30 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch

  1. I’m not sure how as I only discovered your fabulous blog a few months ago, but this was the very first post I read of yours! And it hooked me. These are flat out adorable pictures.

  2. I love the look of utter determination on his face in the 2nd pic !

    Is that the STx Maize?? Been thinking about taking BooRat there next weekend, but no firm plans yet.

  3. Great pumpkin picks. I love the prize story too. Every other year or so I get the urge to have a really big pumpkin. I could only persuade one child to come with me this year (you can tell mine are getting older) and we bought a pumpkin that weighs over 50 pounds. Like you, we picked it out of the pile, with our eyes only, but then had to figure out how to get it to the car. Fortunately the farmer’s market hired big strapin’ pumpkin hauling seventeen year old boys.

  4. Yes. . .the celebrated pumpkin. Plus Sean is channeling Linus in his rolling of the pumpkin. That is my little boy’s favorite part of It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

  5. I discovered you by happenstance and am so thankful. I love your story, your insight, and outlook on life and mommy-ness.

    You gotta read Melody’s blog “Slurping Life”. Sorry I don’t have a URL for you, but Google “Slurping Life” and explore a wonderful person I know you’d love to be connected to.

    I’m a divorce lawyer, a child advocate, and a kinda (long story) single parent, and mother to special needs 11 year-old I adopted as a single woman.

    Reading your blog gives me good insight, great humor and a sense that all is right with the world and we are all where we are supposed to be. Sharing our experiences is what we are here to do.

    Thanks for sharing your world.


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