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Antique Mommy Parenting Tip #2

Never do an art project involving glitter with a child who has hay fever.  That’s all.  Just don’t.

34 thoughts on “Antique Mommy Parenting Tip #2

  1. And what parts of the glitter aren’t airborne from the sneezing will be…uh…glued to every surface by snot. And that stuff is like Superglue.

  2. Why yes, those are two very good parenting tips.

    I have four children and have not had the insight to warn, or tip, my fellow mothers with this information.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  3. After the Great Glitter Fiasco of ’02 glitter has been banned from Casa de Chili unless it’s in the form of a glitter glue pen. Which can be wielded easily and not achooed everywhere. In case you’re interested, I still find glitter occasionally.

  4. I can’t believe I just wrote “it’s” when I meant “its.” And me such a stickler for accuracy. I think I shall go stick my head in a pot of glitter.

  5. “There are no mistakes in art, just unintended results!”

    Charge admission and have an art show! (Hee!) You could be starting the next great decorating trend! Trading Spaces art projects will have nothing on you!

  6. I happen to know 2 adult women that are sisters that have been having a “glitter war” for 15 years. It all started when they shared a room and one refused to clean so the other had to. The story is somewhat muddled but it involved a large art class cansiter of glitter being shaken all over a bedroom with wide plank wood floors. 15 years later, that floor still “shines”. Now in good fun, glitter shows up in the darndest places, mailed birthday cards, inside sneakers, inside a hat, or an entire canister poured in the “get-away-car” on a wedding day. It is quite amusing to all of us that don’t have to clean it up!

  7. Antique Mommy, you are a wild one, allowing glitter in the house. We have no such problems around here now that I’ve banned glitter and Play Doh and pastels and chalk and fun.

  8. cce, part of the problem is I love all those things myself. Although I’ve kind of soured on the glitter since yesterday. Picking glitter out of your eyelashes is not as much fun as it sounds.

  9. Despite a summer’s worth of shampoos and brushings, I’m STILL finding glitter on my daughter’s scalp (from when I let her go wild on a small tube of body-glitter gel).

  10. Thanks for the chuckle this morning, I needed it. That would totally happen to us. I can picture it now…

  11. All playdough, paint and related such mediums are banned to the deck (which is covered). In addition a art mat and butcher paper must be underneath child performing experiements and if said experiment is on a table (vs. an easel) then vinyl placemats are laid on the Ikea kids table which is moved outside for the project.

    I hear fresh air is good for the creative juices!

    I HATE cleaning up playdough from the rug and there will not be PAINT on my hardwood floors. Jello yes, paint no. BTW–Jello can actually “stain” that hardwood if left for more then say 24 hours.

  12. I’m sorry for my loud outburst of laughter. I’ve been there and you will be finding glitter on things for a long time. After a while it will become funny. Maybe. The only thing I’ve had to ban from my home is Silly Putty.

  13. I’m sitting here trying not to laugh and not succeeding at all I might add! Just the mental picture is all it took. I so needed a laugh this week. Thanks! I’m sorry that you will probably be vacuuming glitter for months….

  14. While a bit heavier, cookie sprinkles can also create a similar effect and are discovered equally as long as glitter, in about the same locations. In this case, pets are handy to assist in clean up.

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