The Chocolatey Will Of God

True story.

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk thinking about how much I would enjoy some chocolate and in keeping with my promise to myself to not buy any Halloween candy until at least the 29th, I had none in my house.  And I was bemoaning that fact. 

About that time, the doorbell rings and it’s a cute little Catholic school girl with pigtails selling chocolate bars for $2 each.  Earlier in the day, I had found $2 exactly in a purse that I hadn’t carried for a while and the $2 was sitting on my desk.

You don’t have to hit me over the head — clearly, God wanted me to have chocolate, so much so that he was wiling to have it delivered.. 

And on the back of the wrapper, there was a Sonic coupon, so in order to fulfill the will of God for my life, we are going to Sonic for dinner tonight.

Who says God is mysterious.

44 thoughts on “The Chocolatey Will Of God

  1. WOW. Sometimes the signs from God are subtle — sometimes, they’re IMAX Theater Screen size with flashing neon.

    I am SO jealous right about now… 😉

  2. How funny that I should happen across this entry right now. I just finished “splurging” on a $0.75 candy bar from our office vending machine. Mmmm, it tasted so good. A tiny morsel of chocolate broke off and dropped on my keyboard…I nearly panicked as I hoped it would not become “wasted” by sliding between the keys before I could scoop it up and enjoy it!

  3. Note to Antique Mommy: Always having chocolate baking chips on hand in emergency container for times when the Divine does not Intervene.

    (I love it when kids show up at the door with candy bars at just the right time!!)

  4. No such divine intervention for me today, I read your post while finishing off a weight watchers fudge bar, almost as good as the real thing…but not quite. You must have been a very good girl to deserve such a chocolate blessing.

  5. let’s hear it for little catholic school kids and their never ending supply of good stuff to sale door to door!

  6. Is there some sort of chocolate prayer I need to be saying cause I must not be doing it right. God has never delivered chocolate right to my door. Please advise.

  7. You are a good person to listen so closely to God’s messages.
    And what is this Sonic I hear everyone writing about? It sounds YUMMY.

  8. Chocolate almond bark. I was so desperate last night, that’s what I ate for chocolate. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does…

  9. Wouldn’t it be great if God’s will were that clear ALL of the time. 🙂 I bet that was some GOOD chocolate, and I hope you enjoyed a large diet Coke for me.

  10. Hmmm. Wonder if there’s anyone delivering brownies door to door today. I could sure use one!

    Around here the kids are selling Blue and Gold sausages this time of year. Pretty rare, though, that I get an uncontrollable hankerin’ for pork sausage.

  11. Well, you’ve just proved it……

    God is a……Woman. 😀 😀

    Chocolate delivered to the door and you didn’t have to cook dinner?

    Finally. 😉

    Jake 🙂

  12. So, you are saying God kept that $2 hidden from you until the exact day when it would become crucially important? The same day, a sweet little girl “randomly” chose your house to sell $2 chocolate bars with the purpose of expanding the Kingdom of God (or buying new basketballs for the gym)? AND there was a Sonic coupon too?

    God loves you!

  13. I have to have my daily chocolate fix, so I understand this. I always make sure to haver plenty on hand, but if I were to ever run out, I would hope that God would provide me with the same scenario you just described!!

  14. Can you send that Catholic girl my way? I, too, have committed not to buy Halloween candy until as late as possible, and cannot satisfy my own cravings…sugar water seems pretty extreme, so I just say NO. So glad you got the goods from God!

  15. The Law of Attraction – one of God’s great laws of the Universe.

    You must have been sending out some powerful thoughts about that chocolate!!

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