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When You Have Geeks For Parents…

your vacation photos look like this:

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32 thoughts on “When You Have Geeks For Parents…

  1. Oh, I can relate! I vowed I would never take my kids on a museum “vacation” when I grew up! Ha! Now that I am a teacher I know every field trip there is! My poor future children!

  2. I don’t think he’s even looking at the camera, is he?


    When we went to the Grand Canyon I was about 13 or 14 and totally into reading novels. In all the pictures taken of the Grand Canyon with me and my brother in the foreground, I look immensely grumpy because my mom pried me away from my smut book to look at a gigantic hole in the ground.


  3. LOL, that’s a funny photo, we always say that part of the thing about being middle aged and raising kids is that our three year old asks to share our orange metamucil. Now how many kids develop a taste for metamucil?

  4. Heh, we just tok our kid to a museum too. Though, sometimes, I HOPE she turns out as geeky as me, it would save me some “popular girl” type worries.

  5. The majority of our family fun trips involved museums or historical sites!!! Our girls still love doing these things, and now we are breaking in the grandkids! Let the Geeks have fun.

  6. Wow! Sean looks like he has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few months. Is it school boy look or the shorter hair?

  7. When I was a teenager, I was on a train where we had a 1/2 day layover in Chicago and we voted on whether we spent the time in the Field Museum or a movie. I lost!! I have no idea what the movie was but I still wish we could have seen the museum. We took our kids to Utah and Arizona National Parks, and wish we had taken our grandkids to see more than just the mountains of Colorado and NM.

  8. I think Deen will be very touched that Sean took a moment to get in touch with his (Deen’s) roots. Brings a tear to the eye.

  9. Ha ha ha ha!

    At least you TAKE vacations with Sean. I didn’t know what vacations were until I married Mr. Right. Now I’ve seen a few fine sites myself…

  10. I think I have the same type of shot … of ALL my children. I guess that makes me a geek. Well, a geek of a parent anyway!

    Sean is getting so big!! Seems like he grew overnight.

  11. I must be tired this morning, but somehow I read it as “When you have Greeks for parents…” and totally didn’t get what that had to do with anything.

    Must get more sleep!

  12. *snort* Of course, I would have tried to pose him like the dino was eating him or running away from him or chasing him. Yeah, my kids LOVE it when I start taking pictures.

  13. Sean is in an anti-picture taking phase. Every time he sees me pull out the camera, he runs away so I have to carry M&Ms with me and negotiate:

    1 M&M = I won’t run away, but I won’t smile.
    2 M&Ms = I won’t smile, but I won’t stick my tongue out or cross my eyes.
    3 M&Ms = I’ll act as though I know you.
    4 M&M’s = I’ll do my crazy bug-eyed fake smile.
    5 M&Ms = genuine photo album quality smile.

  14. I think you are exposing your son to the finer things in life. He will learn from it. Don’t be ashamed. Keep up the good work, Antique Mommy. You are doing well. By the way, Geeks are Great!


  15. Ha!

    Our kid (and in February, kids) sooooo have geeky parents. I mean, we both know how to program a computer, I’m a total art nut and DH and I love musicals (though I’m the only one that’ll play “name tha tune and tell me the show!”). So yeah, Geeks are gonna rule the world!

  16. Oh boy. Add me to the club. I drag my son to all the museums. Since we live so close to NYC we have made alot of day trips. My parents did it to me so I am passing on the pain.

  17. Sean’s lucky. You’re the cool parent who took him to see dinosaurs. My mother thought it was fun to pull out the science trivia flash cards on long car trips. Nothing like spending your summer vacation reciting the definition of photosynthesis.

  18. Could I send my kids with you on your next trip? I am just sooo bad at Science Museums and the kids just love them. I feel my mind start to numb and my fingers get itchy and I want to lay down and roll around and shout “I hated Physics” whenever I get near the damn place. I know it is good for them and they will be learned creatures for having a Mom who endures the tedium. It’s just so hard for me to get enthused.

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