Always Real

Sugar And Spice Woulda Been Nice

I didn’t want a boy.  I wanted a girl. It never even occurred to me that I would not have a girl.  I love girl stuff.  I love Barbies, I love dress-up, I love sugar and spice and everything nice. I love pink!  I am a girl.  I know about girls, I would know how to mother a girl.  But a boy? What would I do with a boy?  A boy!  A boy that would bang his little cars on my coffee table, a boy with a jelly face and grimy hands, a boy who would…

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Photography & Photoshop

In Search Of Beauty

So then, after our weekend on the White River, we spent a few days at Hacienda de Gigi in East Texas where Antique Daddy and I practiced the fine art of goofing off and Sean enjoyed being a country boy and roaming around barefoot and unsupervised.  One afternoon while we were there I gave myself an assignment to discover beauty and so I took my camera and set off. These are a just a few things that I found.  I challenge you to discover the everyday beauty in your life this weekend. Photos Temporarily Unavailable

Parenting Gone Awry

Antique Schmuck

There are two things as a parent that I don’t tolerate very well.  Well actually there are many more than two, but in the interest of my short attention span, let’s just go with two for now. The first thing is disobedience of the willful variety and the other is disrespect of any variety.  There is just something about a smart-mouthed rude child that is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me and I must make it stop before my head explodes and boy what a mess of confetti that would be. So far, Sean has been…

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Antique Junk Drawer

From Under The Laundry Pile

This past weekend I drove through little Arkansas towns with names like Pickle Gap and Toadsuck Hollow on my way to the White River where we went rafting with some friends.  We had a great time but today I am tired and I have a mountain of laundry that smells like Toadsuck, so I’ll be back here in a day or two!

Mildly Amusing, Parenting Gone Awry

Easily Amused Old People + Baby + Camera =

Photo Temporarily Unavailable My computer died suddenly Friday night after a long and protracted illness.  She had been sick for some time with the vapors but late Friday, she gave one long loud gasp and she was gone.  So Saturday we took the money we should have spent on tires for my car and got me a new ‘puter! At any rate, I now have room for all of my pictures on my computer and as I was downloading them (uploading? whatever) I came across a few pictures that reminded me just how far we’ve come as parents which…

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Antique Junk Drawer

There Were Clues All Along

Once upon a time there was a young boy named Richard in elementary school in East Texas.  One day Richard was suffering from a bad case of spring fever and all he could do was lean on his elbows with his chin in his hands and stare out the window at the beautiful blue sky.  “Richard!” snapped his teacher, jarring him back to reality. “Pay attention! What kind of job do you think you’re going to get staring out the window at the clouds all day?” she admonished.  Richard is Sean’s Godfather and today he flies commercial airplanes…

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Trash Day Is So Yesterday

One of life’s big thrills for Sean since he was a little bitty guy has been watching the trash truck.   On trash day we listen for the growl and grind of the big truck to alert us to their impending arrival and then we run to the front windows to watch the beauty and magic of waste management. Last week, Sean was busy playing in the den and didn’t hear the truck, so I excitedly called him to the front windows.  “Sean! Look!  Here comes the trash truck!” I enthused. He ambled into the dining room and with…

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Reruns and Leftovers

Leftover Tuna

How To Be A Rock Star In Tuna If you ever find yourself in Texas, and you’re really hungry and you want good food and plenty of it, what you do is drive to the nearest small town, check the obituaries and then head to the church for the post funeral feeding. Wear an outdated and ill-fitting suit of clothes and look appropriately pitiful and you’ll blend right in. If you arouse any suspicion, you can always deflect it by complimenting the potato salad: “I’m sorry, but I don’t believe I know you. How did you…

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