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Computer 20, Antique Mommy 0

You know what? I don’t really like computers and they don’t really like me.  Truthfully, I have issues with anything that plugs in.   I seem to have some sort of magnetic field around me that destroys any electronic device within one mile.

In August, my lap top died.  So we went out and bought another one and I was so happy.  I had dreams. Dreams of writing and computering and being productive.  But this new computer, it is a big piece of poo.  And frankly, I don’t know if it is IBM ThinkPad, Lenovo or Vista or me but all combined none of it works worth a flip.  This machine makes dial up look zippy.  I have had more problems with it than I could list here or that you probably want to hear about, although I’m really in the mood to whine right now.  All that to say, since we brought this new computer home, every ounce of creative mental energy I have has been spent cursing in my head — cursing IBM, Lenovo and Bill Gates. Sometimes I change up the order.

So then.  In about five minutes this pile of plastic crud will be boxed up and returned from whence it came.  After that I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but I’ll think of something.

In other news, I’m taking the Love and Logic parenting course and I gotta tell you, it’s working.  I wish I’d taken it several years ago.  Anyone else out there taken this course? If so, leave me a comment and tell me about your experience.

49 thoughts on “Computer 20, Antique Mommy 0

  1. I recommend Love and Logic all.the.time. I do pastoral counseling and this is a fantastic program. It saves so much energy that is usually spent raging, whining, nagging, etc. And it works! Yay you!

  2. I’m sorry about the poo computer. That’s disappointing, isn’t it?
    Oh how we love computers at my house, though. My husband has been known to build FOR FUN new Frankenstien computers, which may be because he’s a big ol’ nerd.

  3. We’re LOVING our new MacBook… Those dreams you were dreaming are actually coming true here at the Diner.

    Love and Logic is wonderful. Keep with it and you’ll more great headway! Consistency is the key, though, which requires a lot of forethought and effort on the parents part. Knowing you, that won’t be a big problem at all. Me? Well, I’m not really going there.

  4. Get a MAC. They are the best. Even I can do it without help from the kids (or husband.) I know they are more expensive, BUT they work and they’re not nearly as likely to get viruses.

  5. At the risk of sounding redundant:


    GadgetMan (my hunky hubby) actually moonlights as a MacGenius (can we say EGO STROKE?) in addition to his day job of administrating a busy medical clinic and surgery center.

    Again, in case you’re skimming:


    This has been a Public Service Announcement.

  6. Macbook is very, very good. Antique Mommy not writing as much because of her Com-POO-ter is very, very bad.

    Love and Logic? Never heard of it! I’ll have to do a search!

  7. I’ve never used an Apple but all the bad stuff I’ve been hearing about Vista is making me thing I need to learn to use an apple.

  8. AM: Try to find someone who’s always used Mac and changed TO a PC.

    Now, look around for former PC’ers who’ve gone to the Mac.

    Interesting, eh?

    Plus, those “I’m a PC.” “I’m a Mac” commercials just crack. me. up. You can see ’em all at http://www.apple.com.

  9. I’m a bi–use both MAC & PC. ‘Round here (meaning I drive by Apple Corp pretty much daily) we like to say Apple is a religion and MAC is a cult. (I’m such a geek it makes me laugh even now. How sad.) Anywho, both systems have their pros and cons (gasp, yes, there are cons to the Apple products on occasion!) and at first you may be intimidate/frustrated by the MAC because things are “different” (think different–did I ever tell you I worked w/the think different team? The geniuses who came up w/the campaign? Well I did! I am surrounded by brilliance, yet none seems to rub off on me). But the biggest difference is that once you figure out your MAC you’re pretty much dialed and it’s reliable; not a word usually associated with a computer system. The biggest downside; SW that doesn’t come MAC compatible; much less of an issue then in the past. Plus there’s all kinds of conversion SW & such, so there you go. Good luck w/your search for a new friend.

  10. My husband who is in the computer networking industry says that VISTA is by far the worse thing to come along in years.
    I’d like to hear more about your class. Never heard of it.

  11. I agree with the other folks about VISTA. VISTA BAD.

    I’d love to hear more about this class and approach to parenting.

  12. There is a magic incantation that will solve all your problems.

    Turn around three times, close your eyes, hold your arms straight out, spread your fingers and repeat after me:


    Then go straight to the Apple store iand buy a MacBook. Planning to get one for Higher Headquarters, i.e., my wife, the last of the true analog people.

    By the by, it has built-in wireless capability. You can curl up in a chair, tap into Antique Daddy’s network and just type away to your heart’s content.

    It’s the computer for the rest of us.

    Give the Moose a hug for us.

  13. I’ve read Parenting With Love and Logic as well as Teaching With Love and Logic…. both really good! And, we got a computer with Vista a few months ago and have had all kinds of problems as well…. arg!

  14. I’ve never even heard of that course, but I can tell you right now that I need it.

    You notice how computers don’t break, they die? That’s the whole problem with technology. It’s so dang complicated that it takes on a *life* of its own, and I firmly believe that computers have feelings, because mine hates me. In fact, they all seem to hate me.

  15. I’m right in the middle of Love and Logic for Preschoolers at my church. I do love it, but I do not appreciate the authors’ know-it-all attitude. But I guess if you are brave enough to tell people how to parent you need to be a know-it-all.

    I’m seeing good results from it, though.

  16. It’s not true. Once you go Mac you CAN go back. I have flip flopped so many times I’ve lost count. Mostly it’s been when I’ve changed jobs and they’re using a different environment. I’ve been PC for the last 7 or so years though. We always get refurbished Dells (either from their web site or an authorized reseller on ebay). My husband says IBM is crap or poo in this case 🙂

  17. Love and Logic is fantastic! I have been to two classes (two months each), and I have loved it! (when I remember to use it! It does take a lot of forethought to remember to use it for me…hopefully it wont for you!) It’s so common sense!

  18. Actually, I love Vista.

    I always get refurbished Dells myself, as well. Never have a day of trouble with them. And then new, technicolor Inspiron designs? Rowr!

  19. I bought a brand new computer 1 month ago. I, too, had high hopes. But things started getting wierd… and within two weeks, I boxed it up and took it back to Costco. They gladly gave me a brand new one – exact SKU as first, and it is working PERFECTLY! It wasn’t me after all. It WAS the computer!!

  20. Our computer guy was here on Saturday. Husband asked if we needed to upgrade to Vista. Computer Guy said “hell no!”. All righty then.
    He says so very few people need the features that Vista offers that they good stuff is obliterated by the unnecessary.
    So, Vista might be your problem.
    I’m a Dell fan, if you’re taking votes. Mac doesn’t support the software we use. When it does, maybe we’ll change. But for now my Dell gets the job done.

  21. Being a typical nerd (computer geek), I have no problems with Vista or IBM/Lenovo (I have 3 IBM computers on my desk). I also have a Mac. Mac just works. You don’t have to fight with it or worry so much about viruses and protection, you just use it. I highly recommend Mac. My 5 year old boy can use a Mac to launch, use and close programs. I never showed him how, he just figured it out. I would say it would take you about 2 days of using your Mac to figure out the differences and then you would be fine.

  22. A friend of mine took the Love and Logic course and felt it had some pro’s and con’s. Keep in mind that she doesn’t have children unless you count her students then she has close to a hundred teenagers.

    I don’t know anything about Vista, or computers. I don’t know if I have a Mac or what. I’m a big computer dummy. But blogging is forcing me to learn.

  23. My children are older and the Love and Logic works!! Remembering to allow their actions to be their problem is genious. “Oh, you forgot your lunch again (for the third time this week)?” “So sad, I bet you’ll be hungry by the time you get home.” Guess who hasn’t forgotten their lunch since? As long as I am willing and available to bail them out, over and over…nothing changed.

  24. Hi A.M.

    I have heard nothing but bad about Vista.

    I actually teach a parenting course for parents of older kids called “Strengthening Families” and also serve as a parent educator in a Pre Kindergarden progam. However, my actual experiance with Love and Logic is limited.The feedback I have received about it from others is mixed but I think whatever works for you is a good thing.
    Hope your ‘puter woes are soon ended! 🙂

  25. I love “love and logic”. I have a child with aspergers and bipolar disorder so I do have to ‘tweak’ it a bit. My two other children respond very well to it. Wish I’d taken it sooner. Good luck.

  26. Mark has gone Mac and he loves it. We are still a PC house, but he carries an iBook (or something Apple-ish like that.)

    I have heard of ‘Love and Logic” but don’t remember being terribly impressed with what I heard. I might be wrong though. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of it.

  27. You know, when they work, they are the greatest invention ever. When they don’t, you just want to throw them out the window. Computers, that is.

  28. I switched to Mac in April and never looked back. Well, after I got used to using it, that is. It is very different. But I hated Safari, the browser that was installed on it, so I downloaded Firefox instead and now I’m very happy with my Mac.

  29. I bought my first Mac back in 1994 and have never had anything but Mac’s ever since. My husband is always proud to announce that he is an original Mac Man because he received his first Ma in 1984 while in high school. We still have it and it still works.

    Go to apple.com and take a look!
    . . . . the list goes on and on!

    Once you go Mac, you never go back!

  30. This makes me thankful for My Better Half who is computer-nerd-man and can bail me out of just about any technical snafu I can manage to get myself into. Always good to have a computer-nerd person in your life, your neighborhood or on your staff of people ready and waiting to serve you.
    Good luck getting new technology!

  31. Well, it sounds like everyone loves their macs…except for my husband!! He switched over to Mac a year ago, at the urging of MANY. Eight months later, his laptop had a FATAL crash…all data unretrievable at this point (unless we want to pony up $2500). Apple gave him a new hard drive, but he continues to have problems. In fact today he was as the “genius bar”…how more arrogant can you get? Sheesh…
    Haven’t heard of Love and Logic but I can assure you that I need it. Just yesterday, my husband asked me if he had overheard me calling our son (just five years old, mind you) a “smart ass”. I was horrified, and said NO, of course not! I said “smart aleck” (because he was being a smart aleck). But the more I thought about it, I wondered if I had unwittingly said “smart ass” and just completely blocked it out. I’m scared to know the truth…Lord have mercy!

  32. Its gotta be Vista. because vista stinks. i use my desktop more than my laptop because of that stupid program. Actually, i havent even touched my laptop in some like 3 weeks. it just sits on the coffee table. not usable. ugh

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