38 thoughts on “3MS

  1. But I don’t ever look that cute when I have PMS. Maybe it has to do with the veins popping out of my neck and my frothing mouth being open and screaming. Maybe.

  2. And to think this is what he looks like when it seems he’s in the middle of a fun outing… 😉
    I got some squash faces for ya, come look!

  3. Oh, yes! I so remember! In fact I have a fifteen year old and she hasn’t lost that look. It’s just way cuter on your little guy. Maybe because he’s not mine.

  4. So that’s what I’m going through… I thought it was peri-menopause, but really it’s 30’s-MS, a rare, but strong grownup strain of the 3MS condition.

    Thanks, Dr. AM!

  5. What’s the pout about? Looks like the photo was taken at Typhoon Lagoon or something, ready to white water raft the rapid in Montana? I love that kids can find a reason to grumble at the most outrageously wonderful times. Their must be some background here we aren’t getting.

  6. Sitting in Santa Fe at 40 degrees this morning, I just think he looks cold! Still boating in the DFW area, huh? I was sweating through a TCU game two weeks ago… Like how you are doing the watermarks…

  7. *snort* omg, i’m loving that. great catch with the camera, i must say … i usually get an even more straight-on peeved look when they think i’m photographing their 3MS, lol!

  8. Oh, Antique Mommy…your blog is always good for a giggle! Thank you for sharing your sweet (even while pouting) little boy with us!

  9. My two teenage daughters still have that look when they don’t get the response from me that they were looking for. Life is rough……..

  10. Great shot! Since Halloween is coming up – tell him that Pirates do NOT pout. Maybe that will help. (Did you get his costume made??)

    Betty (Oklahoma)

  11. My husband’s college roommates used to tell him that he got PMS, also known as “Pissy Mikey Syndrome.” And boy, they sure were right! 🙂

  12. Clearly he’s grumping in anticipation of the day when he tries to look tough and the first adjective that springs to mind is “adorable.”

  13. 5MS comes with lots and lots of loud griping, complaining, b&c’ing along with the pouting.
    Ask me how I know? Just take my word for it. I just know.

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