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Put The Cheese Down And Snap Out Of It!

It has been kind of nutty this week. I am having my kitchen cabinets repainted and if this post doesn’t make any sense it’s because I’m still high on White Whisper and Oreos.

Being shut out of my kitchen for two days has meant that I had to make lunch at my coffee table in the den yesterday. Because for some reason that’s where the bread ended up when I had to clear out the kitchen. It seemed logical at the time. Sean thought having a picnic in the den was a great idea and that we should eat every meal at the coffee table. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that we used to do that before he came along.

At any rate, when I’ve been in my house for two straight rainy days with my spouse, my child, three painters, paint fumes and no access to my Cheetos, I’m even crankier than when I’ve been on a marathon phone call with the phone company. If you can imagine that.

As I’m sitting on the sofa busily slapping together a sandwich which I know my child will not even eat, he flings himself onto me and hugs me tight around the neck and says, “Put that cheese down woman and snuggle me!”

And so I did.

And that gave me some much needed perspective and vastly improved my attitude.

23 thoughts on “Put The Cheese Down And Snap Out Of It!

  1. Wow…that kid has your wit! You’re kind of having a crappy time of it lately, aren’t ya? So, bad things come in 3’s (or 10’s) so it’s almost over…

  2. sean’s cute, it can’t be denied. but i’m jealous no end over the three day rain you’re suffering through! go outside, look east, and send some of it our way! we need it in the very worst of ways!

  3. Put that cheese down woman…”

    How funny, and of course it improved your attitude! How could it not? Make sure he’s sitting right beside you next time you call the phone company.

  4. You know, I was late to work this morning because a) my alarm clock (which is to say my son) did not go off at his regular time of 6:30, and b) we both woke up at 7:30 and freaked out, but then he vaulted himself into my bed and requested to be snuggled. And really, how can you say no?

    And then construction on the road I take to work legitimized my lateness. But I’m not going to explain to my boss the bit about the extra 10 minute snuggle that put me off schedule to begin with.

    Can I suggest that perhaps Sean should make the next phonecall to customer service? It seems like it would make it a reasonably fair fight.

  5. Poodiest Wady — God may have only given you one child, but He gave you the bestest one. How can you bear for him to go to sleep at night? He’s better than T.V. any day!

  6. It never ceases to amaze me how a child can bring a person out of a bad mood with the simplest of phrases. Children are definitely a precious gift.

  7. He is just too cute.

    By the way I bought the Flip video for my son’s bday(actually so I could “borrow” it)at your suggestion. It is awesome. Thanks for review!

  8. Ha! That sounds like my youngest. She demands hugs like a truck driver that just came back form a long trip.

    Home improvement always sounds great right up until they are in your house messing up your life. I know how it goes. You’re constantly wanting to scream “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!!” Or maybe that’s just me 🙂

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