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In Search Of Beauty

So then, after our weekend on the White River, we spent a few days at Hacienda de Gigi in East Texas where Antique Daddy and I practiced the fine art of goofing off and Sean enjoyed being a country boy and roaming around barefoot and unsupervised.  One afternoon while we were there I gave myself an assignment to discover beauty and so I took my camera and set off. These are a just a few things that I found.  I challenge you to discover the everyday beauty in your life this weekend.

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26 thoughts on “In Search Of Beauty

  1. I think that is a fabulous challenge, A.M., camera or not. A reminder to cherish the moments and see the good is always warranted in these busy, hectic times of our lives (whatever they may be).

  2. These are amazing! I love the one of the dragonfly the best. Such colors! (If you ever decide to sell your prints, the dragonfly would great in my living room. Hint Hint). Thanks for sharing some of your found beauty with the rest of us.

  3. Your son seems to have grown up so much. He’s gotten big (must be the potty training!). and the butterflys are beautiful. How do you get them to stay still?

  4. When does this growing up happen? One minute he is a little boy and the next time I look he’s all legs and I’ll do it myself. Sigh.

    The blue butterfly was the Norma Desmond of the butterfly world, a former beauty a little beat up by life. She was on her last wing and not going anywhere in a hurry. It was a hot day and everything was moving kind of slow, except the dragonflies. I have a lot of pictures of grass and a spot where a dragonfly was a nanosecond before I snapped the picture.

    Photography for me is mainly dumb luck. I have no idea how a camera works.

  5. Those are wonderful photos. Love the zoom or macro – whatever you used. It’s always amazing how the smallest items we can find are sometimes the most beautiful.

  6. I am certain that some days we each are Norma Desmonds. Tattered and torn but still skittering about.

    What an apt and pretty metaphor! I found it beautiful in its own small way.

  7. My hubby has been out of town all week and won’t be back until Sunday evening. A challenge to look for the beauty is just what I need for this weekend! Very pretty pictures!

  8. Thank you for the pictures…my children enjoyed looking at the butterflies.

    I chose your blog as one of my 5 blogs to nominate for Blog day. I have really enjoyed reading through your blog. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Beautiful! You always seem to find beauty wherever you go. 🙂 My little boys love to go over to to identify all of the bugs that we find out here. *shudder*

  10. Beautiful photos!! You have such a gift for both writing and photography and I am thankful that you share both.

  11. Thanks for the idea. Been in a photographic doldrum for a while. Time to get cracking before we head for Moscow and opportunities there.

    Wonderful idea for looking for good pictures.

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