24 thoughts on “Summer 2007

  1. Real people, real stories. I love little boys (I have two grandsons). Very good picture.
    Did you know that mom is a boy’s first love? Then it my be a dog. That was the case with my older grandboy (he is nine now).

  2. So precious.

    Reminds me of the pic. of you two in the tree. Moments like these between a Mom and her son are memories that the Heart captures to keep it beating.

    My little boy is 33 now but sometimes when I look at him I still see that little boy face. *all the time really cause…I can’t let him grow-up* LOL!

  3. Cherish each moment with your kid. They will never turn to be younger any more. This is a very nice and genuine photoshoot. I hope to share my personal photos soon on my own blog.

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