14 thoughts on “Flamingo

  1. A beautiful study of art in nature. Took me a minute to realize the flamingo had his head tucked in for a nap!

  2. This is a really interesting shot. Thanks for sharing your work. And congrats on being nominated!

    Flamingos are special to me. My husband and I had a little thing about hiding a stuffed animal flamingo before we were married. He’d turn up in the mail box, in a drawer, in the refrigerator, etc. The craziest place he ended up was one time when my husband taped him under the seat of the toilet -kind of like a hammock of tape, for me to find. Until I had the flamingo tucked under my garter during our wedding…

  3. I like it very much. The feathers all around are soft and floral and almost unreal, and then you zero in on the eye and there’s personality in that eye looking straight at you.

  4. What a fantastic picture! Next time I’m at the zoo, I’ll take more time to really look at the flamingos instead of rushing right past them.

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