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There Were Clues All Along

Once upon a time there was a young boy named Richard in elementary school in East Texas.  One day Richard was suffering from a bad case of spring fever and all he could do was lean on his elbows with his chin in his hands and stare out the window at the beautiful blue sky.  “Richard!” snapped his teacher, jarring him back to reality. “Pay attention! What kind of job do you think you’re going to get staring out the window at the clouds all day?” she admonished.  Richard is Sean’s Godfather and today he flies commercial airplanes — he sits in the cockpit and stares out the window at clouds all day.

When my brother was a little guy, my parents bought him a toy tool kit for Christmas one year.  His favorite hobby became disassembling anything he could get his hands on. Today he makes his living taking helicopters and airplanes apart and putting them back together. 

One of my earliest memories is going to the grocery store with my mom. I was fascinated by the cashier. Back in those days, before scanners and bar codes, the cashier manually pushed buttons for the price of each item.  I thought being a cashier would be a great job if it meant getting to push buttons all day.  Today I spend a lot of time sitting behind my computer pushing buttons.  On the other hand I wanted to be a nun too, so maybe it’s just coincidence.

What did you want to be when you were growing up and are you doing it?

87 thoughts on “There Were Clues All Along

  1. I used to think that pushing buttons was the coolest thing in the whole world. I loved to type, loved to play store, loved to unplug the telephone and pretend to call people.

    So this sitting behind a computer gig suits me pretty well, too. I have a vague recollection of wanting to write greeting cards for a living when I grew up…and I guess I do, sort of – just in the form of blog posts. And I also wanted to edit things, and WHADDYA KNOW? I do that, too. Just not nearly enough of it. Because I’m wordy.

    (See: this comment.)

  2. I remember sitting the little neighbor girl down and trying to teach her how to read. Next week my new batch of second graders will come to Room 24. Livin’ the dream! 🙂

    Later — high school-ish — I remember trying to be as funny as I possibly could by using the biggest words possible. Still workin’ on that one, I guess.

  3. I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader ;)…but also wanted to be a teacher…then didn’t want to be a teacher then did…and now I am majoring in Elementary Education. Oh, and I alwasy played house with my sister…wanted to be the mommy…and now I am the mother for 4 BEAUTIFUL children! 🙂

  4. I wanted to be a spy but when I was in high school, I was the fastest typist in the class. Now I’m doing transcription at home. I suppose I’m “spying” on everybody’s personal problems in some weird way!

  5. I was obeseed with floor plans and wanted to be an architect. That didn’t pan out but I did end up designing *our* home.

    I constantly played school with my sister (bossing her..I was always the teacher) and today I have a bachelors and masters in education.

    But most of all I wanted to be a mom and I am.

  6. I wanted to be a mommy and a cowboy and an Indian. Two out of three ain’t bad. You have to be BORN an Indian, or I’d have made all three.

  7. I wanted to be a missionary doctor in the Amazon jungle, after hearing so many exciting missionary stories at church. I also wanted to have at least 4 sons (being a tomboy and oldest of three girls). I am now the mother of seven, 5 boys and two girls, and have been a missionary in the Philippines for 20 years! Whadaya know!

  8. I wanted to be a telephone operator so I could plug all those little cords into all those little holes. (Just like on Hee Haw). Then my dad told me “that’s all done by computers now.” Totally crushed me. Darn technology! 🙂

  9. Please Boo Mama, write us some decent greeting cards. I’ll buy them. The ones that I read while standing in the grocery store as so bad they make my eyeballs roll clear out of my head. Recent example that caused temporary blindness and loss of appetite: Each time a kind deed is done, a flower grows.

    Um, no it doesn’t.

  10. You know what? I used to fantasize about making my own educational pamphlets. I’m not kidding. This was before computers and only typewriters were used and Kinko’s wasn’t even born yet. So it was a huge deal to make your pamphlets.

    Then I grew up and became a technical writer. And I made a bajillion pamphlets.

  11. When I was much younger I read the biography of Helen Keller. I wanted to teach deaf children…came pretty close…I’m a Speech/Language Pathologist and get to work with deaf children quite often.

  12. I always though being a cashier was very glamorous. I played “store” more than anything else. To this day, I get a little rush from the self check-out aisle at Wal Mart. It’s the little things…

  13. we used to play school a lot as children and i loved to pretend to type on my mom’s old typewriter (now i don’t have to pretend). i also loved to rearrange doll furniture and design their houses.

    now i teach my kids, blog and move the furniture while everyone sleeps.

  14. I wanted to be a math teacher. I grew up helping other students, including my brother, with their homework. One of my high school math teachers inspired me so much, I wanted to follow in his footsteps. And by a strange coincidence, my first teaching job was at a very small, rural school that was also his first teaching job (150 miles from the school where he taught me). And then he retired and I took that job, too. I lived my dream!

  15. I wanted to be a shoe lady — one who fits others for shoes… hmm. That never came to be, though I do appreciate a store where they measure my feet and wait on me.

    I also enjoyed writing stories & making little books. I’ve worked many years as a technical writer. Not nearly as interesting as the stories I made up as a kid!

  16. I remember sitting on my bed with a cassette player/recorder and recording the newscasts I would make up. I told stories about President Reagan, gave a weather forecast, the whole works. I have spent 7 of the last ten years working in the broadcast and print media industry.
    Sure make me look at my little guy and wonder!

  17. After reading Helen Keller, I wanted to be blind and deaf. I thought she was way cool, and she made so much of herself despite so much adversity.

    I can still hear, but I’m pretty nearsighted.

  18. When I was 13 I wanted to be a nun. I was not too good-looking and I didn’t think my prospects of finding a husband were very good. It seemed like a great decision to enter a convent where you had food, shelter, and no decisions to make about clothes. (In those days all nuns wore habits).

    A year later I discovered boys. It was several years before they discovered me, however, LOL.

  19. I wanted to be a teacher, Nancy Drew, and sing and dance on Broadway. Those are the top 3 anyway.

    I am a homeschooling mom. I did sing in our praise band at church for years and years. Maybe there is still time for me to be Nancy Drew.

  20. Julie, I seem to remember wanting to be Nancy Drew for a time – what with her convertible and lawyer father, probably with lots of money. Ned, however I would have dumped in a heartbeat just because he was named Ned. Ned is just one “r'” away from Nerd.

  21. Yeah, I’ve always been really bossy and always had to be the teacher when I played school. I’ve taught public school two years and am currently a SAHM–the bossiness comes in handy.

  22. i always wanted to be english and live in england. for the past six months i have been working really hard on getting a job and moving there, i guess i will continue to continue as i really do love the place and am tired of just visiting!

  23. This is a fun post. I love reading the comments! I wanted to be so many things…a dancer, a singer, a writer, a mom, a detective, a scientist. A palm reader once told my Mom that I would be a teacher.

    What did I do? Oh my. Bag groceries, babysit, waitress, clerical work, tech support, corporate trainer (a teacher, of sorts), web development and, finally, stay at home mom. I guess my journaling counts as writing too. So I got two off my list.

  24. I was the youngest of 7 and the only girl. My best friend in the whole world was exactly my age and she had twin sisters who were two years younger. I always wanted to be “the boss” — I had control issues…every job I’ve ever held, I’ve strived to advance to the highest position, etc. Now, I’m a mom of three…so I’m back to being “the boss” over three. 🙂 Funny how life comes sort of full circle.

  25. My cousin and I liked to play “Dallas,” as in the television drama. Our interpretation of JR and company’s profession was that they traded shares of oil. Not sure why or how. What we really did, in hindsight, was play secretary. We didn’t know that, though. We made telephones with multiple phone lines and the game consisted of transferring calls back and forth to each other (“JR Ewing on line four, he wants to buy 10,000 shares of oil!”) and taking minutes in important “meetings.”

    Now I’m a SAHM, but I still have a strange obsession with office supplies.

  26. In fourth grade I wrote about wanting to be “The Presedant” (President – and yes, I know how to spell it now!). I’m going to let a little of my anonymity go here — I didn’t actually achieve that particular goal. Truth be told, I never even ran. So now everyone knows who I’m probably not. I think I can trust you all with this knowledge. Use your powers for good.

    Actual goals included Big Time Music Career, something in health care and teacher.

    I played my French horn as a sub in pit orchestras on Broadway (yes, THAT Broadway), I am now a midwife and lactation consultant and I homeschool my kids. Not too far off the mark, “Presedant”-ial aspirations notwithstanding.

    I’m in LURVE with office supplies, so if I were to rejoin the traditional workforce, I’d want to be Queen of the Supply Room or some such. I have been Workroom Supervisor during VBS, so I think I’m pretty qualified ::buffing fingernails on shirt::.

  27. When I was growing up I wanted be an astronaut and be weightless. Later I wanted to be a Botanist, mostly because of an amazing Botany teacher in high school. I even went to college for Botany, but I soon found out I needed to take and know Chemistry, I soon found out I didn’t like Chemistry and there went those dreams.
    Currently I am a stay-at-home-wife, where I don’t need to know Chemistry, just how to clean, cook, and pick things up and put them away.

  28. I always wanted to be a mother.Even as a little girl, 4 or 5 years old, I would love on babies. Real. Dollies. Whatever I could get my paws on. My mother tells me I was so serious and loving and careful that mothers didn’t mind when I accosted their wee ones.
    That is why I was so very sad when it looked like I would never find my Mr. and make a family. God made me wait, and boy was it worth it!

  29. My first love was to be a dancer like Elvis, but my sister always made me be married to Frankie Avalon or she wouldn’t play. Even as a child I wanted to be a nurse. I think I thought it was glamorous way back then. Now I’ve been a RN for 30 years (almost an nurse practitioner). Many many years spent in Oncology and ICU, no glamor, but lots of satisfaction. Now days, I’m a Pharmacy Nurse Consultant and ‘antique mommy’ to almost three year old triplets, and ‘hip grammy’ to two grandkids the very same age. I’m ‘mom’ to four older kids in their twenties and known as ‘the dairy wife’ out here on this farm. Now if only I could dance like Elvis …. ha~


  30. “Ned is just one “r’” away from Nerd.” ROFL!!! I used to think that, too!!!

    I wanted to be a doctor because my dad was going to med school throughout my childhood… I used to try to read his books and was constantly asking him what things were in them. Then I fell completely in love with my high school Chemistry teacher my sophomore year. She was incredible. My senior year, I was basically a TA for her. That year, as I helped her and got to see “behind the scenes”, God spoke to me. I KNEW that He was calling me to be a teacher.

    So now I teach high school science (five courses) and am blessed with an incredible passion for my job and my students’ success. It’s wonderful to be walking where He leads!

  31. With all my heart and soul, all I ever wanted was to be a mother. I have three grown children, and have fostered about 8 other children.

    I also wanted to see justice be done, so I got into the law field and am a matrimonial paralegal.

  32. Standing in line, holding my ticket with all the other teacher wannabes.

    Then I went to college, majored in journalism and worked in the trade magazine industry for over 18 years.

    I now work in the music/worship dept. of our church’s office. Love it!

  33. When I was little I spent all my time drawing and writing.

    I am now working for a screenprinter, drawing T-Shirt designs, and working on a novel in my spare time.

  34. Mostly I wanted to be the girl version of Peter Pan and never grow up (I already knew kids have it good compared to grown-ups)!

    But I did envy the librarians at our local library, because I love books sooooo much. It just never occurred to me to go that way, career-wise, since the same little old ladies had been there forever – I assumed there’d never be a job-opening.

    I finally escaped from the hell that is working in insurance and got to be a library worker for the last couple years before I became a SAHM, and loved it! If I go back to work, library-land is where I want to be.

  35. I wanted to be (in no particular order):

    1) a short order cook at a diner (now I cook all the livelong day!)

    2) a trucker (now I get to drive a minivan that only feels as large as a big-rig)

    3) a back-up singer for Dolly Parton (now I’m in the church choir and I sing along with Dolly in the car)

    4) a mom (hey! what do you know? I’ve achieved that goal)

  36. I wanted to be a teacher, like my own mom was before I was born. I also wanted to have at least three kids, but was really targeting a life as a housewife … like my mom. Now I have four (many) kids, and my husband is a stay-at-home dad while I work in a consulting firm. Sometimes I think I’m teaching my kids things (when I imagine that they’re actually listening), but it’s not QUITE what I pictured when I was planning my future!

  37. I just found a tape I made when I was 8 or so on which I pretended to be a radio DJ. Although I worked for newspapers for years after college and loved it, I then broke into radio and am a DJ for real. And to think I almost didn’t go back to school to pursue a radio career because I felt like 27 was too old to start over!

  38. I have always wanted to write. I do have a blog and sometimes write short funny stories but that dream has never been fully fulfilled. On the other hand I wanted to be a momma and now I have 2 of the best kids I girl could ask for…they are more than a dream!

  39. I loved to read. Constantly. All the time. I would read anything and everything…and that is what I do. I read. I write.

  40. Strangely enough, I always wanted to be a Mommy! I played with my dolls and braided their hair. I put makeup on them and even cut a few of their hair (note: Barbie’s hair does not grow back!)
    Even in high school I can remember just wanting to be a wife and a Mom, and perhaps a singer in there somewhere.
    Incidentally, I have 4 children, one on the way, and am about to join the praise team at my new church.
    Yay God!

  41. All of your goals are so lofty.

    I wanted to be Barbie.

    Mainly, because I loved her clothes. Barbie dressed specifically for occasions. She had evening wear, picnic outfits, dresses to pick up flowers, outfits to walk her dog ( she had a standard poodle)and she played sports so outfits for tennis and badminton.

    I went into the fashion industry.

  42. I liked building and designing buildings and designing home interiors sand floor plans. Not doing that so much, but I did design the remodel of our upstairs into our “master suite.” What do I do for a living right now…I trap and kill boll weevils in cotton fields…*silence&crickets* Do I hear crickets chirping because no one knows what I am talking about? It’s a grower funded cotton beltwide initiative designed to eliminate this dastardly cotton pest from the face of the earth in the safest, most environmentally friendly, and most cost effective way possible. The long and short of it is one day there will be no more weevils, my hubby will be making lots more cotton than he used to, and I won’t have a job anymore (might get to be SAHM!!). That’s boll weevil eradication baby and I helped! The end.

  43. I guess this was not the day for me to read this…I´m kind of having a what-I-am-supposed-to-do-with-my-life kind of week, and feeling a little frustrated with what I am doing…I think I need a change, probably need to look back to the signs I might have overlooked in the past that were telling me where I should be directing my energies.

  44. I wanted to be the secretary for the president of a company — I’m doing it.

    I also wanted to be a ballerina, but ballerinas don’t get to sit at a computer and surf.

  45. I loved reading all the comments! I never wanted to get married or have kids. I wanted to be a rock star, and studied guitar for years. I thought I would have made a great spy, or undercover agent if the rock-star gig didn’t work out! I always painted, anything that didn’t move got painted! I used to scoff when the girls in high school were designing their wedding dresses… Well, I got married before any of them, to a guy who also wanted to be a rock star. We perform, unplugged, at family gatherings, and between us we know every song ever written. He flies helicopters, and I am a commercial artist, breastfeeding consultant, and I teach disadvantaged teenage boys about breastfeeding.( Good thing I know how to work a crowd, make my voice carry and tolerate heckling!) we have three beautiful boys, who are the centre of our lives. They have inherited our musical talent, and we teach them. Other kids have passed through our lives, enriching us in ways I never would have imagined!

  46. I still have the copy of the neighborhood newspaper I typed up in about the third grade. I went on to become a magazine editor up until I became a SAHM, but recently I’ve been doing some freelance writing, with about a dozen stories published in the city paper.

  47. I don’t remember what I wanted to be when I was little. I was a tomboy, but also loved playing w/dolls and Barbies. (My best friend had older cousins who passed down all their stuff and let me tell you that Barbie girl has EVERYTHING!)

    In high school I wanted to be a ballerinia, not really realizing that I would be one already if I was good enough, but I practiced for 5-6 hours a day out in the garage w/a space heater to keep me warm. I have the toes to prove it (on pointe, many broken toes and lost one toe nail permanently).

    I was also really good at science in high school and kind of what things of some kind of medical career. However, I did not have good chemistry and phsyics teacher in high school and not having basics in that sort of ruined that dream.

    The most “realistic” goal I had was to be a journalist. I was editor of my high school paper. I majored in communications at college, but quickly realized I would want to be an international journalist and somehow a lifetime of travel didn’t appeal to me. Instead I got into marketing communications in the semiconductor industry. While sort of dry (that’s an understatement) I got to do all kinds of creative design stuff AND travel all over the world (and not just because there was a war or something going on there).

    After my nephew was born (I was 27) I realized I NEEDED to be a mommy. I figured if I didn’t meet a “daddy” by the time I was 35 I’d make it happen on my own. My mom was terrified, cause she knew I’d do it. Luckily, I met DS when I was 30. 🙂

  48. Looking back, I wanted to be a slew of things, and most of them involved being the top dog and in control.

    I’m now an Executive Assistant, and get to throw my power around the office. I’m not necessarily top dog, but God has blessed me with the perfect job for a working mom, so I’ll take it.

    In the meantime, I’ll still dream about the CIA discovering me and training me to be the next Sydney Bristow.

  49. In 4th grd. I wanted to be a brain surgeon, and a model by 7th grd. Now I spend my days trying to anticipate the thoughts of my toddler before they blossom into action, and in my spare time I stare at my butt in the mirror and wonder how it changed so drastically. Does that count? 😉

  50. I wanted to be CEO of a company (You get direct position in India if you pass an incredibly difficult exam which extremely few people do manage to pass) or a pilot or writer. I didn’t become a pilot, so I did skydiving and bungee jumping to console myself and to get the thrill of flying. Writing, I do on my blog. As for the CEO, I am CEO at my house making menus and budgets and managing finances. Except I don’t. I am too lazy.

  51. Oh… and about boomama’s own greeting cards… I agree. Although, there was one incident YEARS ago in Target of laughing so hard I thought I sharted (can you say that on here) ~ sorry I know that’s gross. Ever read that card… Lady on the front has one eyeball, you open the card and it says “That’s Cindi… with an ‘I'”… I know, I’m a cheap laugh 🙁

  52. I am another of those who always wanted to be a mother. I always played house – I was married to Sandy Koufax and my best friend was married to Don Drysdale and we were so into the 1960’s civil rights movement (even though we were only 5 years old in 1960) that we always had Maury Wills and his wife over for our dinner parties. ( I was a sports fanatic at a very young age – for those of you who don’t know – Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale were pitchers for the LA Dodgers and Maury Wills was their black shorstop)
    So now I have been mothering children since 1978 and still have a 5 and 6 year old at home – one of whom is bi-racial! And I have been a football, basketball, baseball and soccer mom for a lot of years now with more to go.
    God has taught me that there is a lot more to mothering than just playing house.

  53. Boring but true – like to play school – became a teacher. Those old style, super slick, chalkboards still do it for me. My mom worked as the school secretary of a really old Catholic school. I had the whole place to myself in the summers when we’d sometimes come with her to work……those were the days!

  54. The first thing I “remember” is wanting to be a ballerina. I wrecked my knee when I was a preteen so that didn’t happen. My parents would tell you that I when I was a little girl I would proudly tell anyone who asked that I wanted to be a Dance Hall Girl! Of course I didn’t know what that was. That little gem is still told to this day to my utter embarrassment. :o)

  55. I always wanted to be a wife and mother. I have been married 21 years and a mother for 17, with 15 of those years as a stay-at-home Mom.

  56. I always wanted to get married and have children, but used to have to pretend to want to be my best friend’s assistant at whatever her latest career plan was, opera singer, vet etc.

    Now I’m a mother of three and at home with the kids, while assisting my husband with his various internet businesses…and I’m trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up…I’m thinking about being a writer.

  57. Golly, I never had an idea of who/what I wanted to be. Perhaps that’s why I seem so listless or lost sometimes.

    I do know that I loved being the center of attention. Maybe some things never change after all…

  58. I have always wanted to be a mom, and I used to dream about being a writer and even wrote short stories, poems, and even started a ‘novel’ when I was 13. Of course, I let life carry me from there and just went where the flow took me. I’m now a mom, but I’m not a writer. Instead, I’m doing a job I’m not crazy about but it pays well.

    I do have a few writing ideas I’m mulling over in my head, though. I guess I just need to get to it. You may have just been the inspiration I needed to get started.

  59. when i was a child i had a mentally retarded great aunt who couldn’t walk, so she sat on the side of the bed in the front room. i tried to teach her to read using ads in magazines. she was very patient as long as i continued to roll her cigarettes for her (a talent that came in handy as i hit college in the late sixties). so, i worked with the adult MR population for many years, got burnt out and moved on to counseling.

  60. When I was in 3rd grade I was a helper in the Kindergarten class during play times. When my parents died, the Kindergarten teacher let me ‘teach’ in her class all day when I returned to school. Ever since then I desired to be a teacher just like her. I taught for 10 years and just quit to be at home with my kids. The teaching still continues…

  61. I wanted to be an Architect. I thought it would be so neat to design and build houses. I used to draw them all the time–even when I was little.

    My degree is in Interior Design and I decorated houses for a while. Now I’m a Realtor and I sell houses…so, maybe it’s a little in the same field?!

  62. I met Jim when I was 15 and dated him for 4 years before we married. (We were both virgins on our wedding night.) All I ever wanted was to be a good wife and mom. Forty three years, three children and eleven grandchildren later, that’s what I am. I’ve done some FABULOUS creative and meaningful things through the years – and still living that dream.

    Of course there’s been tragedy, sorrow, death, cancer and pain through the years. But my Christian faith keeps the well filled with fresh, living water.

  63. I wanted to be an elementary school teacher, a mom, and travel the world. I am an elementary school teacher, a mom and my husband and I travel the world. I am so lucky!

  64. I’m living out my dream of becoming a teacher, but I never realized I had the dream until I began teaching. Confusing, huh?!?

    I used to play “school” all summer long with my siblings as my students. I would get the discarded textbooks and take them home and make up lessons for them. Fast foward to high school–I decided to be a business woman. Three years after college, I was laid off from my job and decided to start teaching. I suddenly realized this was my purpose all along. I’m teaching Marketing…it’s the best of both worlds!

  65. Thought I’d like to have a big family, stay home and then have a business.
    Well I’ve been a single mom for 22 years (my oldest son is 33 – married, my second son 30 – married, my daughter is 25 – at home going to college). I’ve worked and raised them with the help of God.
    Now, I have many children in and out of my home (take 6 to 9 sometimes 11 in several cars to Sunday School and lunch afterwards) my home is open for breakfast on Sunday morning before Church. I stay overnight several times a week for my job (in home care).
    Still looking forward to what comes next, I feel this is training for myself and my daughter too.

  66. The first dream I ever had was of becoming a mother. So, yes, that one’s fulfilled.

    The second, since 1st grade (and still today), was to become an elementary school teacher. Sadly, I never fulfilled that dream.

  67. First of all, I just thought Ned was a dreamboat. I liked his name, too!! But then, I like nerds.

    Anyway, I’m not what I thought I would be. However, when I was a very young the adults in my life called me “The Politician” because I saw both sides of everything and consequently had a hard time choosing sides. For part of my professional life I was a lobbyist, so I guess there were signs all along, I just didn’t see them.

    I love the story about looking at clouds all day. That would make some kind of fantastic ad for the air force or something like that. Love. It.

  68. I wanted to be a secretary, I thought it would be glamorous to have a dictaphone, and an intercom and be able to paint my nails all day. My big adventure out would be to take the mail to the post and “lunch” with the girls.

    Sadly, dad popped that dream balloon when he told me not to believe everything I saw on TV.

    Now I am a mom, still living in high hopes of doing all the above, with still the big adventure being the post office on some days…..

  69. I have worked as a midwife in the neonatal area with premature babies for the past 14 years. Each baby has their own care plan where you chart their feeds and care for the day.
    I never thought about the association before but when I was about 8 I would write out a timetable for caring and feeding my dolls! Until my sister embarassed me in front of my friends about it – well, I was a bit old for dolls I suppose.

  70. I wanted to be an interpreter for the hearing impaired. I used to see those signers on Sunday morning TV 🙂 When I was in the 5th grade, a new girl came to my small town public school – she was completely deaf and had an interpreter in tow. How exciting was that! Because of my writing skills and attention to detail, I was asked to take class notes on that paper that writes on the paper below it, too . . . so Mary could watch her interpreter during class. I learned sign language very quickly and got to interpret for her when her interpreter was not available and was not “on the clock” – such as during recess, basketball games, etc. It was great! A dream come true at a very young age 🙂

    Now I’m a technical writer (my other love, writing!). . . but at every job I’ve had, even at Wendy’s in high school, I’ve used my sign language at some point . . . to help a hearing impaired person clarify their order, interpret interviews with prospective new employees that are hearing impaired, teach my daughter’s class how to sign Silent Night for the holiday program.

  71. Professional dancer. I’m not on stage, but I get to twirl The Swimmy through parking lots and grocery stores while she giggles and that’s pretty cool, too. 😉

  72. This can be so true! When my husband was really little, he used to take great take pleasure in dis-assembling his toys so that he could see what made them work and then he’d re-assemble them. He grew up to be a mechanical engineer. 🙂

    Now me, I wanted to be a commercial artist, now I’m in the IT field…go figure. 🙂

  73. I always wanted to be a teacher. This past Tuesday, was the first day of my 27th year as an elementary teacher. I have taught at the following grade levels during this time; K, 1, 2, 3, 5, & 6. I love the fifth grade! This is my 14th year as a fifth grade teacher. I have 21 students in my new class. Life is good!

  74. When I was growing up we moved a lot and I went to a different school every year until we got to Irving, Texas where I attended the same high school all four years.

    No matter where I was, it was always art and culture and meeting new people that inspired me, made me feel good.

    Today I am painting more than ever, even showing some pieces in a gallery (finally!) and I earn a good paycheck working for a global corporation, in the International business.

  75. I always loved little children (when I was little myself, any child younger than me counted) and wanted to be a teacher from my very earliest memories. I ended up as a speech therapist working in an elementary school, so I was pretty close there — and now I work in early intervention, and so am still technically teaching, although it’s really little guys now.

    I think you’re right, that you can usually tell early on, at least to some degree. My brother was the master debater as a child, and he’s a lawyer. My sister was always looking for ways to get her hands on money, and she works at a bank. :o)

  76. my most continuous wish over the years was to be a mom and not just any mom…i wanted to be that mom where everyones kids wanted to hang out all the time, the mom who didnt care that 14 kids were eating cereal in her living room when she woke up. or that there were 17 wet swimsuits dripping water in spots all over her bathroom (the numbers might be slightly exaggerated) and I think I have pretty well fulfilled that. on a given day there are at least 2 extra here at my house and at the height of fun this summer we went thru 2 gallons of milk and 3 boxes of cereal a DAY. Its fabulous. I love that they all feel comfortable here and know that they can play here and be free.

    my alternate dreams changed over the years. when i was 10 I wanted to be a dr and decided that I needed to watch General Hospital and The Doctors to start learning what I would need to do.(I still watch GH faithfully and have not the slightest clue why I thought I could learn to be a dr from that)
    I wanted to be a motorcycle cop during the height of the CHiPs rage and was going to be married to Ponch of course….
    and then at some point BJ and The Bear came about and I just knew that HE was the only man for me…I am married to a truck driver, but we dont have any monkeys of the animal variety though my youngest could definitely out perform a gaggle of monkeys.

    in my teens i decided i wanted to be a politician….this is the only one still intriguing to me but seems somedays that 36 is a bit late to start

  77. I used to come home from school and play school with my sisters and neighbor friends. Now I homeschool my kids.

    Starting in jr. hi. I began developing an interest in advertising, but nothing really materialized in real life. Other than the fact that I watch way too much TV (and criticize the commercials).

  78. I’m late on this one… mom has a paper I made in 3rd grade with my school picture on it… has 4 questions on it…my name….my age….favorite color and what I wanted to be when I grow up….a nurse. No I’m not a nurse….cannot stand to be around needles or sick people for that matter…..but…the reason I responded to this was Madison did the same thing in 3rd grade and my mom framed both of them and hung them side by side in the playroom at her house….Madison’s of course is occupation…the President of the United States…..she may be one day….you never know. I thought you would enjoy that one.

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