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Of Bears and Boys

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  1. Beautifully said. Having been a stay-at-home Mom for 15 years, I am suddenly having trouble accepting the fact that my oldest daughter is now 17 and will be leaving for college next year. I am also having trouble accepting the fact that my other daughter will be entering 7th grade and turning 13 this year. They are not my little babies anymore, but are growing up and becoming more independent and this Mom is proud of them, but still not ready to let go just yet!!

  2. That picture is just simply precious!! I have a 5 year old boy who is slowly pulling away, it is heartbreaking.

  3. AM,
    Loved the post and the photo. Precious. Thought Good Housekeeping article was great, it’s on my dining room table right now. Congratulations again.

  4. AM,
    Loved the post and the photo. Precious. Thought Good Housekeeping article was great, it’s on my dining room table right now. Congratulations again.

  5. So sweet! The amazing thing is that my big cubs, both exploring the world on their own, grown up with dens of their own, manage to let me know that they still need me. Its just different, but the heart, the relationship, is still so precious.

  6. Beautiful post. I’m not ready for that time either, and I remember distinctly the problems my mom had letting me go. I don’t think we get to have that part easy any more than the rest of motherhood.

    Great pic of you & your cub 🙂

  7. Yep, you made me weepy again! It probably didn’t help that I just got finished boxing up his bottles & and putting them away! 🙁

  8. That is the cutest photo and sweetest post. Isn’t it the truth, we’re never ready for them to be grown, or for them to think they’re grown. I have a 12 yr old who is going on 21, her wanton independence pains me on a regular basis. But I still have my precious 5 yr old princess who is quite the mama’s girl…at least for a few more years.

  9. I read this an hour ago and had to return to comment. Your sentence about how God builds bears and boys with the desire to go off on their own has filled me with a sense of comfort. (I have linked to the reason why.)

    But just because I am comforted does not mean that I will be ready when the day comes. Just like you.

    Your photos of Sean always make me think of Christopher Robin.


  10. Sweet, sweet, sweet! Not to play devil’s advocate or anything, but I think girls pull away, too. Traditional thinking has always encouraged boys to leave and girls to remain behind, but I was pulling away from my home long before I left. When I graduated high school, I was anxious to leave home, begin college and start making my own decision/mistakes. Once graduated I taught school AND tutored in order to move out of my parents’ house and then worked three jobs in the summer to make sure I never had to move back. My sons, on the other hand, are very connected to both me and my husband…but no less to me THAN to him. While I do believe that there are aspects of boys that are, by nature, different from girls, I also believe that nurture plays a big role in it too. That said, I recall when our three were small and they decided that they would all go to college, then be firemen but also live at home because they didn’t want to move away from us. And I was perfectly fine with that decision.

  11. I so know the feeling, My daughter is away now and my baby boy turns 17 in July. I never wanted my kidd’s to grow up and now it is happening, however there is a new phase that God really does ordain in that. I am going on my first mission trip in August because I can now without the guilt of leaving my kiddo’s.
    It is bittersweet for sure, and you still have a lot of time with your little cub!

  12. Yesterday I gave Harry the choice between his diapers and new Pull-ups. He looked at them carefully, and said “No, no new diapies. Old diapies”.

    I wasn’t really that disappointed.

  13. My 5 yr. old’s birthday is coming up soon and he asked me the other day if he was going to be “big” when he turned 6. I told him that he’d be a little bigger, but that he’d still be a little guy. And he said that was good, he liked being little so he could still fit in my lap.

    Man, I love that kid.

  14. I read your blog everyday (through my bloglines) but I don’t comment very often. I really enjoyed that photo and that post. thanks for making me smile.

  15. That is the sweetest picture. They don’t even realize that someday they will be pleading with us to give them their space.

    Of course, it happened to me this morning.

  16. Love the post; love the picture! Enjoy him while he is little enough to snuggle like that!

  17. That is an adorable picture and a precious post. Kids definitely know just how to wedge their way into our hearts…and yours sounds particularly precious. How sweet!

  18. As the daughter of a writer, I must ask: Have you ever tried to get published, AM? Your book could be full of these beautiful, poignant posts. A “Chicken Soup of the Soul”-type book — you know?

    Your writing, and outlook on life, blows me away.

    BTW, picked up Good Housekeeping. Again–brilliant! I am proud to know you.

  19. AM, you need to quit bragging about that rain!! there are those of us in central alabama that are getting quite desperate! love you and sean in the tree!

  20. What a beautiful post. My 8 year old teenage daughter is 9 today, and as sweet as her growing up is, I still feel the urge to pull her back, rather than to let her go. Glad I’m not alone.

  21. Well said. I too wonder if I will be able to let my daughter go when the time comes. But more experienced parents tell me that is precisely what the teenage years are for — that I will gladly open the door for her when it is time for her to leave. I can’t quite wrap my mind around that yet.

  22. Wonderful and so true. I remember when I realized my kids were growing up too fast I read a book by Charles Swindoll called You and Your Child. It is out of print now but that book made such an impact on me. There is a chapter that talks about the plan of God to prepare our little cubs to go out on their own and for the mommies to learn how to release them with confidence and faith.

  23. Sean is such a sweet little boy. I just love reading your stories about him. It is just such a beautiful thing seeing the connection you have with him. By the way – I picked up the July issue of Good Housekeeping and guess who I saw on page 164?

  24. That’s such a sweet picture. I don’t think we mommies every have that desire. We just somehow manage to do it and then look back at all the sweet moments like the one you just had.
    I hasten to add, there are some very precious moments even when they are way bigger than you and give you one of those hugs. And grandchildren go a long way toward making things much better.

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