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Over The Rainbow

rainbowThe afternoon sun breached the narrow space between the window and the window shade, allowing a sunbeam through. It cut through the glass coffee table and spilled its spectrum of colors into a puddle on the floor.

And that’s where I found the little boy. Lying on the living room floor in a stream of iridescent sunshine.

“What are you doing in here?” I asked.

“Oh, just soaking up the rainbow,” he said matter-of-factly. Sometimes, this boy, he is too wise for his years and it makes my heart stop.

The laundry could wait. I set my laundry basket down and laid down beside him, nose-to-nose and tried to soak him up. He was the dream that I dared to dream so long ago.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue,
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true.

Today, I realized I had made it over the rainbow.

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  1. You made me weep this morning, tears and prayers of gratitude for my two little dreams.

    You do that so frequently, catch me off guard with something so beautiful, poignant or funny that I am frequently laughing or crying after reading your posts. You are my favorite blogger. 🙂

    BTW, this is my 1st comment on anyone’s blog.

    I am also somewhat of an “antique” mommy, or as the OB’s would say, “advanced maternal age”, having given birth at ages 38 and 40. Not too long ago I realized that I had lived most of my life before then waiting to become a mother. Thank you for reminding me to be thankful that my dreams have come true.

  2. You are one of the few people that I have encountered that truly gets it. You know that you have to stop and smell the roses and soak up the rainbows. Younger non antique mommies are too busy stressing about things to realize all of the golden moments that are slipping away that can never be recaptured. Good for you for “getting” it!

  3. Mary, I appreciate your sweet sentiments but I have to say that I have come across a lot of young very wise mommies who are soakin’ it up! Being old guarentees no wisdom. Or patience, unfortunately.

  4. I wish I had been there to make a picture of you and the little boy soaking up the rainbow together 🙂
    But the pictures we keep in our mind are sometimes the most precious and you will have that picture of you, Sean and God’s presence forever. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Once again, my eyes well up at your site, Antique Mommy! The little ones are wise, indeed. As are you to soak him up..

  6. After a rough morning and this being the last day without my sweet daughter (she is coming home from youth camp today, praise the Lord!) your post has brought wonderful tears to my eyes…the photo is wonderful and the sentiment is perfect! How blessed we are indeed!

  7. Even more important is the fact that, years from now, Sean will remember his mother as the kind of person who gave the acknowledgment of rainbows a higher priority than getting the laundry done. You know how lucky you are right now, but Sean’s day will come much later and this moment will be one of the things that makes it happen.

  8. Tears first thing in the morning should NOT be allowed! Thank you for sharing your dream with us. It makes my heart happy.


  9. I know what you mean, I SO know what you mean. After nursing my dream for a very long time, I had given up hope — but then, blessings bestowed! We had a daughter. It’s a wonderful feeling. Thanks for letting us see into your dream!

  10. As the Mom of three boys, this touched the very soul of me. Thanks!

    I read your blog often and enjoy it so much. Blessings to you and yours,

  11. Now I am a blubbering mess… I never know what I will find on your blog but I am always given a treasure. Thanks A.M.

  12. wow!
    You are the reason I keep a box of tissues on my computer.
    Did I already say that?

    Mrs N

  13. I love it when you mesh your artistic flair with your words. This is such a beautiful post.

    When I see my kids this weekend, I’m going to soak up those rainbows too…

  14. Such a wonderful moment you will remember always. May I share mine? My son is now 29, but when he was about 3 we had gone through a week of rain, rain, rain and were just getting so tired of being housebound. Then came the day after the rain — one of those beautiful crisp, fall, blindly blue sky days with white fluffy clouds. Richard looked up at that sky and said “Look Mama, the sky is blooming!” Wow – what a perfect description that was – and it has stayed with me forever – just like soaking in a rainbow.

  15. There you go again making me cry, sitting at my desk wondering if I have missed a moment like that because I am stuck here in “WeevilHell.” Thank you for another touching and gorgeous picture and post.

    And I want “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (the version with the hawaiian guy playing the guitar and only him singing) played at my funeral b/c I love the words and sentiment, and it is a beautiful song, and over the rainbow is where I’ll be when they’re playing it at my funeral. Oh-and I was Dorothy in my dance schools production of The Wizard of Oz when I was in 6th grade and it has stuck with me ever since. My mom laughs everytime I say that I want that song played at my service, she doesn’t get it. Soooo when she was going on vacation last week to Cozumel I told her if she didn’t come back and we had to have afuneral for her b/c terrorists high jacked her plane I would make sure to have Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson and Sin Wagon by the DixieChicks played at her service-heeheeheeheehee. Oh, and my Dad wants Carry On My Wayward Son played at his…and he’s the worship eader at our church. How did I get to this subject again?!?!

  16. One of my favorite songs and how fitting for your heart and soul. I cried when I read this. What a wise little boy, and observant Mom.

  17. When I saw the photo and the title I thought “This is gonna be good!” and it was. Even though it made me weepy, it brought back sweet memories of my little boy and his delight in blowing bubbles and seeing the rainbow colors in the bubbles. He’s married now with three children of his own, but I can still see him blowing those bubbles and being fascinated with the bubbles while I was fascinated with him.


  18. Pure poetry… both from you and from your child. Maybe it’s because you ARE an “antique Mommy” that you cherish every little thing about your life with your boy. You are blessed.

  19. What a beautiful post! I have tears in my eyes. I agree totally with that. I have those dreams, 4 of them. What a blessing!

  20. I’ll never get to have that of my own…so I am sitting here with tears in my eyes since you were lovely enough to share that with us!

  21. Just discovered your blog, it’s wonderful. This is a “me-too” moment – I have 2 adorable baby boys. My question for you is this – isn’t having babies in your forties the *new* thirties? Does that make sense?

  22. Thanks for a great post. As so many others have said, you stop me dead in my tracks with the things you write and I must admit, I’ve learned that those moments are gone far too quickly too, so I do my best to savor them all!

  23. I visited your blog for the first time today, and this post is just beautiful. I’ve added you to the link list on my blog and will be coming back to you often :).

  24. Aww, I miss the things they say when they are little. Mine are getting all self-conscious already. My grandmother used to say a poem:

    I hope that my children look back on today, and remember a mother who had time to play. There will be years for cleaning and cooking, but babies grow up while we are not looking. So hush-a-bye cobwebs, dust go to sleep. I’m rocking my baby, and babies don’t keep!

    I took that advice to heart, I am glad to say. My house was a mess, but I soaked up all the rainbows!

  25. AM,
    You never fail to touch me. I am a daily reader, new to posting. This post “woke me up” to posting. Amazing, just amazing. I hope to be half the mommy you are. Thank you. Really.

  26. Well, I’m teary too. I had my kids at 39 (2yo son) and 41 (2mo daughterR). We’re still “discussing” the possibility of a third.

    I have been reading your blog off and on all day and stopped with this post all set up to read when I got done nursing my daughter. Only while she was eating I could smell that my son would need some attention immediately after she finished. Feeling a tad guilty that he’s in his penned-off play area while she and I sit in the glider, I decided to get the travel changing pad and let him continue to watch “Jack’s Big Music Show” while I cleaned him up. Oops. Big mess. And he added to it while I was cleaning.

    So, I came in to read this post as a way of taking a little break so that I wouldn’t scream. Now we are off to take a bath. Thanks helping me get my head on straight. Now we can splash away and Mom isn’t going to be a stress wad! Sharing your moments helps me remember to notice mine.

  27. WOW!! Everyone kept saying read “Antique Mommies” Blog…read “Antique Mommies’ blog…it will make you cry…I of course knew I could read Antique Mommies blog…and it WOULD NOT make me cry…it just wasn’t…I wasn’t going to let it…Rainbows…how could that make me cry…nope it wasn’t going to happen….so I read…and I DID (just like everyone said I would)…and I loved every minute of it…soaking up the rainbow with Antique Mommy and child…great stuff A.M….great stuff…

  28. Stunningly beautiful. So I cried. Then I read the post about the lady in the pink suit at church. And cried. And then I read the post about the word butt and laughed so hard I cried. Thanks for taking my week’s allotment of tears.

  29. So glad I checked your blog today – what a great way to start my day…chills and tears of thankfulness for my own two bundles of joy!

  30. i just have to say my hats off to you girls in the early 40s w/ babies cause mine are 3 and 4 and I am 36 and the thought of a # 3 is enough to make me pull my hair out and consider finding the way to a very large bridge
    i love my 2 boys with all my heart but especially having had my neice w/ us for 10 days i know the reason i only have 2 is cause i only have patience and hands to hold 2 when they are ready to run out in the street or when they need to cuddle i only have 2 knees
    and with boys I only have 2 eyes and somedays even with the 2 i feel like i need 20
    it strikes me odd cause I always thought I wanted a lot more(6) but i think a late start and getting set in my ways struck me more than i ever thought

  31. I saw your website in Good Housekeeping, and being a blog addict thought I would check yours out! I have thoroughly enjoyed what I have read thus far, and will be back to read some more when I get the opportunity!

  32. I just discovered your blog today! Your post made me tear up a bit. My own little boys are no longer little, and I surely miss “soaking up rainbows” with them. You write beautifully!

  33. Awww! So sweet! Love the rainbow face of that darlin’ boy. Gorgeous photo of his precious face.

    Did you know the song actually has a verse in front of the well-known chorus. Its lovely too:
    When all the world is a hopeless jumble
    And the raindrops tumble all around
    Heaven opens a magic lane
    When all the clouds darken up the skyway
    There’s a rainbow highway to be found
    Leading from your windowpane
    To a place behind the sun
    Just a step beyond the rain…..
    Some where over the rainbow….

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