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Love And Logic Takes Time And Patience

 Actual phone conversation: 

“Hi Mom. Yeah. We’re doing  fine.

“Yeah, the Love and Logic class? It’s going well.  I’m learning  how to — hold on for a second –“


“– yes, I’m learning how to stop yelling at my kid.”

“I should ask for a refund?  Very funny Mom.”


26 thoughts on “Love And Logic Takes Time And Patience

  1. No matter what you study, or how hard you work at something, your children will ALWAYS create a situation where you lose all of your knowledge and act from emotion–and it usually is around one of your parents or parents-in-law!!! 😉

  2. You so just got a giggle out of me. That is hilarious! And boy do I understand! Are you reading “Parenting with Love and Logic”? Great book! I also appreciate “Creative Correction” by Lisa Welchel.

  3. Oh, that brought back WONDERFUL memories… How about my winner: “do NOT (*thwack*) hit your brother!!” Let’s get together and write a book on all of the dumb things… Hold on, I don’t want that in print!

  4. I went to church last weekend (an all too infrequent event) so that my 2 year old could wear a pretty dress she’s about to outgrow. She went to the daycare, I sat through the sermon. Toward the end of the service the congregation has this minute of silence to reflect or have your personal conversation with God. I prayed hard for patience because Lily has been stomping on my last nerve this past week. After the minute was over a group of children and teenagers danced into the sanctuary, one of the teens carrying Lily who seemed completely delighted by the event. When the number was over they brought Lily back to sit with me through end of the service. She decided sitting quietly in a pew just wasn’t going to happen and proceeded to run up and down aisles, me following behind calling in a loud whisper, “Lily, Lily, Lily, Lily, come back here!” Although the congregation and minister seemed amused I thought the one who must have had the best laugh was the One that I was praying to earlier. The chasing event in church was God’s way of saying, “You have a two year old. Your prayer was just a joke, right?”

  5. My daughter is also working with Love and Logic with her recently adopted kids – and is meeting with some success. However, one of the things that ALL children are expert at is making parents lose control! Sounds like your son is quite normal!

  6. What a great laugh! That’s like me, helping my son memorize the fruits of the Spirit, including PATIENCE and SELF-CONTROL, then going freak on him when he isn’t patient, or when he’s having a tantrum! Thanks for that post.

  7. Similar story … I attended a seminar with Charles Faye last spring. I’ve been using Love and Logic with my own 4 children (now 9,8,6,a nd 5) as well as my kindergarten class. I was so inspired by the days events that I could not wait to share a million details with my husband as soon as he walked in the door. Of course, I was going a mile a minute and the kids were arguing about something in the other room; getting louder by the second. I could feel their noise level grating on my nerves and finally shouted (from the kitchen to the family room), “Enough already in there. Does anyone notice that I’m trying to talk to dad. My husband simply stated, “Is that part of what you learned today?” We both laughed. I “regrouped” and walked into the room and talked to them the Love and Logic way. End of story. My point is that we really need to OVERLEARN the Love and Logic philosophy and anecdotes. If we do not, it will never feel natural.

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