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At The Zoo

Yesterday I went to the zoo with my boyfriend. Sure I had to drive and I had to pay our way in and even buy lunch, but it was a wonderful date and I totally love him. The air was sweet and we strolled around hand-in-hand.  Occasionally he would stop to kiss my forearm and tell me that someday when he gets big he’s going to marry me.  Although it’s the first time I’ve ever had to help my date go pee pee.

This week, my little boyfriend seems taller and more grown up and I have become almost painfully aware that these days when the two of us can slip off to the zoo and just hang out together are dwindling.  It won’t be long when he will have other things to do and prefer the company of another woman. But I’ll always be his first love.

Here are a couple of shots from our day at the zoo.  Sean’s favorite exhibit was the Bobcat. And the man driving it.  And then the second shot is just one that I took trying to be all creative. Unfortunately I had somehow messed up the settings on my el cheapo camera and set the quality to “worst ever” and date to “completely wrong” because I am just that creative. Or don’t know when to stop pushing buttons.

 Photo Temporarily Unavailable

 The rare and exotic Texas Bobcat. 


37 thoughts on “At The Zoo

  1. What fun! My little brother’s favorite animals on vacation or at the zoo or anywhere else have always been Bobcats or Caterpillars.

  2. You bring back wonderful memories for me…my little boy told me that he would never leave me, sigh. He does have a beautiful wife now…I am so happy you are enjoying every minute you have with your little treasure.

    (( ))

  3. The bond between a boy and his mama is special and strong.

    I can say this with certainty as I consider myself the expert with two boys of my own and a husband who’s still a mama’s boy!

  4. I need to have a date like that too. My boyfriend is getting older, but not old enough not to hold my hand.

    And I totally was looking for the bobcat in the picture. And then you said driver. I need more coffee.

  5. My son finally started giving us hugs. We say, “Hugs are good for EVERYBODY!” and he’ll throw those arms around your neck. What an awesome feeling. I didn’t know if he’d ever do it. But, it was so worth the wait! Boys are the best.

  6. My children just started school full-time on Labour Day and…I miss them. And I miss our afternoon adventures at the zoo, the museum and all the other places we used to visit.

    Oh well. At least my fridge will be cleaned out.

  7. Here’s to sweet girls for the future girlfriends that one day replace us…
    Great pics ~ my boys would have totally loved the Bobcat too. 🙂

  8. Gremlin and I were just talking this morning about going to the zoo. A few bolts of lightening changed our minds for us. Maybe next week. Your little boyfriend is a cutie!

  9. Too fuuny! The more I read about your Sean, the more I think he and my PeanutButter would get along swimmingly! PB always goes for the machinery at whatever attractions we attend. ANd oh how it makes my heart ache a little when I read your comments about the fact that your dates with him are numbered… It’s a rough road, but too long it doesn’t last forever!

  10. Love the pictures. I wish I could push enough buttons on my camera to pictures half as well as you do.

  11. That’s so funny! We went to the zoo today as well and my boys (2 and 4) were enthralled with the bobcat (where the elephants should be) as well as our friend who is 4.

  12. I’m always accidentally putting my camera on its Horrible Setting. Your boyfriend is a cute guy – no wonder you’re wistful.

  13. I absolutely love the zoo with my kids. I am watching my 10 year old start to get so teenager-ish with her eyes rolling in the back of her head and the look that screams Mmmooooommmmmm, you are so oooollllddddd. At 31 I am old? Yikes! At least the little ones still think I am great. 🙂

    Enjoyed your post!

  14. Yes, yes, yes, and yes! I so identify with everything you said. My boys (now teenagers) still remember the time we went to the zoo and saw the Bobcat “in its natural environment”– an area of the zoo under muddy construction.

    And I love the second picture.

    (By the way, I have been enjoying reading all your archived stuff over the last week. If laughter is good medicine I am HEALTHY!)

  15. A trip to the Ft.Worth Zoo is not complete without a stop at “The Purple Cow” on Hulen Street. Do you know about that place ?

  16. Cute mirror image, in spite of pushing the wrong buttons. I always push the wrong buttons on stuff, too. But that’s also how you find out a lot of cool things, too. (Now I have an idea for a post. Thanks!)

  17. How sweet! I haven’t taken Harry to the Zoo since he has been old enough to really enjoy it. I need to remedy that ASAP. We are going to Orlando next week, and a trip to the Zoo is definitely on the Agenda.

    I am a huge Zoo fanatic. My absolute favorite is the St. Louis Zoo, and I am dying to take Harry up there to show him the Zoo I visited almost every weekend when I lived there.

  18. I love the belly sticking out in the second picture. So cute! My daughter is almost four and still has a little toddler belly. I love it.

  19. I can remember taking my O to the zoo when he was about three and finding his complete boredom really concerning. That is until we reached the giraffe pen and his face lit up, he became animated, shouting and pointing and rise up on his toes. I was so relieved that he was as blown over by these amazing creatures as I until I realized that their was a backhoe driving across the giraffe habitat. Forget those impossibly long legged, spindly necked mammals with the cartoon like etchings and the deep brown eyes, it’s been machinary induced euphoria for us since day one.

  20. Little boys. They just defy logic and melt a mommy’s heart all at the same time, don’t they?
    My heart is a constant puddle with 4 boys. Of course the recent fishy smelling diapers does help to keep me too melted. But that is a post all its own, lol.

  21. Its not true! Big boys do hug their mommies, just not as often. My 8 year old got hit in his face with a surfboard, and now has a shaky tooth which we HOPE stays in! I felt guilty to be pleased to hold him on my lap for ages, snuggling. Does that make sense? “I,m glad you’re bleeding, cause it means I get a snuggle?”

  22. oh sooooo cute
    My daughter (age 26) visited me in Germany for the week. The times with our children never run dull.
    I remember age 23, having her pink hand in mine. Her hair is still the most beautiful shade of auburn – and those eyes…amazing that medical school is half-way through.

  23. I wish my little boy were still my date. Just wait until your date’s hands are bigger than yours. Then he moves out. Then you cry. A lot. Yep, my date is now 19 and living on his own, going to college and being a grownup. Very difficult. But… he still calls me about 3 times a week and comes home once a week or so. I love him a TON.

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