Snips And Snails

Indian Summer

Yesterday was a deliciously warm fall day.  It was also one of those rare days when we had nothing in particular to do. There are not enough of those days in a life.

We shared a plate of eggs and toast at IHOP, we went over to a friend’s house and played, we had a nap and then we went on a “tway-sure” hunt at a local park.

When you are an almost-four-year-old boy, there are a lot of treasures waiting to be found.

“Oh look Mom at this beautiful leaf!”

“An acorn! Let’s take it home and plant it.”

“This rock is pretty!”

And it all goes into the pocket.

Snips and snails, dirty pockets and dirty fingernails, carefree autumn days — if only I could put these things in my pocket.



30 thoughts on “Indian Summer

  1. Absolutely – a carefree autumn day with your son is truly a “tway-sure” of the heart and you can take those memories out of the pocket of your heart and treasure them all over again.

  2. When do we lose that sense of wonder over what the world has to offer us? I saw it in my kids when they were little and I still see it sometimes, but they’re growing fast and being unimpressed is the hallmark of being a teenager. I long for those sweet days.

  3. I’m not sure about the snip, but I bet you could fit a snail in your pocket.

    Unless you were speaking hypothetically only.

    Sweet picture. Sounds like the whole day was a tway-sure.

  4. My boys are just now starting to enjoy nature walks – and it’s amazing what they find and how they associate one thing with another. One referred to the shredded lettuce on my sandwich as “seaweed!”

  5. My kids actually had “treasure boxes” for days such as this. They’d find little things they loved and we’d say “let’s put it in your treasure box.” That way, all those little things were in one spot instead of all over the house. Also, it was fun for them to look through their treasures every now and then.
    Oh, how I miss the pre-school days.

  6. What a magical photo!
    This evening’s weather is AWFUL – high winds, heavy rain and the possiblity of flurries. How festive.

  7. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a wonderful day. Have a Happy Halloween! I’m on my way over to share trick or treat with my little grandson/monkey. Should be a blast!

  8. We used to collect pretty leaves in the fall, and then we’d press them between pieces of contact paper to make kid-friendly stained glass type pictures. This also works well with shredded valentines for pretty collages.

  9. Will we get to see Sean in his entire pirate outfit? I hope so! I know he was proud of the fact that HIS Mom made it for him.


  10. “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Every word you script are gems in Heaven. You are leaving a treasured legacy for Sean and his offspring to come. His pockets will be full!

    I bless you for treasuring me with your words of love and laughter every day!

  11. Mmm…sounds like a wonderful day. I love the shot you took! It looks like your son is right in the middle of some magical forest and the fairies are about to come out and join him! Beautiful!

  12. Oh, what a lovely day! I need to take time out to do things like that with my kids more often. Sometimes it feels like there is just SO. MUCH. TO. DO that we can never get it done…but maybe I just need to stop and see if the world keeps turning if I don’t. 🙂

  13. Next year my daughter will go to kindergaten, and I have been so sad about it since this last year of pre-school started. After reading your post, I realized that there is an upside! I will have this kind of precious time to spend with my son, wathching him find treasures and storing up my own too. Thanks for the reminder!

  14. That does sounds like the perfect day. Especially the trip to IHOP! With homeschooling 2 kids we have to sometimes make these type of days happen. But, since I’m with my girls so much we find the time to have the “perfect” days every now and again!

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