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Of Bears And Boys

One rainy afternoon last week, Sean and I were snuggled on the sofa together watching a show about bears on Animal Planet.  A young bear scaled a tree with enthusiasm if not grace.

“Now why is that widdle bear not with his mommy?” he asked with concern.

“Well, he is probably big enough to be by himself,” I assured him.  “He probably doesn’t need his mommy to look after him anymore.”

He took a few seconds to consider this and then said in a low and worried voice, “I don’t ever want to be that big.”

I took a few seconds to consider that and said, “Yeah.  Me neither.”

He doesn’t know yet that someday he will itch and yearn to go off and discover the world on his own, that God builds bears and boys with this desire and that it will awaken in him at just the right time.

I’m just not sure God has built me with the desire to let him go.
Photo: For now, my cub and I climb trees together.

24 thoughts on “Of Bears And Boys

  1. Very pretty…love it! Will continue to read faithfully although I mostly lurk. Love your transparency and your great sense of humor!

  2. Sean looks so little and vulnerable in this picture, but he looked so grown-up in the one walking down the path. I suppose it is because he is snugling with his MaMa. Don’t worry about letting go later on — he will come back to you with more cubs for you to love.

  3. Remember the childrens book that starts with a mom holding her baby boy on a rocking chair and ends with the boy holding his mom on the same rocker? I can’t remember the title, but it’s a cute picture book I used to read to my daughter. Anyway, that’s what the pic of you and your boy reminded me of. Great post btw. Kids grow up so fast, it would be nice to stop the clock for a while.

  4. This was THE sweetest post!!! I am sitting here crying after reading it!! I am not ready to let my little one go, either. Maybe I’ll be ready when she’s 44. 🙂

    Mrs. U

  5. I have never been to your site before so I don’t know what “the old look” was, but I love this post. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Love the new blog – it is sooooo pretty. That is a really beautiful picture of you two. As Jon gets older, I often ponder his approaching departure, physically, emotionally and I can’t imagine myself there. I only know one place and that’s “Mom where is my_______”. The years have gone by way too quickly.

  7. Scarlett…the book you’re referring to is Love You Forever by Robert Munsch…..great book!!!

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