A Fetching Young Man

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One of the many benefits of having a 4-year-old about the house is that you can easily convince them that going outside to fetch the newspaper in the freezing cold is fun!  Later I’m going to show him how the Swiffer works!

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  1. My youngest turned 10 two weeks ago and has quit reading the funnies in the newspaper — which meant that on Wednesday I had to go out and collect three days of papers because no one else in our house would go outside and get it! Maybe I should get him some cute footie jammies like Sean’s!

  2. I make my son do that too. Well, actually, I say, “Who wants to get the paper?” and then they all FIGHT over who gets to go outside in the 20 degree weather to get the paper. Sweet little freaks…

    The funny thing is – they love stuff like that – mopping, vaccuumming, dusting stuff. I’m waiting for that to stop being fun for my six year old, but it hasn’t happened yet (knocking on wood).

  3. its the best age to get them to ‘work’, cos they are so easily amuse with everything, so eager to be adult…. my 4-year-old boy has been asking, when can he be as tall as his dad so that he can be the chauffeur and we can sit back and relax.

  4. I figure we might as well put them to work while we can! Great photo! Maybe you can use it as blackmail when he’s a teenager.

  5. LOL!
    Is that not sooo true!!!
    I have to convince my little warm-blooded one NOT to go out in the cold! She will be out there playing with the dog in freezing weather and love it.

    I hate just opening the door in this weather and she is happy to let the dog in and out for me!


  6. I’m telling you – that is true. It’s been so wonderful as the kids have become older and able to do the little jobs…sweeping the floor, folding the laundry, cleaning off the table, running to the basement for onions, dragging the trash can up from the end of the driveway – and yes, bringing in the newspaper.

    Just last night my 8 yr old pointed out that I don’t always THANK her for ALL the work she does. She’s intelligent – but she still doesn’t “get it”, meaning the fact that we do mostly everything for her and everything she has (even the chocolate bar she ate yesterday) is from us. And we don’t require a “thank you” for each and everything.

  7. Actually, it works when they’re three too.

    AND you can let them earn money by picking up twigs in the yard. It’s amazing what a penny can still get you these days…

  8. Ah, yes. Tom Sawyer parenting. My kids are currently suckered into thinking sweeping, mopping, windows, and dusting–oh, and vacuuming–are the best things to do! So lucky if you are chosen! Pick me!

  9. OMG I’m LOL!!! Mickey (4 this Feb) is the best paper snatcher! Sean looks just like him running out there…fast as he can, in PJs and freezing weather. I am cracking up! In fact, maybe I’ll take a pic of him and link to your post? We’ll start a whole “Paper-Snatcher” club out there…the worse the weather at snatching time, the higher your rank in the club. Oh, the ramblings…

  10. Hee hee! Oh darlin! We learned long ago about the “fetching the paper” thing… strangely enough, after the first time accomplishing a new task (like dishes or floors or laundry), the enthusiasm dies and I can’t get any more volunteers. They’ll always volunteer for fetching the paper, though.

  11. I still have my 13-year-old go out in the cold to get the mail, but my 17-year-old is wise to that now…..

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