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Uh, Thanks?

Sean’s BFF, Reagan, lives across the street.  They go to school together and ride bikes together and that kind of thing.  He totally adores her, even though they’re highly competitive and sometimes squabble like siblings.  Just recently I had to break up a heated argument over who has the biggest nose. Apparently when you are four, it’s very important to be the biggest in all areas, including the schnoz.

At any rate, because of their friendship, Reagan’s mom, Jennifer, has become one of my dearest friends.  But like most women of four-year-olds, she was born when I was in high school.  And she is six inches taller than me, has long legs and weighs ten pounds less. And has great hair. And fabulous clothes.  Yet,  inspite of all of her many many flaws, I like her very much because I’m just kind-hearted like that.

Didn’t know it was possible to digress even before starting a story, did you?

But I digress.

At any rate.

I keep a picture of Antique Daddy and me on my desk, a picture that was taken of us shortly after we started dating back in the fall of 1996.  And if I do say so myself, I looked somewhat less hideous than I do today pretty good.

The other day, Sean took notice of that picture and asked to see it.  I handed it to him and he inspected it closely before asking who it was. I told him that it was his daddy and me a long time ago.

“Oh,” he said, “You used to be pretty like Miss Jennifer.”

Oh well thanks a lot for THAT newsy update Mr. Mirror Mirror On The Wall.

“Oh yeah?” I said, “Well Reagan’s nose is bigger than yours, so there.”

No I didn’t really say that.  That would be so immature.

No, I stuck my thumbs in my ears, waved my fingers and blew raspberries at him instead. Which I know will come back to haunt me.

Edited to add:  In his clumsy little boy way, I *think* (hope?) what he was trying to say was, “Hey look! You used to have long blonde hair just like Jennifer!” Unfortunatley (for my ego) it sounded more like “What the heck happened here?”

28 thoughts on “Uh, Thanks?

  1. Ah, what happened to the young man who thought you were beauteous just for putting your hair in a ponytail? I dread the day my 3-year-old realizes I’m so much older and fatter than the other moms!

  2. Yes. With age, comes wisdom. With wisdom, comes maturity. With maturity, comes license to stick out your tongue and blow rasberries any time you want.

    I love being mature. 🙂

    Way to show restraint on the nose comment. I’m afraid I would have let it fly.

  3. Wait until some kid on the bus tells him his Mom is fat/old/ugly/mean. He will defend you to the death, I promise. And he will swear up and down you are the skinniest/youngest/prettiest/nicest Mom in the whole wide world.

  4. My son told me that he used to think I was the most beautiful woman in the world… until he met his swimming teacher. But she does look like a supermodel, so I’m pretty cheerful about being second most attractive.

  5. Tee hee My kids give me inadvertant reality checks all the time. I try not to get my feelings hurt. “Mom, you have such a nice big bum.” Er, thanks?

  6. I get: “Mom? Why are there cracks in your face?” I say: “Because of you, darling. Especially that wicked line right between my eyebrows.”

  7. I forgot to tell you I mentioned you in my blog today…one of the recipes for appetizers you sent me last year…thanks again for those…I tried them all and you were right..yummy!

  8. I can so relate to that story. Almost all my mum friends aren’t even 40. It boogles my mind. I could’ve babysat them. But I like them anyway.

    I’ve refused to tell my children how old I am and since they have a sketchy concept of numbers after 20 it’s working so far. They think I’m 25. Which is only off by 21 years (less a week).

  9. It seems like such a short time ago my son was describing me to his teachers as “so young looking”, with such “good taste”, and even “a genius”. Sadly, gone are those days. I am dreaming of the day when the critical eyes of a preteen will be replaced with those of a young man who appreciates his mother again. *sigh*

    Hang in there, AM. The worst is yet to come.

  10. Well, my 4 year old thinks married=children=fat, so that means skinny=no children=not married. A skewed perception, I have no idea where he got his data.

  11. If a big nose is something to be proud of, try telling him that you have the biggest age. That should impress him. Even the beautiful Ms Jennifer can’t beat that!

  12. wow. kids are great…aren’t they? my older two are always teasing me about starting to see gray hairs. i just tell them to look really close and see if they can make out their names on each one!

  13. I’m at the other end of the spectrum, like Wivian — and I think you are beauteous and so young! Tell Sean to keep an eye on the beautiful Miss Jennifer — if she starts going to pot, then he’ll never want to marry Daisy.

  14. I agree with blog antagonist! My son that I least get along with (rather than saying fight with the most, all day every day year after year) got kicked off the bus for punching a kid in the nose so hard that he bus driver could hear it at the front of the bus. Why? He insulted Devon’s mama. And the bus driver applauded him. But still had to kick him off the bus.

    I think we are polar opposites in some things. In order for me to be friends with moms of children my kids’ age I have had to have friends 10 years older than I am. Most of my friends are closer to my mom’s age than to my age. And you and I could get along great, too, I have a 4yo! And an 18yo. I have now grown in my parenting to having friends my age and a little younger. If I have more childre in a few years, I am guessing my friends will be 10 years younger.
    Children help balance your life! I now have friends of all ages.

  15. I think you should go with the edit. It is probably the most accurate. Or you could be asked if he is your grandson. Happened to me at the airport yesterday…

  16. Well, I was bathing my 5 year-old daughter one night, and my hair was a mess, even worse in the steamy bathroom. When I got her out of the bath, I draped her with a towel, and she looked at me, and balked away, terrified. She started crying and said, “you looked so ugly, don’t look at me!” imagine what that’ll do to your self-esteem. The next day, to redeem herself she explained she was really sleepy after ballet (it was past 8 o’clock at night), so I let it pass. However, I still remember, and I check myself on the mirror before I get her out of the tub, to make sure i don’t inflict any permanent emotional trauma on my poor child.

  17. LOL- my story too! I find that I I have friends with preschoolers in a 15 year age range. Though I initially tried valiantly to connect with the older ones (that is though only 5 years or so younger) just didn’t my best mommy friends are 11 and 15 years younger, respectively! Funny though…I think hanging out with “the younger crowd” keeps me looking young…er anyway.

  18. Very cute …For a whole lot of different reasons I had my twins sons at 39 years and 51weeks (you do the math). I loved reading your story on how you became an Antique mommy- so beautiful and you are so blessed – congratulations after all you endured.
    I hope when my sons hit school I am not the only Antique mum … I do have a older friend with toddlers and another friend who is 24yrs with a one year old , and her mother (my age) has a one year old too …but I don’t really know her as much at all.

  19. I just have to let you know..maybe you got off lucky. When my son was three I (we) went shopping for a dress for an event. A little black dress. I jokingly asked him how do I look? And he looked at me with great-big surprised eyes and said…”Mommy! You look just like Minnie Mouse!”…um yeah. Thanks. 🙂

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