Trash Day Is So Yesterday

One of life’s big thrills for Sean since he was a little bitty guy has been watching the trash truck.   On trash day we listen for the growl and grind of the big truck to alert us to their impending arrival and then we run to the front windows to watch the beauty and magic of waste management.

Last week, Sean was busy playing in the den and didn’t hear the truck, so I excitedly called him to the front windows.

 “Sean! Look!  Here comes the trash truck!” I enthused.

He ambled into the dining room and with his hands on his hips.  He watched the garbage men hoist our refuse on to the truck and then drive away.  When they were out of sight, he turned to me with an expression of pity and boredom and said evenly and sarcastically, “Well, isn’t that neat? [you simple simple easily amused woman]”

And then he ran off to attend to more esoteric matters.

The thrill of the trash truck might be gone for him, but not for me.  I know what’s in those bags.

31 thoughts on “Trash Day Is So Yesterday

  1. Oh no. Well, in that case, just freeze time now. It’s one of my favourite things to do on a Friday morning – stand at the doorway with my 21 month old son and wave to the garbage man. Love how excited he gets.

  2. It was sweet of him to at least humor you…I think.

    Just be grateful you don’t live where I do…trash pick up in my neighborhood in NYC is around 3am!!

  3. My Toddler loves watching the trash truck, it’s sad that in a few short years he’ll outgrow such a simple pleasure.

    LOL, funny side note- he also loves watching the mail truck and I’m used to yelling for him when it comes. The other day he was asleep during mail time, but I saw the truck and excitedly said to hubby “the mail truck’s here!”- he looked at me like I was nuts.

  4. When my eldest was three, his life’s ambition was to be a garbage man. Oh, to hang on the back while the truck moved along! I loved when my in-laws asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, and he said with stars in his eyes…”oh! A garbage man!”

  5. it’s been a long time since i’ve had a little guy in the car with me and just a couple of months ago i caught myself exclaiming “firetruck! firetruck!” as one zoomed past.
    ‘course i still throw my arm across the seat to hold ’em back if i brake hard too……much to my husbands chagrin when HE’S in the passenger seat! LOL

  6. Love it! I too look forward to trash days for the exact same reason. More clutter gone from my life…..always a source of joy.

  7. For a brief time, my grandson was so in awe of those big trucks that he declared he wanted to be a “garbage man” when he grew up. I think that has now changed to cowboy – can’t keep up.

  8. We are still worshipers of the great garbage gods. One of our new favorite books is SMASH! MASH! CRASH! There Goes The Trash!

    We’re milking it for all it’s worth. Mostly because I know the sarcasm is inevitable…my husband’s family is Dutch. All in good fun, though.

  9. First preschool, then poopy on the potty … and now the trash man is no longer exciting. What’s happening??? Is Sean growing up before our very eyes??? The nerve!

  10. The time does go fast and our little guys turn their attention to much more “mature” matters. I love reminding my 14yr old how he told me when he was about 5 that when he grew up he wanted to be a garbage man because he wanted to ride on the side of the truck. He didn’t understand that they only ride there sometimes from house to house. I guess the thrill of looking forward to riding on the expressway at 70mph on the side of a trash truck just couldn’t hold up to the real life adventures of 4 wheelers and football!

  11. I remember the excitement of watching the “garbage guys”…as my boys used to call them. Equally thrilling were the guys doing construction work wearing what our boys referred to as “hard man hats”.

  12. Blech! about the sarcasm, but I’m with you — I get pretty excited about trash trucks, fire trucks, and school buses still. They make my happy little world go ’round!

  13. One day you may do as I did, excitedly point out a fire engine to the people next to you – totally forgetting that your child is not there and next to you are a group of adults!

  14. i love that at not quite four he has mastered the fine art of sarcasm! he’s something else, that boy of yours!

  15. I have said this before, but… are you absolutely certain there isn’t a 98-year-old inhabiting your 3-year-old’s body?!!

    (And not to disillustion you, my dear, but if he can be nonchalant and sardonic at the age of three, just imagine what the teenaged years will bring, LOL.)

  16. lol…that is funny. But, its sad in a way when they start getting too old to appreciate a firetruck, and all that stuff that ‘little’ boys find amazing. Now what amazes my boys is nowhere near that simple.

  17. I still get that with all kinds of things with my kids. The days of pointing out fire trucks and earth movers are a thing of the past. Sniff. Makes me sad.

  18. I am with you antique mama. I still get a thrill at hauling all our trash and sometimes our junk out to the curb and having it disappear from my home and our garage.

    It is sad when the outgrow your habits though, isn’t it?

  19. This story brings back a long-forgotten memory from my childhood. I grew up in Michigan and my sister and I used to love watching the garbage man from our second-story bedroom window. I recall watching these fascinating men work in sub-zero temperatures on snowy mornings. Thank you for such interesting stories; reading them has become a part of my daily ritual.
    Best Wishes,

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