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Rain, Rain, Enough Already

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Number of days of steady rain: 35
Number of days in house with toddler: 35
Number of annoying toys I’ve hidden: 7-ish. Or maybe more.
Number of times I’ve played hide-and-seek and hidden in the locked car in the garage: several.
Number of times I’ve lifted the No TV rule: 34-ish
Number of Little Debbie snackcakes eaten for entertainment:  some-ish
Number of times I’ve thought This rain sucks!: 34 x 6 = 204
Number of times someone has said I’ve learned in Texas to never complain about the rain after hearing me say This rain sucks!: 34
Number of times I felt like hitting those people: 34

Clearly, Antique Mommy needs some sunshine.

67 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Enough Already

  1. I would also be glad to take some of the rain off your hands. And the toddler too… my sons are grown now, and we have endless sunshine, heat and humidity. Some rain would be wonderful. I suppose the grass is always greener elsewhere… (but I should think it IS greener where you are, with all that rain!)

  2. We could use some of that rain here in Ohio. It has been bone dry here for several weeks. Our grass is brown and trees are stressed and losing leaves. (Have been keeping the flowers watered so they can still look pretty against the brown grass!!)

  3. I do feel like we are going to float away. We have an abundance of toads though. And it has been cooler, so the electricity bill is lower. I’m trying to find the bright side here! It’s getting harder everyday.

  4. You deserve lots and lots of sunshine! I’m sending you some really bright rays from the (geographically) sunnier part of the world.

  5. I understand that Captain Dick flies to Phoenix. Maybe he will take you with him. That will be a sure cure for the blues of the rain.

    You can leave Sean with Antique Daddy.

    Give the Moose a big hug for us.

  6. Oh Lord, you must live in Texas. I swear that our grass is being replaced by algae! I don’t even remember what the sunshine feels like anymore we have had so much rain.

    Your blog is beautiful!

  7. You do bring sunshine through your blog to all of us! So I am sending some sun shine from NY to TX to you! Lord? Did you get that request?

  8. PS…Today’s blog blessed me in an unusual way, I went to this blog and they have a voting on the word “Sucks” and how Christians should not use the word and of course I was the only one who disagreed. Most were saying it makes them “cringe” and so on. I responded to one of the commentors via email and I think she was offended. I just said what makes me cringe and should make us as Christians cringe is not a word like sucks but hate, gossip, jealousy, strife, division etc…
    So…thanks for saying the rain “sucks”!

  9. I think generally “sucks” is not that great of a word to use, not really all that edifying. And I’m blaming my lapse of judgement on the rain.

  10. You should send some of that rain my way! We haven’t had rain in too long, and the heat is killing our lawn unless we water it twice a day.

  11. Well I do not usually use the word but in my opinion, it is not a cuss word. I don’t think it would be a “bad witness to the Lord” etc… But we as a body of Christ need to get thicker skin is all I am saying if the word makes us cringe. THere is so much more important things than that we should be concerned about.

  12. I live in your area, and you forgot some things:

    Number of times my 4 year old and 2 year old have asked “are we going swimming today?” and been told no because of rain: 35

    Number of times said toddlers have cried about not going swimming: 35

    Number of naps skipped because of loud thunder: 20

    Number of postponed, rescheduled, and eventually canceled t-ball games due to SUBMERGED (not just muddy) field: 5

    I could go on. Bring on the 100+ degree stuff so I can gripe about that instead of griping about endless rain – I need a change. 🙂

  13. This rain does suck. It sucks, sux, suks. I can’t do my weevil job properly because of the mud, my hubby can’t farm and ranch properly because of all the mud, two canceled swim parties and that sucks, and this past Saturday the whole family spent a glorious 5 hours in DFW airport waiting on a delayed plane because of this rain. So while I know we are not suppose to wish away rain, we’re in drought ridden Texas after all (I think the drought may be over now!)this daily rain still sucks. We are not in Seattle people! And that’s all I have to say about that!

  14. I hear that the rain has been torrential, I am sorry for I am one who truly needs sunshine with a few scattered good storms here and there. There is a time for rain, but 35 days is just ridiculous. The flooding I hear has also been quite gruesome. My step daughters live in Texas, San Antonio and Austin. After not hearing from them in a bit we always worry.
    I will pray for the sun’s return to you and Sean…hang in there

  15. Yow! Maybe we should do a weather swap!! Here in Southern California, we’re in the worst drought in recorded history. I think I wore my cute raincoat once this year. Good luck!!

  16. I just found your site and have felt your pain. I grew up in Houston. My family is all still there. I get rain “updates” and hear the same thing from all of them–no swimming, no cook outs, more rain and watch out–mosquitos. I don’t think I could ever move back. I went total opposite. I am in So. Cal and we have had NO rain. It’s not good, but I like that way. Plans are never ruined, in fact, the weather is never a thought when I plan something. It’s hot, though! I was there for the month of June 2004. It rained SO much, but I don’t think it was as bad as it is now.

  17. AM—
    Prayin’ for sun to come your way. Your blog brings me a little ray of sun each day– hope this comment will do the same for you.
    Here’s to SUN!

  18. I also hope the sun shines for you very soon.

    I like your image of the rain through the blurry window.

    When it rains for me I have the same issues with my toddler too. I find myself bending the TV rule and the snack rule and many others. Especially as all he wants to do is live outside all the time, and when the wind blows strongly or the thunder and rains come, they complicate everything.

  19. Come on out to California, it’s 80 at 10am no rain in sight. I have toys for your toddler to break here at my house and we are counting the hours until the pool opens (3).

  20. Being new to Texas, I can’t count the number of people who have either said, “It never rains this much in Texas!” or “You must have brought this rain with you!” To both I reply with a huge WHATEVER!

    On another note, how do you hide in a locked car in Texas without suffocating??!! I’m still trying to wrap my brain around that one.

    Despite the gloom outside, your posts never fail to make me smile. Hopefully we will both be smiling in the sunshine very soon.

  21. I think that even though I am now a desert dweller, I would have to say “enough with the rain, already” at this point.
    The picture is beautiful, as usual. Take care and I hope y’all find some puddles to jump in. And not get sucked into!

  22. I’m in Oklahoma. With two boys 3 and 21 months. I feel your pain, believe me. And add:

    Number of times I’ve said “no we can’t go outside, it’s raining.” 1000

  23. I don’t know which is worse — 117 degrees or non-stop rain. I think they’re both equally horrible.

    I don’t remember rain at this point, really. I just looked up our rainfall since October 1: 1.80 inches.

    I am shriveling up and baking as we speak. I am 39 but will soon look 100.

    See why you look so young? It’s all that moisture. 😉

  24. From one Texan to another….

    Quack !! or maybe…..


    Now to explain to BooRat WHY we can’t go see fireworks…


  25. It’s dry here due to the Texas monsoons. Worst drought since 1904. In spite of this my children built a fairy house out of sticks and leaves. They dug a large trench around it so that it won’t be washed away by the rain. What hopeful children.

    I am sorry about all that rain. If it were me, I would have been writing this post on about the tenth day!


  26. Pleeeeease send some rain our way, down here in Kentucky, ya’ll! We got a new lawn care service for the very first time this summer (my husband finally gave up on a job he loathes) and we haven’t had to have the grass cut for weeks. That’s the only good thing I can see about our grass looking dead and brown.

  27. Is that a photo, or a watercolor? I can’t quite tell, but it’s gorgeous. I’m sorry about the rain. I actually quite like rain, but that much is oppressive. But then again, so is brutal, unrelenting sunshine. Wanna trade for a week or so? It’s the perfect solution, right?

  28. Sure would like some of that rain. We are baking and hot and dry and hot and sunny and did I say, hot? At the moment it’s 106, blue skies and hot, hot hot.

  29. Good grief! That’s too darn long to have rain! Load up and drive somewhere warm and fun, if you can.

  30. Oh sweetie, I feel so badly for you!!! Any chance you can go to the library and hide out there for a while? I laughed at the image of you crouching in the locked car in the garage…You DO send sunshine rays through your website, and so many of us look forward to your posts…(Can you post from the local nut house? think they have Internet if you need it?) lol..

  31. Who knew it could rain this much in East Texas? Sleepless in Seattle has always been a fav movie of mine. I feel sort of like I live in Seattle.Sadly, Tom Hanks isn’t here. We’ve had rain 3-5 times a day for the last 5 weeks. Oy! And I can totally identify with hiding in the car in the garage. Only it was my 6 year old hiding from his siblings, and it scared me to death! Who know you’re house bound when you’re making up rules for Hide/Seek.

  32. We are in desperate need of some rain here in Southern Ontario, I have three children and I’m sure at day 35 I would be ready to pack up the car and head for sunshine.
    Hoping you see the sun soon!

  33. I would normally be jealous of the Texas weather you get. Not lately, though. Here’s hoping you can hang in there without any major breakdowns!

  34. Gee, I sure wish I could sympathize with you but here in the high desert I have no idea what you are going through. Rain is so infrequent here that the kids think it is a holiday – they scamper outside to splash and play in invariably the current two year old will say something adorable like, “Look Mommy, the window is wet.”

  35. Really! I thought Texas was one of those hot States [lots of cacti] Anyway, stop your moaning – we’re just back for a fortnight [ 2 weeks] in England. Our annual holiday, the only one – they [we] had the most rain in June EVER since records began! [and that’s a jolly long time ago!] My poor little California flower children are all washed out.


  36. I didn’t read the other comments but I’m sure that at this point you need all the help you can get. Can you go shopping, not to buy but to stay dry and in the public eye. That way you won’t be tempted to hurt the one who has to walk thru walk and then show everyone how is sneakers squeak, and squeak. I want to poke out my eyes and ears. Hang in there, it will pass.

  37. OMG im in NE Oklahoma. we’ve had it too. we do have a great covered deck tho and the kids have spent a lot of time on it….K says im just checking its still raining mom….LOL

    I totally agree with the “never rains this much” i grew up in this area, lived here all but 5 years of my life i have NEVER seen anything like this year.

    someone else said take off and drive somewhere…thats the even worse part these rains are so bad for such long periods of time it makes driving in a lot of areas dangerous. it added over an hour to what should be an hour and a half drive last week for me and *i* know the roads…but watching some of those drive in it just flying when i couldnt see the end of the hood of my blazer was enough to scare me to death and in about a 4 mile stretch i saw 8 trucks spin across 2-3 lanes of traffic, thru the median, off the side of a hill….
    i just pray for EVERYONES sake that it stops soon

  38. If it makes you feel any better I am in the exact same boat and I can’t taaaakkkkeee it annnnyyymmooooorreeee!

  39. We need rain so bad!! But certainly not 35 days worth!!

    I read often, but thought I’d finally comment since I’ve got my own site now.

  40. Never thought a Hoosier would be wishing you all down there our weather, but it’s not bad here. Sunshine is a sure bet at any moment!

  41. Wow, from reading the comments it seems that the weather is running from one extreme to the other. Half have no rain and the other half have floods. I hope both sides get some relief soon.

    Happy Fourth of July everyone.

  42. I feel your pain sista. We’ve been lucky enough that it isn’t steady, but it rains at least once or twice really hard every day. My lawn looks like a jungle because it won’t dry out enough to mow.

  43. You used the word sucks cause it does! Dude, I’d be moving by now. You could always come to sunny CA, we have spare bedroom and TS/dd1 has a trundle to share w/Sean. We also have a community pool around the block (cause right now it’s hot), a large swing set and wading pool in the backyard and the neighbors behind us have SUPER COOL waterslide. The kids were on it last night at 9! It’s never that warm here. The block has something like 50 (I’m not exagerating) kids under the age of 5; Sean wouldn’t know what to do with himself w/that many playmates! Come on over, we’d love to have you. 😉

  44. While you may need some sunshine, your web site always brings me some so, on average, we’re doing okay.
    Nice job!

  45. Hey, as long as it’s not thundering and lightening, play outside. Mud, water, squishy ground all are very appealing to toddlers. My kids would strip down to their underwear or diaper in a good rain storm. Then hose him off when time to come in. Kind of like a dog. Wishing you sun soon.

  46. Well I absolutely love the rain so feel free to send some my direction. But, after giving it some thought, I think I’d be all rained-out by day 7. 35 days, holy rain cows! Having my own children being cooped up for a few days is hard enough, let alone more than a month. I’m sorry it’s been so hard. Hopefully you get some good ol’ sunshine soon!

  47. Actually, “sucks” was originally a nautical term, referring to a poorly built or overloaded ship. To put it simply, it would pull back on its own wake, or “suck”, slowing itself down. The sailors would say, “This ship sucks.” So, it had nothing to do with what 21st century western minds think it has to do with.
    And, since, we in Texas need some ships to save us from the floods, I would say “sucks” is the right word.

  48. Oh! Oh! I thought of something else to be sick of! The phrase, “Send some of that rain my way!” No offense. Believe me, we would if we could.
    Have no fear. The way the weather works in the world, you will have it next year, and we Texans will be begging you to send it back.

  49. I think we have your sun. And…I really empathize with you. Our winters and springs and falls are rrrraaaaaiiiiinnnny here. Here’s to prayers for your rain to lift and the sun to shine. Although…lifting the TV rule probably will still happen. 🙂

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