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Mr. Monkey, A Retrospective

When Sean expressed an interest in my camera the other day, I briefly showed him how to use it and then I handed it to him and told him to take off, go crazy, go take some pictures and then come back and we’d take a look at them. 

When I looked at his pictures, I noticed Mr. Monkey wore a disapproving expression, much like the Disapproving Rabbits, thus inspiring Sean’s first photography show:

Mr. Monkey Disapproves – A Retrospective”

Photo Temporarily Unavailable

Mr. Monkey disapproves of other toys.

Photo Temporarily Unavailable

Mr. Moneky disapproves of baseball.

Photo Temporarily Unavailable

Mr. Monkey disapproves of stripes.

Photo Temporarily Unavailable

Mr. Monkey disapproves of old lady with washing machine.

Photo Temporarily Unavailable

Mr. Monkey disapproves of blog readers.

Photo Temporarily Unavailable

Mr. Monkey disapproves of bearded guys who read the newspaper on the sofa.

Photo Temporarily Unavailable

The artist and his muse.

25 thoughts on “Mr. Monkey, A Retrospective

  1. Angeline, he really did a good job. He took Mr. Monkey and posed him in different places all over the house and I could hear him from the other room saying things like, “Okay Mr. Monkey, sit here and look right at the camera…” Wonder where he’s heard that? I had to crop out a few things, like Antique Daddy’s face, but overall I think he did fairly well for a 4YO and the beauty of a digital camera is that it’s digital – just download ’em and take some more!!

  2. DS who is 3.75 figured out how to delete pictures off of his digital camera about 4 months ago (his 6 yr old sister has her own digital camera too) and proceeded to delete off most of his pictures. I was doing that for him previously – just the ones that are of the carpet, the ceiling and up his father’s nose, oh and most of the ones of everybody’s feet – but he took it upon himself to delete the good pictures too. It IS really neat to see the house from their perspective!

  3. I am impressed that you set your 4 year old free with your camera. In our house, I would have gotten back pictures of the inside of the toilet. That is, unless the camera was compact enough to flush.

    I think Sean has a future in photography. And Mister Monkey may have a future as an American Idol judge.

  4. I love it!! Mister Monkey just has GOT to be a guest judge on AI–LOL!

    Sean has a great eye…I love his pictures! Your house is also gorgeous by the way!!

  5. That was adorable, AM. Sean has talent – pure talent.

    I think I’ll hand the camera to the kids and tell them to go wild this Thanksgiving…

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