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Yesterday I decided I would go through all of Sean’s baby stuff, pull out a few cherished things and then pawn off donate the rest to our church which has a program to distribute gently worn baby stuff to people who can use them.

It was a monumental and difficult task but luckily I had the help of Antique Daddy who pulled every article of clothing out of the give away bag just as I put it in and wept loudly into it.  That really helped to move things along.  Additionally I had the help of Sean who had to try on everything. 

I won’t show you the picture of my living room looking like a Baby’s R Us that was hit by a tornado, but I will leave you with this picture of Sean wearing a Santa suit size 18-months which made me turn off task mode for a minute and laugh which helped to offset the sound of wailing coming from the give away bag.

Photo Temporarily Unavailable

Ho! Now go away and take that camera with you!

32 thoughts on “Elf

  1. He’s looking like such a big boy now!
    And I must tell you that every time my 6yr old daughter catches me reading AM she says something like, “Oh yeah, Antique Mommy. She’s sooo funny!”

  2. Oh that’s adorable! It reminds me of when my son tried on the tie from his toddler Christmas suit, with no shirt underneath. He looked like a Chippendale dancer.

  3. Now THERE’S your Christmas card this year!

    TOO cute!

    (and I have also been known to wail and cry over out grown clothes! And my “baby” is 22!! Hugs to AD!)

  4. *ROTFL*

    and the folks @ work think I’ve gone certifiable !

    and I agree with Nancy- there’s your card *giggle*

  5. My baby is going to be 7 in a couple of weeks. I still have a box of baby clothes under my bed. I used to have two, so I am doing better. The sad part is, none of the stuff under the bed is stuff I will probably hang on to for my grandkids. I’ve got that stuff in a different place. This is just some of the sweeter baby things that I just can’t part with yet. *sob*

    And that would be an awesome card.

  6. Heh. That’s great.
    I don’t DARE get rid of our baby clothes – I keep a newborn wardrobe washed and ready at all times, to stave off the possibility of a fourth baby accidentally showing up. It’s hardcore SCIENCE!

  7. LOL!!!

    His face is saying….What do you mean your giving away my Santa suit? It still fits…See?

    That is the funniest thing! 😀

  8. He looks less like Santa and more like The Jolly Red Giant. Also, can he go back to the less grown up haircut — I’m not certain his fans are ready for all this change. Break it to us gently. Pop over to my site for just a second and see what happens to kids when you turn your back for a minute or two.

  9. Cute cute cute! Maybe I’ll save all my toddlers’ costumes for use in the future. What looked like a Santa costume when Sean was a toddler can now pass for an elf costume! Love it.

  10. Love the pictures! At our house we’re still passing from kid to kid so I haven’t had to part with things yet, but I don’t look forward to it. They get upset when the younger one gets their “favorite” shirt so our trying on is not without drama!

  11. oh my gosh…he is so flippin’ cute! He looks like a wee elf!

    I’ve been cleaning out my closet this past two weeks. I’ve come across so many items that evoked wonderful memories. When I came to the boxes that I have for each of my 4 children and looked at some of my favorite first year outfits I saved and their first pair of shoes that I had bronzed…I shed a few tears and had a lump in my throat. My children are now 31, 28, 26 and 22. I could still picture them perfectly in my minds eye wearing each little outfit. *sigh* That was a special afternoon for me.

  12. Good for you on passing on the clothes. With my third, I’ve been freely giving away. Now I have to circle back to the loads upon loads of clothes I just couldn’t part with when it came to the first two and pass those along, before people turn them down because they’re so far out of style.

  13. My older three are big (11, 9 and 7) so other than a few precious items, their baby stuff went away a long time ago. Now that we have Lily, (9 months) my heart wrenches at seeing her littlest stuff leave. But if you have a good place for it – I give it to the Pregnancy Resource Center – it eases the pain.

    I love your little elf!

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