around here is “No jumping in puddles when you’re wearing your Sunday clothes.” Other than that, we are pro-puddle.

  2. Awesome picture!

    AM, you won my Golden Keyboard this week for your great comment on Saturday’s post– email me for the code if you want it….

    Mary, mom to many

  3. You are a better mom than I! Although, in my defense, my son would probably not enjoy jumping in the puddles for fear of bugs and worms being out and about.

  4. Are you a professional photographer? This one and the one the other day of Sean on the path through the trees are so fantastic! I love the blurring around the edges. Gives it a timeless quality.

  5. I love it that you’re posting more photos of Sean. I love seeing that boy in action! Great shot. We had some puddle jumping as well this past weekend.

  6. I accepted the tag. Wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. 🙂

    Dittos from me regarding the pic. Just gorgeous!!

    Peace~ Wind

  7. Not all mommies allow that, good thing you’re a cool mommy! I always have a couple spare outfits in the trunk of the car for spills, potty accidents, or “accidental” puddle and pond-edge incidents.

  8. I can’t believe you were able to capture that! There’s supposed to be thunderstorms today for us, so perhaps we’ll have some excellent puddle jumping later on, too.

  9. Oh, that is a beautiful shot — in so many ways!

    (I also have to say that I love that his shorts are actually shorts, rather than gaucho-looking things down to his calves. Little pet peeve of mine. ;-))

  10. Note to self: Let all the kids play in the puddles. Antique Mommy did it! Looked like a total blast!!

  11. Please tell me that you took over 1 million photos just to get that one perfect shot?? Please. I usually get the before or the after, never the perfect one. And the blurry edges, how did you do that?
    OK, enough about the photo. Your son looks like he is having a great time and making another memory! Don’t you just love rainy days.

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