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The other night, some friends had invited us over to their house to go swimming.  Sean was floating around on a little raft with the future Mrs. Sean while Antique Daddy and I stood nearby chatting up the grown ups.  I’m not sure what happened, but somehow he went overboard.


I saw him go in but I waited a split second to see what he would do – if he would try to swim to edge, if he would instinctively flap his way up to the surface and grab the side of the raft, if the expense and grief of swimming lessons had paid off.  Answer: no, no and L no.  He took to the water like a 30-pound bag of flour.  He was heading south.  So I jumped in and grabbed him and swam over to the edge of the pool.


With his arms around my neck, he blinked the water out of his eyes a couple times and very calmly said, “Thank you mommy for saving me.”


He may not be potty trained, but by cracky that boy has good manners. 


He will be the best mannered boy in diapers in kindergarten.  And his mother will be proud.

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  1. AM, can I just say how encouraging it is to me that Sean isn’t toilet trained either? (Not to imply that I’m not toilet trained. I’m doing just fine in that department, thank you very much. I mean Bub. He’s not toilet trained – and I’m pretty sure he and Sean are, like, a few days apart in age. So Bub is in very good company with that sweet boy of yours.)

  2. LMAO!!! Toooo funny. And sweet.

    ps — the 1-day training thing seems to have worked! I am shocked & amazed! We even have #2s going in the big toilet now. It’s a beautiful thing. Well, maybe not BEAUTIFUL, but you know what I mean!

  3. Hee hee. I’m glad he’s safe AND polite. We’re supposed to start swimming lessons today, but it’s raining. I think I’ll go read and find out what I have to look forward to.

  4. Okay I read your swim lesson post and … oh! dear! Hey, at least my swimsuit’s a two piece. Maybe I’ll throw on a adult diaper underneath just in case! It’s not like I’d be the only one in the pool wearing Pampers, right? And my behind’s big and bumpy no matter what I have on, so…

  5. What a good boy you have! I’m still trying to teach my husband to say thank you when I do things for him. 🙂

    Do you get a refund for the price of the swimming lessons? Sack of flour doesn’t sound like it should be the intended outcome…

  6. Oh how funny. I must admit it makes me happy when I read that other parents have trouble getting their kids to potty train, or eat or whatever. It makes me feel like less of a failure. Great perspective, and way to stay calm.

  7. So glad that your little guy is ok. I’m heading to your blog about swim lessons, we did them last fall and, Oh boy, what a train wreck…

  8. I’m so glad he’s ok!

    I’m also heartened by his lack of potty-trained-ness. My three year old .. who is actually my three and a half year old .. is also not potty trained. And seriously, I’m ready to despair. But I figure if he’s not potty trained by the time he gets married, his wife can deal with it.

  9. Very cute comment. As for potty training, while it’s nice to have the kid out of diapers, once that’s done you begin the stage of them wanting to go to the bathroom at every store (or any other establishment) that you enter – or at times when there isn’t a bathroom around. Most of the bathrooms you do find are pretty disgusting. There were many times with my kids that I wanted to say, “Oh, for Pete’s sake, just pee your pants like the good old days!!”

  10. Never fear! Sean will be potty trained before he gets to college. I speak from experience and know this to be true as my son, now age 34, was just too busy to bother with such menial things such as the toilet. I was absolutely certain he would go to college in diapers. Eventually he got it, and if I remember correctly it may have been pre-school that helped… something about the bigger kids pointing and laughing or something.

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and enjoy it so much. It’s a bright way to start my day.

  11. I am so glad you saved him. My SweetPea would have been a widow at age 3. How sad!
    Sean is one saaweet boy.

  12. Re: Not being potty trained

    I have a question…what is the rush? He will at some point but why stress?
    A friend of mine (now her son is 17 and yes he is potty trained), she would not stress about potty training or bottles and her son is just fine.

  13. Future Mrs. Sean, hum? Is this an arranged marriage? 😉
    Life has a funny way of correcting things by kindergarten. I worried myself sick that my daughter would be the only kid in class who sucked on her finger. I could just see her lying on her nap mat sucking on her finger and all the other kids laughing at her.
    The first week of kindergarten she fell off the jungle gym and broke her wrist. The wrist connected to the hand with the beloved sucking finger attached. After the cast went on, there was no bending her elbow to get that finger to her mouth. Needless to say, she quit that baby habit cold turkey.
    One of these days, things will just click and he’ll be potty trained in just a few days. Trust me. 🙂

  14. What a good boy! That totally reminds me of Laylee at two whimpering “thank you” to the nurse who was drawing her blood at the clinic. That was a happy mom day and you are a super hero.

  15. My now 37 year old son fell into my parents pool when he was two and he went straight to the bottom too! I jumped over 3 lounge chairs and into the pool and started down to grab him which wasn’t easy because of course I had slathered him with sunscreen….he made it…hated swimming for just a few days!

  16. A question and an encouragement:

    Question: Was he wearing a diaper when he went in? No one can stay afloat when those things hit water.

    Encouragement: I flunked beginners swimming 3 times, wet my pants in kindergarten and managed to grow up to be a successful adult. Sean will too!

  17. He is such a great kid! (In my life, I find myself quoting your stories about Sean. Between this post, and the story about the sugar and the cheetos… I have to find a succinct way to explain to people that I’m besotted with a mom and kid I’ve never met: So I have this friend, well, person I know via the internet, umm… I mean, I don’t KNOW her, but you should really read her blog…)

  18. YIKES! Dropping like a sack of flour is not a good thing! Glad you were there to rescue him!

    Doesn’t your heart just swell all up with pride when you hear the pleases, the thank yous, the your welcomes, the excuse mes? My granddaughter is so very polite and mannerly and we are always getting compliments on her manners and what I call her “out in public” behavior. The manners are always is evidence I wish the “out in public” behavior was around 24/7 too.

  19. awww what a cutie! the last time my son fell in the lake, and I had to jump in after, he told everyone later that “mommy fell in too”. There was no saving in that story, just two sorry sods falling in the water!

  20. “He may not be potty trained, but by cracky that boy has good manners.”

    Too funny. I like to focus on the positive things too. And when you’ve just seen your kid sink in a pool, your perspective becomes crystal clear all of the sudden, doesn’t it?!

  21. All right supermom!
    Once he learns to swim, STILL watch him like a hawk. Don’t think that a kid who can swim is safe around water!! I had one pulled out by a riptide, and one fall off a jetty at night watching fireworks. Both times I was watching (in fact, I actually said “don’t do that! You’ll fall… AAK!”). Both times I was fully dressed, padded bra, jeans. Both times I thanked God I had been paying attention. Never underestimate water!

  22. I’m STILL shuddering (if that’s a term) about swimming lessons. Yessiry, that boy knows what side his bread is buttered on! Too cute!

  23. Nothing melts the heart of a teacher more than a well mannered child. Believe me, he’s going to be a big hit in elementary school. I think some parents forget how important “please” and “thank you” really are. It’s really teaching them to be grateful for what God has given them.

  24. My son is just a bit younger than Sean and couldn’t get into a dream preschool if he wasn’t potty trained. I just about pulled out my hair over this issue until I came up with the ‘Pee Fairy’ one day. The ‘Pee Fairy’ left a dollar store toy for my son each day he made progress with his training. His greed overcame his stubborn streak and within a couple of weeks, the battle was won! I still have mixed feelings about a preschool demanding this of such a young child but that’s a whole other debate…

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