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Internets, meet Deen. Deen meet the internets.

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Last summer we had Margie, who summered with us and then mysteriously disappeared on Sean’s birthday in November when winter arrived.

This year, Deen is the new Margie.

Sean named him Deen, because, you know – he’s deen with a widdle bit of wellwoe. But that was too long so we shortened it. Deen is our favorite peeping Deen. He (She? How would you know?) hangs around the back door, clinging to the window screens, silently peering in, fascinated I’m sure, by all the Antique weirdness therein. No doubt you’ll be seeing more of Deen here as the summer wears on.

19 thoughts on “Deen

  1. Hi – this is the first time I’ve ever posted a comment so here goes!
    We have a family of blue tongue lizards that live in our yard here in Melbourne Australia and we see them often in the summer.
    They are all called Russell ( cause they rustle the leaves of course ) One day I had to chase one out of the garage ( hubby away so I HAD to do it ) which the kids thought was very funny, as I freak out at creepy crawlies and snakes etc.
    Absolutely love your blog, very entertaining reading!

  2. Doesn’t every boy need a pet lizard? I mean you can’t really pass into adulthood without having some reptiles memories. Oh, and a dog. Got the dog yet?

  3. When I first moved here, I was surprised (and a little skeeved out) by all the critters. I especially disliked the giant slugs. But I do like the little lizards. They’re cute. Now that our cat stays indoors, we see them quite often. My boys think it’s pretty cool.

  4. In his portrait, Deen wooks a widdle mow wellwow than deen, but I’m sure, like me, Deen looks a lot chubbier – um- wellwower in pictures.


  5. How funny! I needed a giggle and you gave me one after a crummy night at work! Thanks! I just love how little kids talk!

  6. Hi! A newbie here. Love your blog and your sense of humor. Keen on Deen, too, although… I just enlarged the picture, and… how the heck long is his tail? Looks like it’s off the map!

  7. Somehow, I expect “Deen” to stand up and entice us to buy insurance with a British accent.
    Adorable…….wish we had one on our door for the kids to watch.

  8. I’m with Net, any relation to that Brit on TV hawking the car insurance? If he is, Deen could probably take you guys to lunch or something…I mean that’s a national campaign, do you know how much those actors get paid for stuff like that?

    I’m just saying….

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