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I’m Addicted To Rice

I scored 40 and donated 220 grains of rice here.  So far.  How did you do?

40 thoughts on “I’m Addicted To Rice

  1. I got to 250 grains and my head exploded!!!
    Those are some mighty tough words.
    Thanks for the mental and “spelling bee” exercises this morning.

    Betty in OK

  2. Does it go on forever? I got to 1300 with a level of 41 and finally got tired of it. That is really great site though. Improve your vocabulary and help others. I am going to share this.

  3. I read the faq’s and it goes to level 50, it says it’s very unusual to get past 48. Ton’s of fun and seem’s how I’m sick in bed it’ll give me something to do!

  4. I like this site but I don’t love it. The ability to make a contribution simply by playing a game is great, of course. But, I’ve found some repetitiveness, and I don’t feel like I’m learning anything, since I move so quickly to the next word. It would be more enjoyable (for me at least) if the game would pause occasionally to offer an explanation of word origins and relationships. But then, I’m a word nerd — I enjoy piddly details like that.

  5. I forgot to look at my score, but I donated 500 grains before I decided that was a little too much for my Saturday morning brain. I may do it again later.

  6. 43 and 5630. This is definitely dangerous to start on a day when I have to get other things done. I’m off to a birthday party because my eyes are crossing and my honey is going out to start the car. I’ll skip the shower.

  7. I stopped at 30 and 1000 grains as the little man was buggung me! Can you do this as many times as you want? Graet site!

  8. I did 500 my first time, and then realized that I couldn’t seem to get beyond level 42, which ticked me off. The second time I got to 1000 and level 44, so I felt a bit better, but I am determined to get to level 50. I don’t even know if there IS a level 50 but I want to get there.

    I’m going to use this for my son who is going to take the SAT soon. It’s a good training lesson on vocab.

  9. I didn’t really need another online addiction, but this hooked me anyway. I made it to 45 and 1070 grains. I read that it’s rare to get past 48, so I’ve got to go back. I’m too competitive like that!

  10. I love this site too! Heather Kay is right, the vocab score goes to 50, but you can play as long as you want. If you get one wrong, your score goes down a level. I got up to 45 before I missed one and dropped a bit.

    I’m trying to go back daily and donate 500 grains each time. That’s 5 bowls and there are 5 in my family, so it seemed like a good number.

  11. Totally addicted to it…. I’ve been 2K per day… I can’t get much beyond level 40 🙁 Working on it though.

  12. This was definitely addictive. I kept playing thinking that the end was near, but when I got to 1,030 I figured I’d go ahead and stop.

  13. I found this on another site some days ago, it is addictive, I try and play at least once a day, and I don’t quit until I get above 1000. My latest score is 4500 grains with a vocab score of 44. Though I did cheat once and have the dictionary page open at the same time, copy and paste is my friend, it is also the only way I hit 50 on the vocab score. I was happy to see someone had hit a higher number on how much rice they had donated. Glad I’m not the top scorer posting.

  14. I can’t seem to get past level 47. I only got up to 800 grains of rice, but I’ll have to try again later!

  15. I’ve done this many times… it’s addictive. I usually average out at about 41 or so.

    Thousands of grains of rice over here, but that probably doesn’t equal to much food, does it?

  16. Ok, I will be the first to admit to a lower score.


    There, I said it. In writing.

    Love that site. Will go back again and try to get to at least 40 like all you brainiacs.

    Thanks for sharing this site. Made me hungry for buttered rice!

  17. I scored 44 and donated 210 grains of rice.

    This is great, AM. Thanks for highlighting it. I’m off to send the link to many friends (some much more erudite than me).

  18. I donated about 2500 grains of rice (my husband says that is about a 1/2 cup) and hovered in the 47-48 range for quite a while and finally hit 50, hubby looking over my shoulder and adding his 2 cents here and there. Feels good! I’ll play again!

  19. 32 and 270…I wish I did this good (it´s good for me!) when I did the GRE. Sometimes I didn´t know 4 of the 5 words and still got it right…I needed some of this luck back then!

  20. I always knew that your blog readers were smart people and this proves it!!!

    Thanks for the diversion. (I was at 40 when I had to quit. Feeling vaguely inferior…)

  21. omg, so addicting! I sit around 43, but I achieved the elusive 48 one time, and now I know how gamblers feel – just one more round, I know I can get it back!

  22. Thanks. It’s now almost 2am, and I must, really must go to bed. Happy with the 5,000 (had to stop), but will attempt to beat 44! Bon nuit!

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