Always Real, Crow Casserole

Crow Casserole

Back in the day, when I was large with child, before I actually had a child, I knew everything there was to know about the proper way to raise a child.

It was in those days that I issued the edict that I would not pimp my child for Disney, that I would not do Disney’s advertising for them on the back of my child, that I would not spend $30 for pajamas with some questionable cartoon character on the front when the $10 no-character pajamas are just fine.

But that was before I saw little boy eyes light up at the sight of Lightning McQueen.

I thought about that this morning as I stripped my child out of his Lightning McQueen pajamas and then sent him to school in Lightning McQueen undies, Lightning McQueen socks, Lightning McQueen shoes, shirt, backpack and lunch box.I have become a Lightning McQueen marketing machine.  Ka-Chow.

Crow casserole.  Yummy.

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  1. I’m dishing up a heaping serving of Pokemon at my house. Although even I, who was raised on really bad 1970s cartoons (Banana Splits, anyone?), am thinking of pulling the Pokemon plug. The crude animation, the weirdly dubbed dialogue, those disturbing Pokemon . . . it just feels . . . wrong.

  2. I have often said I was a much better parent before I actually had children….
    Alas I am unfamiliar with Lightning McQueen. Is he from Cars? We have sadly outgrown the Disney movies. But oh the memories…..

  3. Ah that we could all see parenting so clearly from the other side! My children are Disney billboards also. Underwear to backpacks! (And I’ve recently given in to High School Musical and Hello Kitty. I happen to be very annoyed by Hello Kitty.)

    Wanna hear something funny? I have friends who just had their first child. Their goal is to never let her have any plastic toys. DH and I just looked at them and were like, “Yeah. Good luck with that.”

  4. *GASP* You mean you haven’t bought Sean the bedding sets/sheets/curtains/Mater alarm clock YET??!?

    *shakes head*

    Poor deprived lil man..

    ( we won’t go into how I know about these products…..)

  5. My dearest friend and I shared crow casserole this very morning washed down with a cup of coffee.

    We think God has a great sense of humor. Oh the wisdom we had 20 years ago…we would never.. fill in the blank.

  6. My little 3 year old foster nephew is a walking Tow Mater Marquee.

    Everything he wears, day and night is Tow Mater.

    He cracks me up.

    Hopefully he’ll stop having accidents in his Tow Mater undies. I keep telling him that Tow Mater doesn’t think it’s so funny.

  7. Charlie loves all things lightning mcqueen. I don’t even fight it. This was the kid who wore nothing but a spiderman costume for NINE MONTHS. I kid you not. I am just glad the kid is not walking around wearing a sandwich board in Cars motif.

  8. Yeah, I’m all over my ideals now. I hardly remember my pre-child uppity self who would have NOTHING to do with logo stuff – and now my kids look like little walking billboards for their favorite shows and I don’t care because they’re happy.

  9. I’ll tell y’all who/what Lightning McQueen is if someone will tell me what High School Musical is and Backyardigans and Lost and who is Jessica Alba? I flipped through a People magazine the other day while I was getting my hair done and I didn’t know any of the celebs. I did know who Britney Spears and Paris Hilton were, but I wish I didn’t. I am old.

  10. It is amazing all the stuff we would “never do with my child” that we find ourselves up to our eyebrows in. That “stupid piece of plastic” (pacifier) suddenly becomes a “treasure worth more than gold” after staying up a few nights with a crying baby. I guess it is all from prospective. Be thankful you have a boy, hopefully he won’t be pressuring you for a Bratz doll. I have managed to hold my ground on that one. I tell my daughter I only have room for one Brat in my house, so unless she is ready to move out…. By the way I am known as “THE MEANEST MOM IN THE WORLD”—I like the sound of that!

  11. Pass the platter.

    The sad thing here is … my dad worked for Disney, and I was employed by a Disney licensee (we created those dinner dishes sets and little tumblers with water and floaty things in the walls) when my two were born.

    Not to mention we did Barney stuff before Barney was big (yeah, 1990 was a great year).

    And yes, I swore for two years that none of this stuff would EVER come home with me. E.V.E.R.

    That lasted until Kati started eating solid foods. Then, the parade of Disney character tumblers, sippy cups and plate/bowl sets started flowing. Then came Barney, and Looney Tunes, and Flavia and more.

    We are a marketing mecca around here.

    And we bought Velcro shoes. And used videos to keep them entertained. And, And, And …


    Pass the platter.

  12. Ahhh – the wisdom that comes with age and experience. In my pre-kid days, I remember seeing a gal I worked with who had twins and then another baby within 2 years back at work and thinking, “I will never come to work with dirty clothes” (she had dried food on the back of her sweater arm one day). Now I think she was a goddess. How in the world did she work full-time plus take care of a husband, home and all those babies plus twins – eek! I try never to say never anymore LOL

  13. ah yes, there are so many things we say before or while we are large with child that come back to bite us in the tush later, dang it! i was hoping for a pic of all that Lightening McQueen cuteness 🙂

  14. The only promise I made to myself was to not put myself/ourselves into serious debt to make my kids’ eyes light up.

    I bought the Lightning McQueen (and yeah, the Spiderman) jammies when they were on sale. Buddy LOVES them.

    I *try* to remain firm on the no Bratz in our house, though…

  15. Ah, yes. We made the same promise.

    And we have moved on from Backyardigans to, yes, Lightening McQueen. And Mater. Harry LOOOOOVES Mater.

    He loved the movie so much we wore out the DVD. I didn’t even realize that you COULD wear out DVDs.

  16. Yup. I was a great mom before I had kids.

    I would NEVER spend $85 for an American Girl doll. Ridiculous. I would CERTAINLY never spend that six different times! Plus clothes. Never.

    Nor would I ever allow them to have pretend weapons. Now I need storage for light sabers, swords, and real pocketknives.

    I find eating crow tastes a tad better if it can be washed down with a heavy dose of chocolate.

  17. Isn’t it amazing? I now try to watch what I say. Because my mother was right, “never say never”. It’s only taken me a lifetime to learn this. Eating crow is horrible and eating it while my foot is in my mouth is not a pretty site.

  18. They’ve got us and they’ve got us good. Forget limiting what they watch on TV or video, thinking you’re being a good parent. Did you know they make these really LARGE signs called billboards that practically SCREAM buy me! And buy me now! My BOY started noticing these when his head was high enough to look out the window from his car seat. Yes, we are eating HUGE helpings of crow casserole over here and you know they grow GIANT crows in Southern California.

    As far as LOST goes, I am totally addicted. It is really a fun show and the viewing of virile men on a weekly basis is very…pleasant, shall we say…

  19. I’m telling you. Wait until you visit Disney World. And you MUST visit DW. Trust me on this one. I can get you through it semi-painlessly (though it will still be expensive). So worth it.

  20. Branch, go here to become enlightened:

    I always said I’d never be one of those moms that feeds her kids McDonald’s….and when I’d see child leashes, I’d think “how cruel…can’t you just watch your kid? How hard can it be”….

    …now I think: “where can I buy one?”

    Do they make those w/Lightning McQueen on them? Then maybe he’d go 15 minutes without taking it right off…

  21. I used to feel the exact same way, but a drawerful of Tinkerbell pajamas and a Sleeping Beauty Halloween costume says I’ve compromised my value system.

  22. Between Lighting McQueen and Superman, I’m positively stuffed on Crow Casserole, thankyouverymuch. A steady diet of the stuff with do that to you.

  23. I recently had a similar experience when I caved in to my sons appealing eyes and bought the twice-as-expensive Thomas the Tank Engine toothpaste. I always said I’d never do it but…he was so cute and it was only a few more dollars and… 🙂

  24. I had lofty ideas about guns before our first was born. Reality hit when my little boy, probably 2 and a half, ate his toast into the shape of a gun and began blam-blamming…

  25. I swore no child of mine would ever wander the house wearing just a diaper or undies.

    Then I saw my son’s chubby little legs and couldn’t understand why anyone WOULDN’T want to feast their eyes all day long.

  26. Crow Casserole. I’ve grown fond of it. A side of Stupid Stew goes nicely with it as well.

    The 2 1/2 year old boy who lives in this house is also a Lightening McQueen fanatic. Or rather, the father of the 2 1/2 year old boy who also lives in this house, called me on the phone the other day, “Babe, I found Lightening McQueen Crocs for Junior and they’re only $35.00!”


  27. I must admit, I love Cars, Ka Chow!, and I am drawn to the merchandise. I see the Walmart commercial and wonder if it is worth buying another copy of them movie to get the new extras. And Ya’ll, I have girls. We are drowning in princesses over here. I have drawn the line at clothing, but toys and some limited supplies…we are there. So far I haven’t had to bribe the girls with princess clothing. However, if I had to have something to get my girls to potty train, or wear shirts or something, you can bet I would cave. Oh well.

  28. it’s amazing how things change once our children discover buzz and woody, cars and all the beloved disney characters! i always vowed i would never buy action figures that had guns or any kind of weapon…boy was i wrong!! i also, happen to love a lot of the toys! and the p.js, and the bathing suits but…i don’t buy the themed clothes! i know where to draw the line (i think!)

  29. Let’s take a look at the birthday loot from this past week, shall we? (Not all from us–grandparents were involved!) Dora Megablocks,Dora scooter, Dora cake, Dora balloons, Dora books, Dora nightlight, Dora shoes.

  30. Yes, you should have heard me go on and on to my friends with older daughters about how my daughter will never be obsessed with Disney princesses and how I would NEVER give into that obsession lest she become obessessed. You should also now see my household full of Disney princesses galore.

    A mother isn’t really a mother until she has eaten a big old pile of crow over something she said she would never do.

  31. I have aquired quite the taste for this dish over the years. The most recent was when I attended an awards ceremony for the 10 year old getting ultra, mega, wonderful, high scores on the MAP test. After the ceremony, the principal reminded Natalie that we needed to know about her Saturday detention for missing an assignment. *sigh* I’m so proud of her MAP scores.

  32. Well…I’m going to have to go Google Lightning McQueen, I guess. Hey! I’m hip enough to know “Google!”

    Before I had kids, we were going to be completely gender-nuetral in choosing our daughter’s toys. By the time she was 4, all she wanted to do was sweep and mop. 😉

  33. My (now) 18 year old instantly potty trained when I told her she could were these Little Mermaid undies if she used the potty from now on. That was it!
    I hate to admit it…just sold the Little Mermaid in a garage sale this weekend.
    GO Disney…dang it!

  34. Yep, me too! I realized the more kids I had, the less shame I had, in the whole marketing dept. I was such a smacky pants when it came to raising children, at least until I had some. Now I understand perfectly. And famous last words DO taste a lot like crow casserole! You’re so right!

  35. How can one resist Disney??? And I am 46!!! In Sep I was on a Disney Cruise and it was F A B U L O U S! Can’t resist smiling with Mini and Mickey around!

  36. Right there with ya. I’m not sure who is more excited when we find another car in the endless numbers of cars they offer, my son or me and daddy. We are having a Cars theme birthday party this week, and I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on a cake that has the “perfect” car scene on it, not to mention every plate, cup, banner, etc. that they make. Keep the casserole coming!!

  37. Aw, man… do you know how much of that I’ve eaten so far? And it’s only been a year!

    I was all NO PACIS before Braden was born, and I supped on a big ‘ole servin’a that casserole before we even left the hospital.

    The humbling and joy of mommyness. 🙂

  38. House of Pixar chiming in here. I even used to have a cardboard box labeled “Andy’s Toys” filled with everything I could find from Toy Story. When we were packing to move, I realized we had plastic toys from every Pixar film — that doesn’t even count the clothing and the pullups. Sheesh. Steve Jobs should be sending us a little check every month. To help pay for the wine to wash down all the crow.

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