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A Yellow Wood

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I started college at 30.  I had my first and only child in my mid-40s – unconventional by anyone’s standards.  My life’s journey has been a bumpy, beautiful, enchanting trek on a road less traveled.  And it has made all the difference.

How would you describe your life’s journey?

45 thoughts on “A Yellow Wood

  1. At point when I am figuring out my life after some disastrous choices, your post today made me feel better about starting over at 41. I am finishing college now and still hope to have a baby before my body says no.

    Thanks, for the inspiration!

  2. Oh my!
    We are partners on the road less travelled, AM.
    I had a poster for years that looks like this picture with the words of the poem…it finally fell apart from the moves along the way…and I realized I didn’t need the poster because the words were written on my heart.
    Sometimes it seems lonely on the path as I look off in the distance and see many others following the other path. But oh, the treasures I find on my road less travelled. I have visited places that I never dreamed I would visit. Not places like Paris or Rome, but places like prisons and drug rehabilitation centers. My eyes have been opened to people who have been left along the wayside like yesterday’s trash…people that need someone to care about them. And the children of those left along the wayside are just as precious in God’s sight as Sean and my own.
    So I will keep on the road less travelled and walk on in the assurance that not only does God walk with me there, but He has led me down this road.

  3. Metaphorically speaking…
    Sometimes I feel like I am that feather floating serendipitously in the movie Forest Gump. Other times I am swinging securely from the branch of great and mightily beautiful tree.
    But my journey has been a glass half-full all along.

  4. Describe my life’s journey? LOL that’s easy. “I want it ALL!” So far, so good. I’ve had the successful career. I traveled extensively. Now I have 2 beautiful sons and the means to stay at home with them. Next up, early retirement to someplace warm and beachy (cross fingers).

  5. What a beautiful picture. My life’s journey – unexpected. As a horribly lonely teen I never expected I would find someone who understood and loved me, never imagined that I would be so warmly wrapped in a loving family of my own. Wonderfully unexpected.

  6. Mine definitely had some twists and turns along the way. I took the scenic route, and I wouldn’t trade one minute, not even the awful ones, because then I wouldn’t be where I am now.

    I married, for the first (and only) time at 38 and became a mother at 45. It’s tough chasing a toddler at 46, but I love it.

  7. I just discovered your site via Mom Blog Network. The first two sentences of your post caught my eye.

    Amazing. Sounds like you’re a person who is willing pursue goals with passion, refusing to be defined by the commonplace.

    I think that’s wonderful. Personally, my life has been rewarding and in many ways, as one reader nicely puts it, “blessedly average.” But I take inspiration in knowing that there’s much more road ahead, the travel never ends, and it’s great to be able to enjoy the walk.

  8. What a truly lovely, peaceful picture.

    My life’s journey has been a stumbling one with many paths that have thankfully led me to the path I could never have even dreamed of growing up.

  9. My journey has been wonderful and terrible, heart-breaking and blessed…full of love and trial…joy and sadness. My life is not at all what I imagined it would be, but in some ways it is much better. I have definitely had some defining moments…when I had to draw my line in the sand and really show what I was made of…and I came out on the other side better and stronger than I was before. As my Mom likes to say, it’s because she didn’t raise wimps and we come from “hearty Midwestern stock”. LOL!

  10. That is one tough question…I would say my life journey has been one extremely blessed by opportunities, which I’ve been taking one after the other, without stopping to think whether it was something I really wanted or not…I just took it with fear that I might later regret if I don’t. Some of them have been good choices, others haven’t. Overall, it has been a happy journey, especially the more recent years.

  11. What a great question, considering it’s my wedding anniversary today (#2 and hoping for many, many more), with all the thoughts and emotions that accompany such events! The thought that came to mind as I read AM’s original post was “Good things come to those who wait.” When I was young, I was impetuous, impertinent and impatient. Now I am a week shy of 42 with a very handsome, very smart 2-year-old and a husband who loves me. Being much older and a little wiser now, I can say that my journey was rocky and rough but the prize(s) I got at mile marker 40 were worth all the effort and trouble, even when the little man is yelling at “Mobby” that his “mook e aw gaw”. I never knew I was capable of laughing so much (reading this blog and watching the antics of my own little bird who is learning to fly…)

  12. My life’s journey? Typical and exactly how I had always thought it would be – happily married, two wonderful kids, love my job, wonderful friends, blessed both in finances and health so we are able to help others in need. I couldn’t ask for anything more, other than to be a bit closer to our extended family – 900 miles is a long way.

  13. I love the picture!!! It almost looks like a painting. Or is it a photograph? Did you take it/paint it?

    My life’s journey is like a quilt pieced together by memories – colorful scraps of life when put together make me unique. Pieces of maroon representing my school color and all that I was in high school, pieces of red representing love and young married life, emotions that ran high and intense, pieces of black, that’s me as an employee, businesslike and towing the line to help support my family, pieces of pink representing my baby girl, when red faded into pink and love is still intense but in a different way, and pieces of brown, that’s me as a mom, dependable, not all that exciting as person really, but I go with everything. But my quilt’s not done yet. What color shall I add next? That’s still a mystery. 🙂

  14. Well… a very horrid childhood, a beautiful marriage for 22 year then a period of the loss of my marraige, I have two amazing kids, now I am finding Joy again, hope, blest beyond measure. God is restoring what was horrid and making all things new!

  15. I decided not to have kids, then changed my mind at 40. Ended up on my own for 6 years with my kid- never thought that would be my life. Now happily married to my boy’s father- again, something I never thought would happen. Bumpy road? Yes! Worth it? Absolutely!

  16. GOsh, I kind of hope mine is just beginning. It doesn’t seem I can even characterize my journey yet. I still feel like I’m at the first bend in the road. (This may be wishful thinking but it makes me feel better.)

  17. Hello fellow sojourner and lover of Robert Frost. I cannot think of a more apropos poem for this time of year. I have always felt a special kinship with this poem.

    My life is unconventional as well. At times it has been lonely, sometimes exhilarating, and always a learning process. If there is a box to be checked, I am an other.

    “I took the road less traveled and that has made all of the difference.”

  18. I did it all the way you were supposed to. Never the trouble maker as a kid, went from HS to college to good paying job. Found a lovely women, married her and later had two kids. We have our moments (and who doesn’t) but love one another and the kids are our world. We’re financially secure because of good jobs and conservative attitudes.

    Looking back I wish I’d have been more carefree and done more things without regards to the consequences. Some dreams you cannot get back.

    What I constantly think about is how I struggle as an individual and how completely clueless I was in understanding my parents as a “person” with there own struggles.

  19. Great photo and great question.

    I loved Susan’s blessedly average comment. Somedays I wish for that. I think that was taken off of the table forever the day I found out I was pregnant with triplets. My journey has changed forever and ever Amen. I’m loving every changing minute of it.

  20. My road was bumpy at first. Very bumpy. And twisty and full of unexpected turns and potholes that nearly turned me over. Then I left home for college and basically never looked back.
    My road now, the one I travel with my husband and two kids, is smooth and beautiful with a glorious view. More like an ocean liner cutting through the sea, seemingly effortless in its travel across the glassy waters.
    Every now and then, because of my rocky childhood, I worry that there is an unseen crater in front of me, waiting to swallow me up before I get to where I’m heading. But most of the time I’m so blessed to just get to ride along and enjoy the view.

  21. I suppose there are a few choices I could have made along life’s path, but I think that the path I am on has been choosen for me. The only choices I have are how I react to the circumstances along the way. The road has been a paradox of blessings and tremendous hardship.

    This evening I walked along a golden leafed path with one of my blessings, my 10 year old daughter, as we took our lab for an after dinner walk. She told me something special about what she liked best about me being her mother. A blessing indeed. I never once considered motherhood a choice, just another road I was directed to take, twice. And so very happy to be on it.

    On the other hand, there is another road I would love to find the detour for, my husband’s ten year journey with cancer. That road is so very bumpy, now. A road that none of us would have chosen. But even that road has it’s own set of blessings.

    If I could choose my road it would be the road called Grace.

  22. Love & Life…..sometimes smooth and sometimes not; I
    like to think of both as a verse from a popular Elvis song, which was one of my favorite as I was growing up:
    “Love is a stranger, and hearts are in danger, on a smooth street paved with gold; true love travels on a gravel road”.

  23. Great picture! It’s comforting to know that others are on the “not quite typical” path – especially other mothers who are in their 40s and have toddlers. Though life hasn’t gone as I expected it would, I’m so thankful for the lessons learned along the way.

  24. On the one hand, I would say my journey has not been what I had planned. On the other hand, I would say that I don’t really know what I had planned. In any case, God is working on me big time right now. I think there are a few things I need to do and I won’t be able to do them unless He forces me to make some changes in the way I look at things. It’s been a little scary, but also quite exciting.

  25. Well, I think I would say my life has been a circus. Chaotic, full of loud noises and children running rampant. No matter which direction you look, you would see bright light, lively interactions, and a few tumbles here and there. Marriage right out of high school, blessed with seven children.

    And just like the circus, there has been a dark side when the lights go dim and the crowd leaves. Deeds not fit for daylight have been done, and regrets have occasionally surfaced. But in spite of all that, the show must go on. A painful divorce, a second marriage ten years later, and four more children suddenly added to the show.

    However, the circus has to pack up and move on. In this later part of my life with children, things are beginning to slow down, and just as the circus finds a new home, so will the kids. Then we’ll be alone in the ring, circling it quietly on the white horse with the spangly harness, savoring the moments together.

  26. My lifes journey! Well, right now I am in the throws of it. I started dating my husband at 18 years old but we were friends before. We had our daughter Emily at 21 years old and our son Gavin three years later. So right now we have a 6 year old and an almost 3 year old and most days are a hectic jumble of ‘what the hell is going on’. So RIGHT this second I would say I would describe my lifes journey as rushed and chaotic… ask me again when the kids are older…hoping to change that to relaxed and tranquil! (pipe dream right?).


  27. God laughs while we make plans? Best laid plans of mice and men? My life has been a road less traveled and it HAS made all the difference. My life has also been much like “Footprints.” I like the unusual, the different, to not follow the crowd so much. I have been carried by the Lord sooo many times when I was weak and damaged and didn’t even know he was there, getting meto where I was supposed to be. And as in footprints I looove the beach, guess that’s why I live 500 miles from one but still in a place with tons of sand and beautiful wide open views with lots of sky, go figure.

  28. It hasn’t turned out the way I though it would at all, but some things have turned out better than I thought they would and others, not so much. Just goes to show you really never know what God has planned for your life, even if you try to plan out every detail yourself.

  29. A road less travelled indeed, AM. My road was so overgrown I needed an axe to plow through the weeds.

    And though sometimes I wonder where I would be or how things would have turned out, I would not trade what I have now to go back and try the other fork.

  30. I don’t think my road was all that unusual till we went overseas. Now we’re definitely on that road less traveled…and wouldn’t trade it for anything!
    Gorgeous picture!

  31. What a beautiful photo. My life journeys got me here today. Through the domestic violence, divorce, remarriage and birth of my triplets, life now couldn’t be any better.

    Your question really made me stop and think about my journey. Was it worth it? The start was slow, the ride was bumpy, but the finish line is awesome. Very worth it … and hopefully many many more years to go.


  32. Have loved this poem since reciting it in high school. My road? Madly in love and married at 19, lived overseas as a young Army wife, completed college at a young age and climbed the corporate ladder, left that for ministry, after a miscarriage last year we are expecting our first baby to be born within the next week after 19 years of marriage. Definitely unconventional, bumpy at times, adventurous.

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