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Special B’ccasion

Anytime Sean wants to do something knowingly forbidden, he will deem it a “special b’ccasion” thereby officially suspending all rules, regulations and common sense.

The morning after Halloween, he bounces out of bed and announces, “Mom, I’m going to have M&Ms for breakfast today because it’s a special b’cassion!”  And then he cocked his head and wrinkled his nose making it seem like a completely reasonable thing to do.  And nearly impossible to say no.

And then I had to explain that no, a special b’cassion is like a birthday or out of town visitors or PMS — not Thursday.  But being the total pushover-spineless-jellyfish-wrapped-around-his-finger mother that I am, I let him have a few M&Ms after he ate breakfast.  Life is short people, you have to take a calculated risk once in a while and by my calculations chasing a bowl of oatmeal with a few M&Ms was a risk worth taking.

Last night we were lying in his bed reading books before bedtime and he asked me if I would sleep in his bed with him.

I told him no, that he has his own bed and mommy and daddy have their own bed and that everyone sleeps in their own bed.

“But it’s a special b’ccasion,” he pleaded.

“No, it’s not a special b’ccasion, it’s just Sunday,” I countered.

“But Mommy, every day with you is a special b’ccasion!” he enthused, channeling Eddie Haskell.   

“And might I just say those are lovely sweats you are wearing mother and I would hasten to add that you’ve never looked younger,” he declared.

No, not really. He didn’t say that. He didn’t actually use the word hasten.

* * * * *

To mark this very special b’ccasion, why not go here and vote! For me! (Their pages are loading verrry slowly today — probably all the Amalah readers hogging up the bandwidth.)

The 2007 Weblog Awards

30 thoughts on “Special B’ccasion

  1. Awww… it’s moments like those that make me want to look into my little brown-eyed boy’s face and say “Sure honey, anything you want.” I stop myself before I actually say it, and there’s always a part of me that is a little bit sad because of it.

    Last week, I took a calculated risk and we brought crackers back out to the van when I dropped him off at preschool (“Just this once, Buddy. We’re not going to do this everyday”). Today, that risk blew up in my face when I had to tell Buddy we wouldn’t be going back out to the van again. I was gentle, but firm with him and he cried and cried… and I know I need to stick to my guns when I say things, but… I hate making my kids cry.

  2. Work it Sean!

    Who is this Amalah person anyway? I mean, I’ve disciovered who she is, but I don’t understand the huge following she apparantly has. She does not seem to be able to put together a coherant sentence without using profanity. That is not clever or cute, especially on a “Mommy” blog.

  3. What a sweet kid! I am with you …nothing wrong with a few M&M’s after breakfast. I actually fed my kiddos cupcakes for breakfast yesterday.

    I DID!

    But it was a special b’cassion. It was … it was fall back morning, right?

  4. Hey, I had a few bites of a 3 Musketeers bar with my coffee this morning. I think I had a special b’ccasion and didn’t even know it. 🙂


  5. “a special b’cassion is like a birthday or out of town visitors or PMS”

    HAHAHAHAAA! Oh, that was rich.

    And telling you every day is a special occasion with you?


    Braden is teething a molar. After eating his peaches and rice cakes, he so got several mini-marshmallows.
    🙂 Cause, you know, TeethingFeelingCrappy IS a special b’ccasion.

  6. A special b’cassion—Thursday, November 1, All Saint’s Day. I think you celebrate it by eating m&m’s for breakfast.

  7. I can’t get into the vote today — your “go here link” is sending me straight to the results. I tried the one in your last post and the link I put in my Dishing Divas Site and they all are rerouting me to the results? Help—time’s awasting!
    Oh yeah, M&M’s never hurt anyone, except bccasional diabetics. Go Sean!

  8. LOL, some children master the art of extreme adorableness early. My G is one such child and she gets what she wants by being kind and flattering and using words like ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ Sounds like you’ve got your own king of cuteness. Enjoy it.

  9. In my humble opinion…..I truly think you are a winner! So does your son! That is what truly counts! Your funny and clever and charming and all is done in “good taste”. When I read you– I remember my childhood Erma Bombeck (sp?)reading moments. After a rough day at school I could open the newspaper and get a good laugh at her reading. Keep up the good work.

  10. Special b’cassions all around! How about chocolate chips with the healthy oat grain cereal for breakfast?? Don’t they somehow balance each other out? Especially if you have more cereal and not more chocolate chips?

    Please be true?

  11. The years I stayed home with our daughter, my husband was horrified to find that she had dessert after breakfast every day. . .dessert could be anything from two M&M’s to one Teddy Graham. . .which thrilled her soul and annoyed his. I thought it was perfectly fine as my mother let me, on more than one occasion, have Coke and chocolate cake for breakfast.

    Sometimes you MAKE the special b’ccasions.

  12. I vote for M & M’s for breakfast.

    I vote for less profanity in some of the mom blogs that are in the running for this @#%& award.

    And I vote for Antique Mommy for the winner of the 2007 Weblog Awards!

  13. Too cute – it’s one of those things where, pre-mommy, I thought I would be good about what I fed my child. Now I feel like if she got at least one nutritious thing down that day, it’s all good.

    I figure the Weblog Awards don’t really show who is “best”, just who happens to have the most readers right now . . and as I read TWO of you, I have to divvy my votes up. Bummer.

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