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Recently, on a long car trip, I asked Antique Daddy this question: If you were ridiculously wealthy, like Bill Gates wealthy, what would be your one extravagance?  Without hesitation,  he said he would have a private jet.

He asked me the same question in return, and I couldn’t think of a single thing.  I’m not sure what that says about me. Either I’m extremely contented or extremely dull-minded. 

So I ask you, if you were ridiculously wealthy, what is that one (just one) extravagant thing you would have?

125 thoughts on “One Thing

  1. My dream house with incredible kitchen that comes with a built in 24 hour personal assistant/maid who follows me around the house picking up after me.

  2. All I’ve ever really wanted was an uninhibited grocery budget. Oh, the gourmet things I could cook if I didn’t have to worry about the cost of groceries! ::Sigh:: Maybe someday, right?

  3. Just one…???

    I like the private jet myself since I will be traveling all over checking up on all of my businesses (hey with all these businesses…jobs).

  4. Since my husband already does all the cooking, I’ll say a maid! Then I’d have nothing much left to do all day. Except maybe volunteer at my kids’ schools, play tennis, and shop excessively… 😉

  5. coming out of lurkdom to agree with the personal massage therapist. i have told my husband for years, if someone would just rub my neck, everything would seem better. this works about 25% of the time. sigh

  6. A place in the country large enough to accommodate all the unwanted animals in my area with a vet and funding to take care of it all.

  7. No time to read other comments so this is probably a repeat. 3 thoughts.
    1 Noone who is ridiculously wealthy has just one extravagant thing.
    2 Compared to at least 80 persent of the world’s populattion, 78 percent of Americans are ridiculously wealthy.
    3. However if a ridiculously wealthy person (like Oprah) gave me just one extravagant thing without hesitation, I would want it to be a full-time housekeeper who does laundry, windows and seasonal decoration clean-up and storage.

  8. Ok, the maid is a given, because I would have gotten her once I hit “REALLY wealthy” (as opposed to “RIDICULOUSLY wealthy”). If I were RIDICULOUSLY wealthy, I would definitely have an on-call masseuse. Oh yeah… a back rub *whenever* I wanted one! 🙂

    You know, just scrolling through some of these comments, if our husbands ever caught on to this, they would have some ridiculously happy wives if all it really took was some house-cleaning and a neck rub…

  9. I would have a 2n home in Maryland and I would live there part of the year especially during spring and fall since we don’t have either here! I would have a big boat that docked at my house in MD and I would have a private jet for going between Maryland and Texas.

    And I would pay for everyone I love to go to college or if they had already been to college I would build them a house.


    I’m sure there are some other things but those are my favorites.

  10. Bottomless Bank Account.
    then I could have that house on the beach with the wrap around porch and hammocks in the palm trees. Kinda like where they film that Coronna Beer commercial.

  11. Have had to confess covetousness for years over a VW Punch Buggie…think I’d go the orange authentic retro way, and spend the money to totally refurbish it, to include, of course, the noisy muffler, but without the emissions troubles. Oh yes. No hesitation. That would be my first purchase!

  12. A super efficient, reliable personal assistant who would do all the errands and be in charge of the house…so when I get back home from work everything is neatly organized and there is cook ready to be eaten.
    I guess I don’t need to be “ridiculously” wealthy to have this, but I can’t be any more ambitious at this moment.

  13. i want my own island with my own currency and a big old southern antebellum mansion. where C could go fishing every day and play with the boys and i could shop online to my hearts content…steff

  14. I live in South Africa so maids that come a couple of times a week are pretty standard.

    I can’t really think of anything I would buy, but if pushed I would say a house with the sea in the front and mountains and forest behind. Also the time to spend there and not have to work would just be the best.

  15. A dog trainer to house train one stubborn Pekinese. And then I would buy new rugs!

    Love your blog. I too am an older mom, first son and only son at 41. I totally relate.

  16. A home in Oahu so we could go to Hawai’i whenever we felt like it. Obviously plane fare wouldn’t matter, b/c money is no object. And I would already have a personal trainer and nutritionist, and probably some plastic surgery, so yeah, a house in Hawai’i with hammocks and a nice porch to sit on and look at the ocean. Yep. That’s what I’d do.

  17. After I paid my bills and fixed my 97 yo house, I wouldn’t be as rich, but for an extravagance, I most certainly would have a crew of maids and chefs.

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